Friday, July 23, 2021

Sunny Hostin Misses Boat On What Blacks Fear As Black on Black Shootings and Killings Soar


Listening to Sunny Hostin on The View is not like relaxing in the warm Sun
No it is more like watching hurricanes form as she rants against the rise in shootings by guns
When in urban areas one looks at the victims’ and shooters’ race
Well over 95% of the victims are of color shot by shooters of color-a truth Hostin cannot face
Instead she blames the rise in black gun ownership on fear of white supremacy, pandemic and the police
If blacks have a fear of being shot that fear is real but being shot by a black is what is on the increase
At her salary I suspect Ms. Hostin has all the security she would ever need
While due to police cutbacks and 911 calls being responded to in slower glacial speed
Worse the we now have Blues unleashing the Perfect Storm
Seeking to curtail and restrict gun ownership and police budgets being the norm
Hostin parrots a theory on the 2nd that makes no sense
That the 2nd Amendment was not to give Americans a means to secure their own  defense
But to arm a militia so if slaves chose to rebel
The militia could it quickly quell
18th Century America was mostly rural and for safety to yourself you would have to look
Whether from attacks by marauding Indians or by crooks
If you wanted to rely on police one would have to wait
The first police force in America only appeared in 1838
Hostin would be better advised
To highlight blacks shooting blacks and their demise
Compel BLM in peaceful protests to take to the streets
Any time a black  from another black’s shootings death meets
© July 23, 2021, The Alaskanpoet

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