Monday, July 5, 2021

NBC ("Nothing But Cack") Fawns All Over Biden And His Lack of "Mistakes"


Nothing But Cack historian Michael Beschloss
On “Morning Joe” was in a Biden history full gloss
To recover any credibility he needs to correct his surname
Replace “Besch” with “Objectivity” as his fawning praise merits shame
Objectivityloss touted we were “lucky” to have Biden as president
His half century of political experience any mistakes in first six months prevent
Objectivityloss obviously is blind to the Biden policies creating total crisis at the border
Record number of unskilled illiterate illegals bring with them trafficking, drugs and criminal disorder
Somehow missed the president who “campaigned” on unity to the seeds of disunity sow
With his double down support on systematic racism and white supremacy to the division in the nation grow
Somehow missed the leftist slant of advisors and members of his cabinet
Somehow missed the coming inflation of his spending plans that we should prevent
If Objectivityloss was not blinded by the cataracts of leftist bias he would have seen
A history of mistakes like the Hill fiasco, support for 1994 crime bill, accolades for racists like Byrd and Thurmond who dominated the D.C. scene
Or the real winner his support for the Iraq War to remove the nukes and chemical weapons that did not exist
Missed his gaffes and absence of integrity for his plagiarism and lies about academics that he could not from desist
The only thing positive about his fawning pro Biden rants
Was that Scarborough and panel remained mute revealing again their leftist slant
© July 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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