Sunday, July 4, 2021

Touré Inanely Claims We Sought Independence From Britain Because Brits Were to Abolish Slavery


Touré should be applauded to show us our history to reality does not fit
On the real reason for seeking independence from the Brits
It was not the taxation without representation to pay for the costs of the French and Indian War
Or the requirement to pay for document stamps or welcome Redcoats through the quartering doors
Or the duties placed on tea we Americans loved to drink
Or the lack of seats in Parliament as we were thought incapable of being able to think
No according to this biased leftist former anchor “journalist” at MSNBC
The real reason was that the Brits in their empire were going to abolish slavery
Wonder what founding fathers had monopolies of crystal balls to the future predict
That soon if not independent in the colonies the Brits would slavery interdict?
31 years after 1776 the Brits banned the importation of slaves to their empire states
Which was followed by this then young nation banning the import of slaves in 1808
57 years after 1776 the Brits banned in 1833 slavery in all lands save India and Ceylon and Napoleon’s last banishment jail
And finally in 1843 in India drove into the coffin of slavery its sealing last nail
We were the first
To quench our independence thirst
Did not have to wait for the next possession to act until 1901
When in Australia path to independence with dominion status had begun

© July 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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