Monday, July 26, 2021

Newsom Fearing Recall Stays Away from Debate


Finally Newsom showed that he has the vestiges of a working brain
From the first debate on the recall on August 4 he will refrain
He must have come to the realization his mistakes, hypocrisies and school closures he could not defend
He might actually fear that his term of Governor may come to an end
Recall candidates Jenner and Elder will be also MIA with prior scheduled events
But with Elder a much more astute rationale also being sent
With Newsome MIA and not on stage
Easy to attack each other but rightful attacks on Newsom hard to wage
Already from the Newsom camp the ads on the airways starting to appear
The recall effort is only a right wing attack resulting in an expensive election we should fear
With millions of jobless who suffered from the EDD computer system for checks meltdown
And the misery of schools closing, Newsom must think we are idiotic clowns
Will forget his assault on religious liberty to prevent worship when we needed it most
Or the do as I say not as I do French Laundry birthday dinner for a lobbyist toast
Sadly for Newsom the backlog at the EDD of millions of unemployment checks needed to be sent
Will not be ended by Recall Election Day so by voting yes the present and past jobless by voting will their anger vent
© July 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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