Sunday, July 25, 2021

USA Women Soccer Team Must Ape the Women's B-Ball Team Stop Kneeling and Respect Flag and Anthem


In the Tokyo Olympics a tale of two American teams
Both in pursuit of fulfilling their Olympic Gold Medal dreams
The USA National Women’s Soccer Team is hands on favorite to a Gold Medal win
But in first game maybe too much focus on its social justice spin
Before the game with Sweden the team all kneeled
In protest to imagined systematic racism that this nation supposedly reveals
Maybe instead of “social justice” the team should have focused on its support
In its opening game, Sweden cleaned its clock 3-0 to come up short
Bounced back to beat Finland 6-1 but its constant “systematic racism” disrespect the flag is becoming a harder sell
No wonder the infection of sports with politicization of social causes ratings for Tokyo fell
The USA Women’s Basket Team is taking a different path
Showing pride in their country and flag as they take the court to practice their craft
The members are not robots who support the nation and flag and where improvements need to be made ignore
But locking arms on the court looking at flag not kneeling when anthem is played that social justice action should be absent from court floor
USA Woman’s Basketball Team member who carried flag in opening ceremonies was Sue Bird
To believe she does not believe in better racial conditions because she’s not kneeling or leaving is totally absurd
We Americans who support this nation and this team
Praise her and her teammates for their stand and hope they achieve their Gold Medal dream
To the soccer players time to focus on winning your games
And reduce to zero your antics to the flag defame

© July 25, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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