Wednesday, July 14, 2021

With Harris Peter Principle Alive and Well Searching for Kinkos and Brick and Mortar Office Max Stores That No Longer Exist


Looking  at the performance of our VP, best known as the “Illegal Alien Supporter Queen"
It becomes clearer each day the Peter Principle has not taken much time to appear on the political scene
She was attacking voter id’s for those in rural areas who could not their ID docs duplicate
Unlike those in the cities rural voters would have barriers to their effort await
Hard to believe but from the lips of this out of touch pinko
“Unlike in the cities rural residents would have trouble finding an Office Max or Kinko’s”
After you stopped laughing at such a foolish claim
Point out to her Fed Ex in 2008 dropped the Kinkos name
As to trying to find a retail OfficeMax
It’s going on line and its brick and mortar facing the axe  
Bet FedEx, UPS and Staples are in rural areas in great numbers found
If not, smart phones with cameras and internet abound
One almost feels sorry for one so inept she when faced with an issue must laugh
But also fearful that this clueless VP is one heart beat or aneurysm away from being called to perform our presidential craft
© July 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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