Monday, October 31, 2022

The View Stealing Halloween to Promote Their Leftist Ideology


Many believe the War on Christmas and the Grinch Christmas stole
And now another holiday originally for kids the left has taken its toll
Halloween once was the time for kids costumed up to knock on doors
“Trick or treat” to load up on candied goodies to later explore
Finally adults and teens got into the Halloween game
Decked out as villains or characters worthy of fame
Almost every one locked in a stressful 9-5 working life
Facing the stress of work, mortgages, time demands that are rife
Yearns to put on a mask and for one night be the hero of one’s dreams
With awards, accolades, tranquility, monetary wealth and friends and family in a steady stream
But as might be expected from the leftist biased hosts of the View
They are using the holiday to their viewers to their ideology woo
But worse as foot soldiers kids they chose to enlist
A boy dressed as a Trump toilet flushing docs as 2 FBI Agents try to desist
Another child in scrubs as a doctor Oz vegetables cleaning
For those non elites scrapping by to families feed so demeaning
But the piece of cake is Whoopi Goldberg as a the one trick pony  Handmaiden in red
Lettering “my choice” thankfully alerting viewers they quickly change channels instead
© October 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden ran in 2020 and Barnes, Fetterman and Ryan Running To Decrease Safety By Releasing Massive Numbers of Prisoners


As the violent crime wave in our Blue run cities continues to surge
And misguided leftists with private security call for PD’s to more officers purge
Finally along with inflation crime has become a major issue for residents under lack of safety distress
The call has become even among the Blues trying to pivot for more cops not less
For these Johnny come latelies too little too late
Compounded by past stands to release half of prisoners coming up in debates
Ryan and Barnes running for Senate want to by one half prison population reduce
Making Fetterman look like a moderate who only wants a third to be let loose
Hopefully voters remember that Biden ran in 2020 on a pledge with the ACLU
To half of the prisons behind bars to rule their time was through
With razor thin majorities in the House and the Senate evenly split
Biden must have known his idea of prisoner relief he would not get
Any politician knowing he or she lives in a gated community
Or enjoys armed guards from attack knows he or she has great immunity
But those not armed living in the shooting galleries our cities have become
Fear for their lives especially if they have the misfortune of living in a city Blue run

© October 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Blow to Fetterman's Campaign As Pittsburgh Gazette Endorses Oz Instead of Fetterman and Not Due To His Stroke


The Pittsburgh Gazette has refused to endorse Fetterman and endorsed Oz instead
Not because of his stroke but rather any transparency on his medical condition he shed
Also attacked him for living off his family for years
And in the private market for a meaningful job never did appear
The paper could not endorse someone whose experience made him out of touch with real problems real people face
In what surprisingly is still a very tight race
The Oz endorsement may any chance of Fetterman’s win replace
Hopefully those who voted for Fetterman before the debate in haste
And now ruing they voted for the wrong guy but happy their vote was a waste
And Kudos to the Gazette that made it clear the Blue charge of ableist leaves an unwelcome taste
© October 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

DePape an Illegal Immigrant Planned to Kneecap Nancy If She Lied--How Mentally Ill Was He


Blues are rejoicing that Paul Pelosi did not die
But an October surprise in their favor they many not rely
Immediately after the attack the airways of the MSM were blaming MAGA dog whistles of hate
Biden, the great divider and apostle anti MAGA rants, chimed in that divisiveness must abate
Oblivious to the fact that his TV address with Marines behind bathed in blood red light
Symbolically condemning 74 million voters in a clarion call for the rest of us to fight
The facts are now coming out to reveal
DePape was an illegal alien from Canada for 20 years his status to conceal
It will become clear that he was mentally ill and becoming more and more paranoid
As facts develop more and more an untreated individual due to the growing mental health treatment void
Not knowing that Nancy Pelosi was still in Washington and not at home
Clearly this attack was not well planned which one can expect from someone trapped in the mental illness zone
Instead of blaming Trump the Blues should join with Reds
Come together on treating mental illness instead
DePape has confessed but we can expect when his lawyer is appointed
A plea of insanity for DePape he will select
© October 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Biden Claims Fetterman Is His Kind of Guy


Biden comes out liking Fetterman as his kind of guy
The kind of senator on whom voters can rely
Admits he has had a stroke but that each day he gets better
Watching him on Parole Board wanting to murderers unfetter
In that regard he may be getting better at the victims’ families  expense
Who still grieving feel that early release from prison makes no sense
Watching him as a lifelong foe of fracking lie about fracking support
Means he is getting better at trying to his past abort
Fetterman is clearly impaired by his stroke
Like Biden whose mental ability has been impaired and partially revoked
Biden and Fetterman mentally are like two peas in a pod
Cognitively impaired and pushing policies that are totally flawed
Surprised the master of the bunker basement campaign
Did not forcibly urge that Fetterman from a debate refrain
The fact that Blue Big Guns are now on the campaign trail
Are fearful that Whitmer, Hochul, and Fetterman to name a few will fail
Why do not be surprised that top Blues will morph the attack on Paul Pelosi
Into the result of MAGA Domestic Terrorists allowed to incite hate and run free
Biden is blaming Reds for their “divisive attacks”
Already forgotten his speech with Marines bathed in red behind his back

© October 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

After Being Banned on the Sidelines the Thin Blue Line Flag Appears Before Start of Saugus High School's Last Football Game of the Season


Saugus High School in Santa Clarita was a mass shooting scene
Student Nathaniel Berhow turning 16 on November 14, 2019
Pulled a .45 out of his backpack and shot 5
2 of which quickly were no longer alive
Then put a round through his head
Died not at the scene but later at the hospital instead
15 seconds was all it took although police response was almost instantaneous
A memorial to the victims near the Saugus Strong sign was made nearly spontaneous
The football team later Thin Blue Line Flags flew
To honor those who risk their lives on duty while wearing blue
The coach ended the practice on the sidelines thinking some players and fans might object
Before the last game of the season two players sprinted onto the field
Each with a different flag to wield
The flags of Old Glory and the Thin Blue Line
One representing our nation and the other to our safety define
Sadly given the Woke nature of administrators and teacher sweeping our schools
Do not be surprised that banning the Thin Blue Line Flag will remain the rule

© October 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Claims 54 States--Another Growing Sign of Dementia?


Biden claimed on Friday Blues campaigned in 54 states to save Obamacare in 2018
Another example that there are only dead neurons in his ear space between
Had he said 52 we might be able to give him a Freudian Slip benefit of the doubt
Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico the Blues have long wanted to tout
But 54 were the Blues adding Guam or American Samoa to the statehood list
Along with the Virgin Islands as what other territories of the U.S. exist
Can’t be a leasehold interest like Guantanamo Bay
The military there would not vote the Blues’ way
The best explanation is that dementia in Biden is getter stronger each day
God help us due to Harris we have to survive him for 2 more years before we send him away

© October 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Lurking in the shadows and ignored by Biden is shortage of needed diesel fuel to heat our homes and fuel the means of delivery of most products rneeded


The Biden Administration is waging war on fossil fuels while trying to fight a war on inflation
As prices continue to rise and pension buying power falls Blues are facing increasing condemnation
The Blues Midterms  1 trick pony abortion on demand campaign
Against Red issues of inflation, crime, open border and drugs is being flushed down the electoral drain
Trying to pivot to erase voters’ memories of “Defund the Police” they are now the party of tough on crime
Too little, too late and the voters are not buying the pivot as we near election time
But lurking in the shadows a growing casualty of the fossil fuels war
While gas prices remain high diesel fuel prices off the charts soar
Worse supplies of diesel fuel are at near all-time lows
Almost all products move from factory or farm by ship, barge, train, or semi-trucks
Almost all of which are powered by diesel and without it consumers are out of luck
As we leave fall and move toward winter with its colder climes
Households in the Northeast and Midwest heating their homes with oil are facing a really rough time
When the home furnace shuts down for lack of oil and the temps near or below freezing reach
Shivering residents bundled up to the max no longer will listen to what the climate change warriors preach
Worried that especially if elderly they will freeze to death
Shivering too hard to swear at Biden as they take their last breath
From the Biden Administration only the sounds of ignoring and silence do we hear
Oblivious to the coming winter temperature without enough fuel we now fear

© October 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet   

Liz Cheney Scorned Burns Her Red Bridges To Ride Into Sunset After Making an Ad Touting Lake's Opponent Hobbs


If Red voters in Wyoming in ousting Liz Cheney in her primary thought they may have made a mistake
That thought has been erased when RINO Liz’s PAC donated a $500K ad touting Blue Hobbs over Red Kari Lake
Cheney so bitter over Trump and the fact she by Red voters was scorned
Her Vice Chair appointment by Pelosi to 1/6 Committee has not been praised only mourned
Her antipathy towards Trump and his America First Movement
Has burned her bridges to Reds and to the ash heap has sent
Her ad showing her stating she had always voted Red
But if she lived in Arizona would vote for Hobbs instead
Should prove to be into her political coffin the last nail
Hope she has access to a horse to ride into the sunset as from Reds she has bailed
She will be surprised to learn that her ad for Hobbs as a fund raiser for Lake
Is off the charts for contributions to into Lake’s campaign chest rake
© October 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, October 28, 2022

Phils Down 5-0 Come Back 6-5 To Win 6-5 Against Astros in Game 1 of the World Series


The World Series Game One was played tonight
After their loss to the Padres neither the Dodgers or Padres were in sight
The Astros were and with their Cy Young winner on the mound
They were quickly shutting the Phils down
Out to a quick 5-0 it looked to be an Astro’s romp
But in baseball unless ended after 5 innings due to rain
9 innings have to be played before you can as a Game One victor reign
Phils clawed back and the game was tied at the end of nine
Into extra innings to see who as the winner would be defined
In the top of the 10th Phils catcher Realmuto hit a solo home run
If the Phils could prevail in the bottom against the heart of the lineup the game was done
For those who think baseball is as exciting as watching grass in the ballpark grow
The Astros tried to their comeback victory mode to their fans show
The first Astro struck out followed by the second who a double hit
Followed by Kyle who already had two home runs to give the Phil pitchers the fits
But had exhausted his quotas of hits and went down swinging for out number 2
But the pitcher no longer could find the strike zone on the pitches he threw
Astro runners on 1st and 2nd base  and the pinch hitter Diaz watched a pitch go wild
Runners now at 2nd and 3rd base and on a 2-0 count a hit by pitched ball was dialed
But ump ruled that Diaz leaned into the pitch to be hit
And his jog to 1st base he had to quit
With the pitcher looking wild Diaz could have taken the 3-0 hoping for a ball
But he swung again and missed and on 3-1 swung again to ground out and end it all
The “Fightin Phils” lived up to their name
Tomorrow at 5:30 PDT Astros and Phils play the second game

© October 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Only fitting the QB with the record number of games now has been sacked the record number of times

 Judge not a man by how many times he succeeds
But how many times he rises up after bruised or bleeds
Tom Brady as a quarterback is an offensive star all by himself
Below him nothing but surpassed former record statistics shelves
But it the stat that all quarterbacks want to prevent
Sacks especially on third down when after to the field the punter is sent
Brady went into Thursdays against the Ravens one back in the record number of sacks
Ben Roethlisberger,  retired Steeler held the record at 554 which did not survive the Ravens’ sack attack
Sacked 3 times for a new record of 556 which will increase
Since Brady with the most QB games until the season ends has no plans to his playing cease
Brady has added to his many records another prize
Not ready not to stay down only rising up his playing days not yet ready to demise
He has suffered the dreaded spousal dissolution filed blitz
Now more than ever should be driven for another Super Bowl Ring before he finally for certain calls it quits

© October 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Bidden Gaffe Or Does He Know that Fetterman's Wife Would Be the De Facto Senator Like Edith Wilson the De Facto President


Every time Biden’s lapses and gaffes lead one to believe in his mental demise
On occasions often rare he makes a statement that on his mental state gives use a surprise
Most people watching Fetterman’s noncampaign campaign or his debate believe he is very stroke impaired
That he is no way qualified to sit in a U.S. Senate chair
If somehow he wins, we will see an Edith Wilson déjà vu
His wife Giselle will be the defacto senator mostly out of view
A Rolling Stone columnist made the same observation but quickly deleted his Tweet
Changed Giselle’s role from de facto to surrogate to help him win his seat
Biden coming to Pennsylvania to for Fetterman’s Senate bid campaign
Observed that “Giselle would make a great, great lady in the Senate” in his refrain
Could it be watching Fetterman that the neurons in his brain
Were sparked to some life to know he would have to have his wife as de facto senator retain
After Woodrow Wilson’s stroke his wife Edith was able to the effects mostly conceal
Weakened by his stroke Woodrow was unable to push us into the League of Nations deal
Which without us in, the seeds of WWII were planted to later be harvested in a bloody ordeal
But Gisele seems not be an Edith Wilson as her latest rant revealed
She wanted to open up the Lt. Governor’s mansion to the public with its pool
Since swimming is racist it would a racist combating useful tool
© October 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Drive by Shooting at a Funeral in Pittsburgh For Victim Shot and Killed on October 15 Wounds 6, 1 Critical


Across the nation violent crime in Blue run cities is in a full on surge
The Thin Blue Line decimated by Defund the Cops, disrespect and resignations seems helpless to block felons’ criminal urges
In schools, restaurants, sidewalks, streets and all manner of public places one’s safety is a risk
Our Blue city leaders and Soros funded D.A.’s seem helpless to violent crime resist
Even at a funeral where mourners pay their last respects only one person’s safety is secured
The corpse in the casket to whom bullets are now harmless and can be endured
In Pittsburgh during a funeral service  for John James Hornezes Jr. who was shot on October 15
A suspect drove by and opened fire to create a drive-by shooting scene
6 people shot with 1 in critical condition who may or may not live
Gang-related with mourners for the victim and opposing gang did not want to forgive?

© October 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Pundit Deutsch Can't Fathom Why Red Issues Are Trumping One Trick Pony Abortion on Demand and Threat to Democracy


What the one trick pony abortion on demand warriors are blind to
As news of inflation, economy, crime and open border with illegals and drugs keep coming into view
Is that shopping for food for the table, trying to fill up the tank and hoping to dodge pink slips is not something that is rare
Daily or weekly to face or to at the balance on one’s credit card stare
For women not on contraceptives and prior to mensuration when does the need for a third trimester abortion appear?
Probably much less likely than being struck by lightning or winning the Lotto to cheer
Wonder why the “pundit” Donny Deutsch who sees in Reds “craziness” can’t understand
Why the inflation, economy, crime and open border give Reds the Midterms’ winning hand
The threat to democracy is not found on January 6, 2021
But rather in Big Tech Social Media censorship or FBI calling parents at school board hearings akin to domestic terrorists with guns
After spending the entire Biden term touting soft on crime ideas like cashless bail
Or smash and grab robberies or misdemeanor thefts to prosecute fail
Along with defund or reimagine the cops causing PD’s to shed cops like a bad case of dandruff
Causing increased crime to cause businesses and resident to flee after enduring enough
The Blues are trying to dismount from the one trick abortion on demand pony
To saddle up to the anti-crime, fund the police which voters see through as phony
Deutsch must realize that his “pundit” status he has lost
Following any suggestions from him we cannot bear the cost

 © 10/28/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Paul Pelosi Attacked in SFO Break In By David DePape Looking For Nancy--In Custody, Motive Unknown


In the early morning today
Apparently with the intent of putting Nancy Pelosi in harm’s way
David DePape broke into the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi in Pacific Heights
82 year old Paul tried to defend himself with a hammer which he lost in the fight
To be beaten with it on head and body but expected to with full recovery survive
DePape was yelling “Where’s Nancy” before the cops so quickly arrived
DePape’s in custody and the motive for the break-in looking for Nancy is not known
Nor at this moment do we know his mental condition or if any mental illness is full blown
His political affiliations, social media postings, or his background not yet revealed
Only that this was a violent act and a wakeup call for need for more protection for leaders we must deal
In this divisive politicized nation with too many mentally ill homeless on the streets
One is never sure when in public or in this case at home there is danger to meet
Since Pelosi is the number three Blue
Will there be a MSM rush to judgment to this as a MAGA/ Red attack construe?
Politicians nearing Election Day live in fear of an October Surprise
An event that links them to an unpopular event or acts despised
Reds are condemning the break-in and attack loud and clear
But they must be praying that from De Pape some pro MAGA rants we do not hear
And that for once MSM does not jump to impose an anti-Red/MAGA spin
Before all the facts to establish mental condition or motives are in

© October 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Blues Perplexed and Asking "Why Do We Suck"


As momentum in favor of Reds continue to climb
With Blues more and more likely to fall behind
In what may be a too little too late moment Blues are beginning to ask
“Why do we suck” as we face our midterm election tasks
The answer should be very clear
No viable record to run on other than a bogus threat to democracy fear
Saddling up on the one trick pony abortion with its blinders on
Issues that are killing Americans—crime, inflation, woke,  open border and drugs never dawned
The misnamed Inflation Reduction Act
Was a total joke with 87,000 new IRS Agents to be on our backs
The Infrastructure Bill with Mayor Pete at the helm
Will be by cost overruns completely overwhelmed
A huge majority of Americans abortion starting in the third trimester oppose
Disgusted to end a viable fetus’ life weeks from birth to in the trash dispose
Unless to save the mother’s life abortion on demand
Has almost no support in this land
The Blues are not helped by a leader whose mind too often seems shot
Where he is, who he is meeting or why a dead person not there is for naught
Worse he wants us to think
As he closes in on total dementia brink
That he wants to run again in 2024
To all this concern over mental fitness ignore
If they were smart the first thing they should do is the Progressives purge
Along with the Woke, CRT, and ESG disastrous urges
And the war on fossil fuels and those who supported Trump
Sadly for Reds is this was done the Blues might start to exit from the “Why do we suck” dump

© October 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

RINO Liz Cheney Endorses Blue Elissa Slotkin Against Red Veteran Tom Barrett in House Seat Race


Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned
Was proved in spades as from her seat in the primary Liz Cheney was shorn
Castigated by many Reds as a leading RINO
About as welcome to conservatives as a skid row wino
She despised Trump and the over 70 million who voted for him
Has promised to spare no effort to insure another office he never wins
Sadly she seems suffering from a great delusion
That she is under a third party illusion
That her brand of RINO will have millions who will it support
To any run by Trump or another Red abort
Today this former self-thought Wiz
Who goes by the name of Liz
Showed her true colors when against a Red military vet
Michigan State Senator Tom Barrett
She endorsed a fellow Blue Elissa Slotkin to help her win
Against a 22 year army vet who rails against Blues’ foreign war on any corner spin
Cheney and Slotkin are under the delusion that foreign wars are easy to sell
Since they don’t preach to vets who from experience know war is the worst of all Hells
Finally Liz has erased any doubts
Reds and Indies and even Blues should celebrate she’s been voted out

© October 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Kelly's Lead in Arizona Evaporated and Race Is Now a Toss Up As Blues Panic


Arizona is a border state and its border to drugs and illegals is open wide
Kelly the former astronaut used to peering at it from space where the surge would be an invisible tide
Unwilling and unable to see the problem on the ground and from Biden’s policies depart
Finally, Reds are focusing on making this election a referendum on Biden and now hitting the mark
Kelly not in space on the ground is saddled to a one trick pony
While real issues like crime, inflation, safety and open border he must view as phony
With his wife shot in an assassination attempt
No matter how he disguises it, probably holds 2nd in contempt
His opponent Blake Masters
Is not wedded to Biden’s border disaster
A Stanford grad and venture capitalist supporting the technology private sector
While Blues on abortion on demand are prone to us daily hector
Blake supports a ban on abortions during the third trimester unless to a mother’s life save
Where the vast majority of Americans support despite all the rabid pro-choice rants and raves
Right on the issues as the Kelly’s abortion one trick pony has thrown a shoe
Masters has the momentum and the race once favored Blue is now a tossup as Kelly’s term may be through

© October 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

MSM and Left Wants Us to Blame All Social, Behavioral and Economic Problems on Climate Change


Water may be the universal solvent, but the left has found the universal cause of doom
Listening to the litany of woes is alleged to have caused fills us with gloom
The new universal villain is no longer religion or race
Those past villains have now been replaced
No according to the left public villain number one
Is now climate change which most sane people should stun
The climate change warriors have long blamed hurricanes, tornadoes and weather so extreme
But not enough of us frightened to change our ways to pursue the carbon free emissions dream
Climate change warriors’ solution to change behavior was add to the danger list
Making it more difficult to the Green New Deal to resist
The NYT has opined those babies in the womb during Sandy had higher level of psychological issues after being born
WAPO opined that hotter temps due to climate change resulted in more hate speech and violent behavior as the norm
CBS has opined that increased childhood obesity can to climate change be linked
After earlier opining that climate change helped the Taliban push the Afghan government over the brink
The MSM and the left believe that whatever natural or manmade disaster exists
It is due to our inability to climate change effectively resist
Should come as no shock
Why sane Americans MSM and the left mock

© October 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

German Coal Company To Dismantle 8 Wind Turbines To Produce More Coal To Produce More Electricity To Ire Of Environmentalists


With Russian gas to Europe being curtailed due to the war in Ukraine
Europe is in a world of energy hurt as shortages and rising prices cause many to complain
With winter and its frigid life threating cold blasts and chills
Needing to quickly expand the amount of energy to fight the cold that kills
A German coal company in order to its coal mining expand
Has started the process of dismantling 8 wind turbines on its land
As predicted environmentalists in Germany have gone ballistic
Any acts which may adversely affect climate change makes them overly hubristic
If Germans this winter end up freezing to death to them only a collateral damage statistic
|The idea that wind turbines do not function well in freezing weather they find dyslogistic
The world is on a path to zero carbon emissions which cannot be done overnight
As more and more caskets head back to Russia, Putin will come to his senses and end this losing fight
Russian oil and gas to Europe will again begin to flow
Carbon emissions will again each year reach new lows

© October 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A Candidate Doing a Debate Should Be a Requirement Not As Reid Lauds Fetterman For Being "Gutsy"


Americans deserve better than to be smothered by TV 30 second ad spots
To try to learn what a candidate stands for and what he or she does not
Since too many journalists lack any objectivity interviews will not do the trick
Almost no hardball only T-ball questions or such bias it makes a viewer sick
It should be required of all candidates that with their opponent debate
Only way a voter has any chance to be able to the candidates rate
Joyless Reid she put Fetterman on a throne
For being “gutsy” to debate and have his frailty shone
So brave to run the embarrassment risk
Ignoring the fact that he should have no choice as debates are the best way for voters to determine what policies exist
A candidate should never be allowed to in a basement hide
To rarely appear in public to defend and advance on issues his or her side
Reid thinks that having a stroke does not from office a candidate disqualify
And she is right assuming the observing the candidates actions and thoughts the voters are not denied
Reid so typical of the one trick pony Blues in this Midterm
Had to try on the issue of abortion make all Reds squirm
Alleged Reds wanted to make woman property of the state
Once again proving her integrity is near zero and her bias is so high it’s off the charts to rate

© October 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Cognitively Impaired Biden Thinks a Cognitively Impaired Fetterman Is Competent To Be Senator But Does Not Call For Release Of His Medical Recordsis to be tetitirio


Jean-Pierre could not confirm if Biden had watched the Fetterman Oz debate
But Biden believes he is qualified to be a Senator for the Keystone State
But did not advance the proposition that he should his medical records release
Which should not surprise us as if Biden released a cognitive test it would show cognitive impairment had increased
Comparing Biden’s impairment to Fetterman’s makes Biden look like he is on top of his game
But on a stand-alone basis after watching the debate Biden and Blue PA leaders should be ashamed
Sadly for the ends justifies the means Blues on November 8, fitness does not matter
Only that a Red Wave in House and Senate must be shattered
Biden’s puppet masters must be free of Congressional balances and checks
With Red majorities could D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood, another liberal Justice and Biden’s far left damaging agenda reject  

© October 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Anyone Who Voted Early For Fetterman Must Be Praying After the Debate With OZ He Doesn't Win


For those residents of Pennsylvania who have voted early with their ballots mailed in
And watched Fetterman debate Oz and had voted for him must be praying he doesn’t win
The Blues’ tactic when your candidate is mentally impaired
Is to keep the candidate hidden so positions with Reds, voters cannot compare
In Fetterman’s case on the campaign trail he was not to be seen
So voters would not be able to his fitness or lack thereof glean
Watching him last night even if a Red you would have pity and empathy felt
Over the mental and physical adverse impact on him his stroke had dealt
Along with condemnation of his wife and the Blues who allowed him to run
After last night anyone watching the debate will a vote for him shun
But before sympathy and pity cloud our minds to consider for him to vote
His positions should make any voting for him remote
Despite on the record in the past calling to fracking ban
Now lies to claim support as PA is second leading natural gas production state in the land
When it comes to violent crime,
Fetterman wants to release felons before their time
But like most of the Blues who want to divert voters from the issues that matter
By the one trick pony gamble to inflation, crime, open border and drugs shatter
Vote for Fetterman and you vote for abortion on demand to the moment of birth
While fearful of your safety and your income with inflation trying to buy necessities subject to increase death

© October 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Mocked For Junk Fees For More Leg Room on Planes That He Claims As Racist


When a word of profanity or a word denoting a despicable trait
Is used again and again so often and at the drop of the hat it’s utility abnegates
When everyone and every act is by the left condemned as being racist
It becomes much more difficult to combat vestiges of racism that still exists
Into the war on racism enters Biden who is cognitively impaired
And with this stern condemnation another example of racism he shares
Biden railed on the practice of some airlines to charge more for certain seats
Those with 6 inches more of leg room to the sardine travelling experience defeat
He called them “junk fees” that hit persons of color most
Another example of racism while flying across the coast
Typical for a leftist to conjure racism against any traveling Hispanic or black
With complete disregard for Americans’ average height facts
The average height of white males is slightly higher than blacks
Even higher than Hispanics who greater height lack
For white females the average height compared to black females is almost 2 inches more
And compared to Hispanic females they lag by 4 ½ inches in that score
As might be expected our president was rightfully mocked
Watching him mentally struggle we should not be shocked

© October 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Philadelphia Inquirer Mocked For Inanely Declaring Fetterman the Winner of the Fetterman Oz Debate


The MSM had a chance
To a claim of objectivity advance
But on the Fetterman/Oz debate
Proved once again leftist bias rates
If anyone had any doubt that Fetterman mentally was fit
With his opening “Hi Good Night” that doubt would quit
Watching Fetterman impaired by his stroke
Made one cringe and sympathy and pity evoke
Being a mayor of a small town does not higher service qualify
A term of the largely ceremonial post of Lt. Governor does not merit a Senate try
Comparing Biden with his cognitive issues to Fetterman
Makes Biden look like a mental giant in this great land
The Philadelphia Inquirer where objectivity has long since gone into demise
Had the idiocy to despite Fetterman’s mental struggles declare he won the debate prize
Anyone watching the debate by the paper’s assertion would be shocked
Classic example of why the MSM by growing number of Americans is mocked

© October 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet   

Monday, October 24, 2022

Politization of DOJ and FBI and Big Tech Social Media Censorship Are the Real Threats to Democracy


The Blues’ One Trick Pony Campaign with abortion as its only card
Knows it needs to add to the deck and is trying so very hard
Trying to pivot and pass Blues off as tough on crime
Only problem is that it’s a flat out lie and they are running out of time
Too many videos of Blues demanding to “Defund the Cops”
Or raising money to post bail so rioting remains nonstop
With police retiring or leaving from big city police department
And residents waiting longer for 911 calls wondering where the cops went
And euphemisms like “Reallocate” or “Reimagine” meaning less money on cops to have spent
Blues desperate to bring in another issue to the Red Wave to prevent
Their latest lead trial balloon is MAGA democracy threat
January 6 their 22 month long threat to democracy poster child
Totally ignores very real threats to democracy running wild
The politicization of the FBI and DOJ and Big Tech Social Media censorship
We should be terrified that parents in school board meetings are domestic terrorists whose free speech rights should be stripped
We should be outraged Red candidates are from Twitter banned
Or on Google searches for them are relegated to cyber space wasteland
Candidates become like persons without a country if they cannot on social media be found
Not being able to find their platforms voters will not be to support them coming around
If one party controls social media and the speech of others kills
Our democracy is relegated to a disastrous dunghill

© October 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thanks to Clyburn We Have Harris and No Matter How Much Saudi Royal Family Ridicules Him We Can't Replace Him


For those who see Biden on TV we should not be surprised
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in private ridiculed Biden and thought his mental state was in demise
Biden can barely remember what day it is or where he is at

Perfect example of a cowboy with no cattle but wearing a big empty hat
His handlers must know any advice will have a short memory life
And if they fail to shelter him and conceal his mental fade, they will face the fury of his wife

World leaders dealing with Biden or more correctly his puppet masters
Must cringe in horror listening to his policy gaffe disasters
In world where 6 nations have nuclear arms and at least 2 on an acquisition path
We want our leaders with the launch codes to be mentally all there when implementing their ruling craft
Diplomats are trained to obfuscate their true plans and aims
All the while making sure the world does not go up in nuclear flames
We know that Biden caved to Rep Clyburn’s quid pro quo demand
That Biden commit publicly to having a black female judge to be named to the highest court in the land
Clyburn stormed out to meet Biden during a break

To demand he commit to so name which he did after resumption of the debate
Wonder if Clyburn also demanded he name a black woman to the ticket
Which without black support from Clyburn’s endorsement he faced a sticky wicket

Otherwise, why would have picked one of the most unpopular candidates who quickly withdrew from the race?
Making it next to impossible to despite his mental collapse put her in his place

© October 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Court Strikes Down Goal of Same Sex Nuptials to Require a Specially Created Cake


Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake not bread
Due to outraged citizens she lost her head
As a Christian who believed that marriage only by a man and woman could be achieved
Tastries owner Cheryl Miller refused to use her decorating skills a wedding cake conceive
A gay couple wanting a memorable wedding cake
Would not her artistic skills want to forsake
Demanded the state not allow her to discriminate
Would not accept her referral to any baker as a baker viewed by them as second rate
So the State under its antidiscrimination laws
Was petitioned to cancel the refusal in its anti-discrimination jaws
Not a case of selling something because a person was black
But forced to create something your faith attacks
A brief victory for the forces of artistic expression
That the left cannot no longer win its suppression
A woman of faith should not be forced to use her talent to create
A work of art on a wedding cake that the artist could not relate
Being in the closet for too long a time
Means that anyone who interferes  against the gay and lesbian community is worthy only of a crime
But in a ruling for 1st  Amendment and against transgenders’ rights
Finally putting any end to the transgenders’ victories in their fights
A court has found common sense to rule that if commerce products the right to purchase your cannot shed
Nor can you force an artist to create a cake for same sexes seeking to be wed
A cake may only be a cake to eat
But now not one’s faith to be able to defeat

© October 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, October 21, 2022

Lunch On a Starlight With a Lisa


When one travels by bus or plane one is too often stuck
With no room in a seat or between two obese often stuck
Conversation comes to a halt with lips sealed
Any desires of humanity desires to reach out concealed
But if one dares in this 24/7 world that moves too fast
To step in time warp to travel in the past
Instead of spending hours to waste
Fighting traffic and TSA lines gnawing at one’s haste
And board a sleeper train with a book or phone cam in one’s hand
To close up not at 35,000 feet to see the beauties of this land
Better yet a random chance to with strangers break bread
To with conversation while eating share the miles ahead
As a first generation citizen with a mother from the Gaspe Coast
Having lunch on the Coast Starlight with a Canadian merits a poetic toast
Lisa may have been the name of a failed Apple
But she like my mother is why we should not migrants fret on how to grapple
A beautiful young software wizard from Minnesota’s frigid and humid climes
Hard to imagine a better stranger to share a meal at lunch time
Conversing with her this committed political Red
A dilution of Blue works well instead

© 10/21/22 The Alaskanpoet


Zuckerberg and His Cast of Climate Change Warriors Are Spewing Out Carbon on Private Jets Like No Tommorow


How long does it take for the climate change elitist warriors to their harping forget
Most likely as soon as they have to endure the misery of flying in a commercial jet
Spared of aping a sardine cramped together in coach class
Where food other than peanuts was from a memory long past
At least in first class you have some real food and room and the drinks were free
But you could not escape the delays or the airlines cancelling flights spree
Nor the purgatory removed from the first class lounge on the tarmac waiting to fly
Little wonder that our climate change elitist warrior their demands on us quickly defy
No matter how short the trip like iron filings to a magnet’s grip
They flock to private jets to take off with great cuisine and fine wine sip
A private jet spews tons of climate change carbon into the air
They are either oblivious to the damage or really don’t care
Zuckerberg who rants on the need of mere mortals to fight climate change
Spews out carbon on his numerous private jet jaunts like a man deranged
How can these elitists expect us to our economy into the toilet reign?
When attempts to cut back their emissions their response is to deign
The list of celebs and elite that are slaves to the comfort of a private jet
Keeps growing as if you believe them so is our climate change threat

© October 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

Progressive D.A. Krasner Claims Reds Are Racist For Raising Crime As an Issue


D.A. Krasner of the City of Brotherly Love is in the Soros funded Progressive mold
Which means felons in Philadelphia are fearless and bold
The recipients of the Progressive’s Perfect storm
With disgusted, maligned, undermanned and overwork cops resigning as the norm
Risking their lives to arrest a felon without get shot
Only to see him released before lunch to see their efforts go for not
And who are the residents that suffer most
Residents of color pulling the triggers aimed at those of color who become toast
Yet Krasner has the unmitigated gaul
To claim Reds using crime as an issue is racist which should us appall
True racism is where victims of color are shot down like flies
On the streets, in their homes, at playgrounds and in public places to be wounded or die
With fewer cops to arrest and an aversion to prosecute
He inanely touts the idea Philadelphia is unsafe the facts refute
Voters should not be fooled especially when Fetterman believes even murders should be released

Until police are funded and respected and D.A.’s prosecute crime will increase

© October 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Parttime 19days/6 months Secretary of State Wants to Be Full Time Governor But Won't Debate Kari Lake


Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs running against Red Kari Lake
Has a record of attendance at her office that promoting her to governor would be a mistake
19 days out of 6 months in her office she appeared
Seems like she believed it was a temp job philosophy she adhered
Worse in a state that is one third Latino descent
Other than speaking a little Spanish with her sister-in-law could not list what the contributions of Latinos to the state meant
Almost like she grew up in Arizona under a rock
That any understanding of Latinos’ contributions was blocked
Sadly the voters are left in the dark in Arizona to the candidates’ platforms
Lake is pressing for a debate on issues but Hobbs refuses to perform
Fearful of her ability to coherently lay out her views?
Hides behind the false claim that from Lake only lies would she spew
News flash to Hobbs as debate refusals she lobs
Informing the voters of your positions to compare with hers is part of job

© October 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Gloves Are Off in a Debate Between Mace and Andrews As Mace Rightfully Calls Andrews a Flat Out Liar


Blues restricted to running on one issue--abortion on demand are forced to lie
To deny ignore issues of crime, inflation, and open border and to avoid by their opponents from being crucified
Blue Dr. Annie Andrews running to unseat Red Mace was caught in a lie she could not escape
Advocating abortion bans after fetal viability but attacked Mace for banning all abortions despite incest or rape
Mace a rape victim herself called her a flat out liar and demanded she look her in the eye
And claim the facts of her distortion she could not deny
Mace is built with a solid backbone as the first female graduate of the Citadel
Lie about or to her and you would be lucky to escape with only a polite “Go to Hell”
Since abortion of demand is the Blues’ one trick pony
The only way to win on that point is to espouse the claim so phony
That Reds want to ban all abortions even in rape, incest or to the life of the mother save
Knowing full well that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not support late term abortions
Explains why Mace’s position was subject to her lying distortion
Mace went further to support abortions where severe fetal abnormalities would to an early death result
But to no avail was Mace spared from Andrews lying insult

© October 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Snaps Back at Reporters Asking Why More Blue Candidates Are Asking For Him to Appear With Them


Blue candidates across the nation can read the writing on the wall
As Biden’s disapproval continues to rise and his approval and mental fitness continue to fall
Normally during the midterms at this stage of the campaign
A president’s appearances for Blues would be as thick as monsoon rain
Not this year as many Blue candidates want voters to Biden’s policies forget
Rightfully viewing that they will have caused them to Reds commit
Inflation, Open Border with 2 million plus illegals and massive drugs and soaring Crime
Smash the one trick pony of abortion at any time on demand every time
Biden must be feeling the growing Red Wave heat
As he is getting testier why candidates are not asking him for help to Reds defeat
For Blues it is a very bad sign to see him at reporters snap
MSM total biased support for him making them now look like saps

© October 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Incumbent Progressive Tina Kotek Blasted by Red and Indy for Being Ground Zero of the Defund the Police Pox


Politicians who think most voters are to0 stupid to remember
Their past positions on issues when elections come in November
But with cell phone videos, recorded hot mics and video tapes
From the past positions becoming almost impossible to escape
The classic example that will bring down the Blues in electoral loss
Is their rabid support of Defund the Police they are now trying to toss
Even the code words used to disguise
Their desires to bring about large scale police forces demise
Like “Reimagine” or “Reallocate” no longer work
As violent crime surges across the nation now in affluent neighborhoods felons lurk
The incumbent Progressive Governor Tina Kotek who can check the female same sex married box
Is being blasted during the Portland Floyd riots as ground zero for the Defund the Police pox
A three way race with the Indy and Red Drazan attacking her for her war on the cops
She’s behind in the polls so desperate that a low approval rated Biden made a campaign stop
The stench from Portland once known the City of Roses
From the filthy homeless tent cities of feces and urine now the City of Hold Your Nose
May on November 8 cause a historic event
First time in 40 years a Red as Governor will be to Salem sent

© October 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Jean-Pierre Out of Her League With Slim Job Prospects Out of Sight


Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
Seems either stupid or dishonest with her integrity cupboard bare
That’s when she stumbles through her answer before suiting up for dodgeball
A question she doesn’t like evades and to the floor lets it fall
When a Fox Reporter asked her why oil companies should listen to she couldn’t explain
Even when informed that he wants to put them out of business, flushing them down the drain
What a thankless job now being more so as the MSM shows signs of acting like a press
 Instead of 24/7 trying to criticism of Biden trying to suppress
With Psaki already filing an MSNBC slot
Going there for a job would go for naught
With Reds looking like they will regain Congress because of Blues’ one issue run
Abortion on demand only while inflation, crime and open border with fentanyl they shun
And Biden becoming frailer and out of it each and every day
Demand for ex-Biden officials and their failed policies should fade away

© October 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Defund, Malign and Disrespect the Police and Cops Are Resigning in Droves in Crime Ridden Blue Led Cities


The Defund the Police Movement is exceeding beyond belief its goals
And not just by cutting budgets but spawning disrespect for cops that grows
Across the nation in large cities police are resigning in droves
The ranks falling from what is needed for residents’ safety to far below
In St. Louis, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and Philadelphia to name a few
Resignations are flooding the departments and reducing the needed number of men in Blue
And these cities run by Blue Mayors and City Councils seem to have their head in the sand
Denying there is a problem in number only in allocation to the crime waves be able to withstand
St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones who presides in the most dangerous city in the nation
Who won by campaigning on not defunding the police but reallocating them to work in reducing the felons’ predation
The slogan is not working but ignoring reality of the highest crime rate
Since the city has larger per capita police numbers she her critics berate
A simple question to the Blue leaders fearing unsafe residents need to ask
If you were often disrespected, maligned and knowing no one had your back would you remain in your
The answer if honest not in office trying to stay
Would be no and not one more day!

© August 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Behar Inanely Claims Changing Demographics Mean Reds Must Cheat Ignoring Reality That Blacks and Hispanics Leaving Blues in DrovesIalcks ahthejhhphics


Listening to The View’s  Mega biased Joy Behar
After the outrage passes you might have pity for this has-been trying to regain her star
Each day she tries to out ad hominin Goldberg and Stormy in her attacks
Is this being done due to producers’ pressure or does a sense of reality she lack?
Her latest diatribe is that changing demographics mean Reds will have to cheat
In order for in elections avoid crushing defeats
In her pro Blue bubble expressed daily on the View
Cannot see that the days of Hispanics lockstep voting for Dems are through
Nor can she remove the cataracts of bias about the voting of plantation voting descendants of slaves
Who are in growing numbers rejecting the take us for granted Blues despite all the decades of vote they gave
She is totally oblivious to the facts that inflation especially in transportation and heating damage low and middle income the most
Even after eliminating the meals out of the house and the vacations when it comes to the essentials of life their struggles make them toast
Behar is overpaid to the tune of $7 million bucks per year
From inflation she has nothing to fear
Even if the left’s darlings of Sanders and Warren pass a wealth tax before the Reds Congressional majorities regain
Her life style will not be impacted a bit not like those forced out of apartments and homes into the heat, cold or pouring rain
The View  ranks number 1 in viewers with over 2 million a day
But only 4th in age group 25-54 watching their future by Biden’s inflation going away

© October 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Must Believe Like Jesus Saving the Boat From Stormy Releasing 15 Million Barrels'll Save Blues From Red Wave


Biden must have read the Biblical verses of Jesus casting oil on the raging waves
More desperate by the day must think like the boat 15 million barrels will Blue majorities save
The SPR was created to prevent severe economic disruptions caused by a disruption of our oil supply
Not for craven political purposes to the Reds reclaiming both Houses of Congress deny
Our oil safety net will be reduced to the lowest level since 1984
Biden in announcing the 15 million release idiotically claims it will cause us to produce more
Ignoring the fact his war on domestic energy creates higher production hurdles
When it comes to granting permits or correcting damage assumption he moves with the speed not of the hare but the turtle
Reds and Fox have been complaining for months of these brazen political facts
That have been largely ignored by the MSM so loath to Biden and the Blues attack
Biden was miffed about questions upon questions on the motive of the oil release
And as they continued turned his back and walked away when they would not cease
God help us if supply is disrupted, and the pipelines even temporarily run dry
Thanks to this senile politician who to elect Blues drained the SPR on which we must rely

© August 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Burglary Should Never Be on the Menu to See While Dining Out in Orange County


Imagine taking your wife out to dinner to fine cuisine and libations to enjoy
To get a phone message that 2 burglars in your house were deployed
Dressed white ransacking the house for a quarter of an hour
A very quick way to your dinner to completely sour
Wonder if they called 911 to report a burglary in progress
Then when the response was not soon enough had to endure the stress
News only said the home was in Orange County but no address
If not in most of Anaheim or Santa Ana more of Orange County under crime duress
The burglary proved that black hoodies are no longer the felons’ manner of dress
And also Nest security cams in the home linked to cell phones will not deter felons’ access
The couple who lost items of value and memory can only hope the cams lead to a quick arrest
Before the stolen items are turned into a fence and sold
So many dollars of reward for felons so brazenly bold

© August 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

5000 Duplicate Ballots Sent Out in Riverside County But Election Officials Assure Us No Double Counting


In an oops moment election officials in the County of Riverside
Admitted that 5000 duplicate ballots were mailed but the chance of double voting they denied
Since the ballots contained the same barcode
Could not be counted twice to voter confidence in election results erode
We hope these officials are right
As duplicated voting should give us quite a fright
Another reason why conservatives feel blanket mail ballots lead to voter fraud
Corrupt the election process and make the results flawed
© October 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Will Demings Accept or Not Accept the Election Day Results---Debate Answers Too Evasive to Provide a Clue


Rubio and Demings running for senate in the Sunshine State
Last night held a spirited debate
But do we know if Demings will accept the election results?
Demings was evasive to the voters expecting a clear answer their intelligence to insult
Talked at length about her janitor mom and bartender dad
How they never missed an election with a promise to always vote that was ironclad
If the family car was in the auto repair shop
Pay a few dollars to be taken to the polls so the voting record would not stop
But as to an answer whether she would accept the results during the debate
Too evasive non-committal so voters on her actions will have to wait
She rambled on about the need to tear down walls that keep us apart
But the walls in her gated community the teardown she did not want to start
Rubio is leading in the polls by 7 percentage points
Unless an October Surprise looks like the voters will not her as a senator anoint

© October 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden and Blues Have Become a One Issue Party--Abortion on Demand Right Up to the Moment of Birth


As crime surges along with inflation that’s robbing the middle class blind
Sadly the Blue elite could care less immune to the middle class suffering that’s leaving them behind
The border remains wide open with lethal drugs  like fentanyl
Disguised as legal drugs or candy that ingested quickly kills
Our schools and medical care facilities are being by illegals overwhelmed
Incapable of educating or providing care to them they are compelled
Our sidewalks have become filthy tent cities
Used needles from rampant drug use and feces which are not pretty
While illlegals are given food, legal aid and shelter
While our homeless citizens are faced with helter skelter
Biden and his elite Blues with their security armed to the teeth
Deny the problem exists and care less to provide some relief
They have become a one issue party—abortion on demand
Up to the point where a viable fetus appears with all 10 toes and 10 fingers on his or her hands
They have ignored Clinton’s winning advice—it’s the economy stupid
When the stress of daily making ends meet is undisputed
Abortion is like the one trick pony
Not faced every day and as an issue largely phony
Contraceptives and the day after pill
Probably reduce big time when a woman has to face the abortion drill

© October 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, October 17, 2022

As Zeldin Closes the Gap With Hochul She Delusionally Claims NYC Is the Safest City


Across the nation in Blue run cities like the Big Apple
Residents are fearful of their safety and trying to with violent crime grapple
Too many leaders and Soros funded D.A.’s have on the existence of surging violent crime
Their heads in the sands of denial only to pop up and “the city is safe” chime
Worse than denial is idiocy of Governor Hochul
New York’s delusional yokel
Who claims NYC is not just safe but the safest city in the nation
Before one rushes to start clapping in elation
In August year to year of the 7 major violent crimes, 4 increased by double digits and 1 just missed at 9%
Which diminished the joy of seeing murders decline by over half and rape not changed as NYPD still struggles to crime prevent
Fighting to remove illegal guns from the street
And trying to get the State and soft on crime D.A.’s like Bragg from soft on crime stands retreat
Bragg’s days are numbered if Zeldin wins
He and his progressive ideas will be out and a tough on crime will be in
The Progressive Left wrongly believes the way to reduce the prison population
Is to turn felonies into misdemeanors to prevent incarceration
Misdemeanors with no consequences to the seeds of felonies sow
Very soon the felons in prison will rapidly grow
But if the turning is the other way, the seeds will wither and die
The urge to commit crime by most will be denied

© October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

The Thin Blue Line Is Getting Thinner Due to Defund the Police, BLM, Suicides and Shot in the Line of Duty


One of the most dangerous professions is to be a member of the Thin Blue Line
Each day a cop leaves the station house he fears he will he not come home this time
They are facing surging violent crime  and worse they are often the victims of false 911 calls
Lured to ambush sites by felons to fulfill their protect and serve job only to into an ambush fall
Or shot without warning on a routine traffic stop
Add to that the growing disrespect from residents and city hall and who wants to be a cop?
Through September of this year 252 cops have been shot and 50 have died
While defund the police movements have caused retirements of many on whom our safety we have relied
While the Blue politicians and elite behind their gated communities have for their safety little fear
For their armed private security is on hand and always very near
No wonder far too many officers too stressed out and overworked
Fall victim to the suicide demons that within them lurk
Couldn’t find statistics to find out how cop suicides
But in the past more by their own hands than during duty have died
This nation in addition to the expected Red Wave
To save us from the open borders, crime, and inflation’s early grave
We need a Blue Wave not of Blues for Blues at the polls voting
But of citizens respecting and appreciating the service cops are devoting
Time for those protected and served to shatter
The disruptive myth that only Black Lives Matter
Which corrupts our society like atter
And makes it more difficult to true racism batter

©  October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden's Warning to the Saudis of "Consequence" of Cutting Production and Not Disclosing Until After November 8 Has Fallen on Deaf EarsnOis


After all the disclosures that the Steele dossier was a collection of lies
That the FBI used to illegally surveil and with the MSM and DNC keep the Trump Russian collusion myth alive
One would have thought the Blues would have their lesson learned
To try to find Russian collusion under every rock and you will get burned
After Biden was turned down in his effort to get the Saudis to influence the midterms
By delaying announcement of production cuts he warned of “consequences” they will earn
The Saudis fearful of Russian efforts in Iran denied vehemently that production cuts were being imposed to the Russians aid
An on “consequences” raised the ante by warning Saudis “are all projects of the Jihad and martyrdom” parade
The warning came from a Prince not the royal family, but we should not be relieved
The Saudis are unhappy with us on Iran and the resurrection of the failed nuclear deal Biden is trying to achieve
The only thing one can say about rating Biden’s foreign policy is to quote on Biden Gates’ grade
“Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy and national security issue the past four decades”
Along with the fact Biden makes our foes us no longer fear
And cause our allies and friends to want to disappear

© October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

An Incompetent Transportation Secretary Concealing That By Claiming Biden Rescued the Economy From Free Fall


Notre Dame may be a very prestigious university located in South Bend
But any thought that being mayor there qualifies one as Transportation Secretary needs to end
The position is so far above Mayor Pete’s pay grade
Mayor Pete’s performance is proof positive that meritocracy is dead and check the box pervades
Mayor Pete’s box is that he is gay
Took paternity leave to not let the ports’ ship jam to get in his way
Mayor Pete’s box also includes the equity bonus
As he claims our roadway system suffers from the racism onus
Ships were stacked up in the ports worse than planes in bad weather at O’Hare
His ignoring the problem gave proof that he really didn’t care
Rising diesel fuel costs that power our interstate trucks
Without which getting food to our table and goods to our homes we are out of luck
Failed to trigger any response on the need to produce more oil
While vaccine requirements decimating drivers as from vaccine mandates many recoiled
Not content with only being in transportation totally inept
He is lying that Biden saved us from the economic disaster Trump under the rug had swept
How can this Blue with a straight face as Biden’s inflation our prosperity yeggs
That a surging, recovering vaccine on board economy was on its last legs?
Mayor Pete needs to go back to South Bend where he can do well
As long as the pot holes are on his street he can repair the pot hole hell

© October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Jill Biden the Deja Vu for Edith Wilson Booed as Honorary Captain For the Philadelphia Eagles


Jill and Joe seem like many married couples joined at the hip
More so as she has to try to conceal the dementia that his mind grips
Should therefore come as no surprise
After the “Let’s Go Brandon” booing revealed his approval demise
That our First Lady who was the honorary captain of the Eagles’ against Dallas game
 When she came on the field by booing she was shamed
Unlike at NASCAR there was no “Let’s Go Brandon” to the booing conceal
Announcers must be oblivious to “Brandonette” as the feminine form to reveal
Booing of the First Lady show the  bad manners of the fans displayed
Understandable when in Keystone State the importance of energy production plays
Instead of booing  to embarrass the First Lady,  here is a suggestive cheer
“Let’s Go Edith” to show the comparison between Biden and Wilson is very clear  
© October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Feds in Charge of Determining Wildlife Impact of Drilling on Federal Lands Overestimating Damage But Failing to Correct Leading to Less Production as Prices Again Start to Soarctimp


Americans were outraged to learn math and reading scores due to pandemic declined
Given the adverse effect of viral online learning in elementary grades but not surprised to the statistic find
As oil and gas production declined due to Biden’s relentless domestic energy war
We should not be surprised that the Feds math skills have declined crippling drillers ability to explore
The agency in charge of determining the impact on wildlife of drilling in the Gulf and on federal lands
Has been overestimating the damage in its models to slow down permits almost to like being banned
Without a permit for seismic studies no driller is going to drill
Blaming it on algorithms like Twitter censorship is an easy way to production kill
The federal agency responsible for its math error has been notified by both Blues and Reds
Rather than correct the error and issue permits, it is in a very slow walk instead
Anyone other than the Green New Zealots who people starving due to their policies could care less
Knows fossil fuels will be needed to bridge our way to lower carbon emissions to leave this climate change mess
And other than the fact domestic oil is cleaner in many cases than foreign produced oil
Carbon is still emitted while domestic jobs lost when needed energy comes from foreign soil
Biden’s war on domestic energy while begging OPEC to save Blue seats
Is just another great reason to send Blues in 22 days down to defeat

© October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Biden Ridiculed for Grabbing Young Girl's Shoulder to Give Her Dating Advice


“Creepy Joe” is back at it again touching a young girl on her shoulder
Holding it from behind as this advice he told her
“No serious men until you are thirty”
An image of an old man quite dirty
One would think that the images of unwanted touching would raise alarm
But if it’s Creepy Joe it is dismissed as a gaffe as he meant no harm
Trump had been the one the MSM would have had a field day
Casting him as a pervert, child molester under the reptilian brain’s sway
Joe must be oblivious to the idea of a female not wanting an invasion of her space
Another sign of dementia or excusing his habit of hugging both men and women in a public place?
One would think most young girls when touched on their shoulders would cringe
Not wanting their personal space by an old man stranger infringed
But the MSM to Biden’s unwanted hugs
The intrusion merely off they shrug

© 10/15/22 The Alaskanpoet

MSM Leftist Outcry on Fetterman Forces Rolling Stone Journalist Kara Voght to Alter Her Tweet Observations


While the issues like crime that Fetterman and Oz on which disagree
Should be more than sufficient to have Oz as the new senator we will see
The issue about the impact on Fetterman of his stroke still remains
Many voters are not sure recovery from the stroke is complete in his brain
In a move that aped Edith Wilson who covered Woodrow after his stroke
Or images of Jill shepherding Biden where he must go evoke
Rolling Stone journalist Kara Voght writing about Gisele Fetterman
That she had been transformed into a de facto candidate and political star once he ran
Implying what many think that Fetterman was unable to his duties perform
The outcry from the left was quick and “de facto” to “key surrogate” was reformed
Gisele has become a political star in her own right and Voght alluded to Fetterman recovering
A loyal wife who was quick to pounce on Cara Bush for her observations on his small talk difficulties before her interview to viewers bring
But the MSM to cover for Fetterman to lash out at voters’ concerns as being ableists
Is an action the MSM in the future should try to resist

© October 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Reds Demand Investigation of Biden's Trying to Get Saudi's to Influence Election By Delaying Oil Production Cuts News Until After the Election


Biden’s few working neurons may be working overtime to make him aware
Rising gas prices again at the pump for Blue Midterm chances will be a bugbear
To dampen the expected Red Wave
He invaded the SPR and released oil to Blue seats try to save
Now as a result at the lowest level in years
In case of supply disruptions we should all fear
When OPEC to raise prices announced a 2 million barrel a day production cut
Biden knowing the effect would be for a rise in gas prices at the pump erupt
Went hat in hand to the Saudis once for years a close ally
To beg for them to add to their sales to the U.S. tally
Turned down by the Saudis so Biden cravenly went to Plan B
Begged the Saudis to delay the announcement of production cuts to after Election Day so voters would not see
Inflation especially at the pump is Biden’s and the Blues’ Electoral Achilles Heel
No wonder he acted to cravenly from the American voters the decrease in production conceal
Trying to get a foreign government to influence our election smells
His Blues at the polls should be sent to voter rejection Hell
Despite trying to the move as a means to keep Russian sanctions strong spin
Yet another example of Blues craven pushing the ends justify the means in order to win
And since Pelosi will ignore Red requests to investigate Biden’s pleas
Another reason why in Congress a huge Red Wave we must see

© October 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Sign Of Climate Change? King Crab and Snow Crab Season in Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska Closed


If you are a pollock or triggerfish the news out of Alaska is pretty grim
As in past years the catch of King Crab and Snow Crab is becoming very slim
So bad that to preserve the species in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea
Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game suddenly has closed that fishery
For lovers of crab leaving only tanner crab only to be able to catch
But with fuel costs through the roof fishing limited to only tanners may be a stretch
The reason for the quick and sudden crab population decline
Is not known by the Department but many suspect the bogeyman climate change sign
Why pollock and triggerfish should the news fear?
Pollock is used to make surimi which as fake Krab on plates often appears
And triggerfish properly prepared have a taste like crab very near
With King Crab and Snow Crab seasons in Alaska closed
Prices will soar to record highs leaving only past memories of affordable price lows
Fisheries will Pollock and triggerfish crab substitutes pursue
And if the Chinese keep buying Maine Lobster driving up the costs so buying lobster we will eschew
Is there a fish that tastes like lobster but at a price we can afford?
Look for the aquaculture fisheries for “Poor Man’s Lobsters” (Burbots) to move toward
When it comes to preserving commercial fisheries Alaska ranks at the head of its class
Making all effort to insure that commercial fishing in the state will always last
The state is moving toward allowing shellfish hatcheries to exist
Look for King and Snow Crab soon from them to be released to the end of crab fishing resist

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, October 14, 2022

Dasha Burns of NBC For Doubting Fetterman's Ability to Understand Questions Ravaged


While the pseudo journalists of the MSM continue to any examination of the effect of Fetterman’s stroke to resist
Worse they demean anyone who questions his stroke’s effects on his ability as an “ableist”
In their mind Fetterman should receive investigatory slack because of his stroke
While his “campaign” images of a replay of Biden in his bunker basement to evoke
One pseudo journalist Dasha Burns of NBC had the temerity to question Fetterman’s ability to respond to conversations
Almost immediately she was the target by liberal pseudo journalists of condemnation
Who conflated her views on his abilities
As an attack on all persons with disabilities
Before the questions were on a screen were displayed
As an attack on all people with disabilities who struggle each day
Like a loyal wife Fetterman’s wife chimed in claiming Burns a disgrace to the disabled, journalism and Americans all
Rhetorically wondering when the consequences of her statements on her would befall
Burns must have known her fellow pseudo journalist would turn on her
As she claimed she had no comment on his ability and once the questions were on the screen his understanding, she was sure
Another lesson in this Woke world learned by even pseudo journalists of the press
If you have thoughts about abilities of Blues those thoughts you ought to suppress

© October 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Blue Abigail Spanberger Has Accepted Endorsement From Elisabeth Guzman Who Wants to Criminalize Parents Who Do Not Accept Children's Gender Identity


A man and a woman determined by the presence or absence of the chromosome XY
Now no longer only two and the presence or absence of the chromosome XY matters not
What counts is not the ability to be able to bear a child in the womb but the gender to be sought
A biological male who feels his feminine side prevails
Now no longer views himself as being a male
A transgender female who surgically can be somewhat transformed
No penis and testicles replaced by a uterus like sac so different than the person born
Doses of female hormones to reduce muscle mass
To change the voice so with clothes easier to as a female pass
The LBGTQ+ community would call it necessary surgery to find one’s self true
Conservatives would call it gender mutilation not reversible the person may rue
A life changing event that one would think only after a lot of study only adults would make
Now we find the LBGTQ+ Community urging puberty blockers to make it easier for gender change for teens to take
In Virginia Elisabeth Guzman, a Blue Senator, will soon introduce legislation to criminalize parents if a child’s gender change they don’t affirm
Either a felony or a misdemeanor or a visit from Child Protective Services such parents would earn
Seeking revenge after having been relegated to the closet for so long
Anyone who does not embrace transgenders per the LBGTQ+ community view is totally wrong
Should be treated by society as Untermensch and their views ignored
While conservatives believe the view sex is determined by biology not wants must be restored
In a tight Virginia House race Blue Abigail Spanberger is facing a good deal of heat
For accepting an endorsement from Guzman which should lead to her defeat
Youngkin won by appealing to parents to take back from Woke School Boards the  public schools
First the DOJ labeling parents domestic terrorists and now potential felons makes Guzman a complete fool
© October 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

13 Year Old As 1 of 4 Attempted Robbers of a Highland Park, CA Convenience Store In Custody For Murder of 68 Year Old Clerk


The news in a Highland Park death during an attempted robbery make you want to puke
And the parents of a 13 year old one of the robbers for child endangerment to rebuke
4 teens tried to rob a convenience store of a case of beer
A clerk fought to try to stop them and another clerk to help appeared
Sadly Stephen Reyes at 68 years old was hit in the head
Rushed to the hospital where he died instead
What kind of parents allow their teens to beer drink?
If they also indicate it’s okay to steal their parenting stinks
Do not know if there was a father at home
Or whether a single mother all alone
The 13 year old is in custody and his 3 fellow attempted robbers are being sought
We can only shake our heads in disbelief of the behavior being taught
A parent hopefully joined by a spouse
Are the indispensable line of defense to insure proper upbringing in the house
Pity the child who grows up without a father to prevent his teenage crime sprees
And for the innocent victims even more pity as lack of safety rules in the city

© October 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Biden Too Little Too Late With Resuscitation of Title 42 to Deport Illegals From Venezuela


Could it be that the few remaining active neurons in Biden’s brain
Are alerting him to the fact that the open border may flush the Blues down the drain?
That rising inflation, gas prices and crime out of control
Will against Blues seeking reelection take their toll?
In what must be an October surprise
To gain votes a resuscitation of Title 42’s demise
Maduro’s Venezuela which supposedly has been releasing felons to north head
Those Venezuelans trying to cross the border seeking asylum will be deported instead
Voters will be smart enough not to be fooled and switch votes to Blue from Red
As soon as the Midterms are over if Blues retain majorities Title 42 will be shed
Biden has long been blasted by his critics for acts too little and too late
He is delusional to think this Title 42 drop in the bucket will the Red Wave abate
A few Venezuelans deported via Title 42 will not the memories of some 2.2 million illegals erase
And the urgent need to Blue majorities on November 8, 2022 replace
© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Anyone Like Henry Cuellar Voting With Pelosi 95% of the Time Is Not a Moderate But a Myth


Henry Cuellar a Blue who has been in the House for 17 years has the moderate label
Yet votes with Pelosi 95% of the time which makes the designation more like a fable
When anyone not blind could plainly see the border was not secure
He finally blasted Harris and Mayorkas for claiming otherwise and demanded Harris come to his district to tour
To add to his moderate fable, he was the only Blue to vote against the Woman’s Health Protection Act
But voting with Pelosi and her leftist agenda 95% of the time belies that label as a fact
His Red opponent Cassy Garcia on the issues that to voters count
The issues of crime, inflation, open border and drugs that continue to mount
That he is all talk and action none
Hoping like a fellow Red Flores she make him done
How anyone regardless of race living on or near the border
Having to endure the constant wave of illegals and chaos and disorder
Could support a Blue
As more and more illegals keep coming through
Totally boggles the mind
With only 48% of Hispanics approving Biden, Garcia’s name they should find
Cuellar has already made what could be a grievous faux pas
Claiming he supports Pelosi no if ands buts for Speaker and then his district which is flawed
No matter how they try to divert attention from Biden to the issues of abortion
With inflation and crime raging and open border wide open due to Biden, they are not going to pull off that distortion

© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Blue House Candidate in New Mexico Third District Eliminates Hispanic Maiden Name of Red Opponent in Ads Making Her "Non Hispanic'"

 Blues are in a panic mode as the Hispanic vote is no longer to the Blues slanted

Like black voters they are becoming fed up with voting for Blues and being taken for granted
Reds’ positions on inflation, energy production, crime and open borders have struck a responsive chord
More and more Hispanics geared to family, faith and hard work are coming on board
In New Mexico’s Third District two women a vying for the seat
Blue incumbent Teresa Leger Martinez is facing Red Alexis Martinez Johnson who wants to unseat
The District is heavily Hispanic and Apache and for Blue candidates is almost always a safe seat
Martinez is hoping despite crime, inflation and open border against Johnson her win she will repeat
The campaign has degenerated into the slinging of mud and Whitewash gate
Martinez’s campaign refers to Johnson without her Hispanic maiden name thinking Hispanics then to Johnson won’t relate
Teresa is divorced from her ex-Martinez but retained his name
Even though Hispanic through her mother of bilingual education fame
Who married a man with a surname Leger, a state senator, who sounds non-Hispanic
Is the dropping in ads of Alexis’ nee name a sign of losing Hispanic vote panic?
Alexis has been named by Reds as one of their rising  “Young Guns”  
Hoping she will ape Rep Flores and the Blues in the Third District stun

© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Blue Fetterman, Ryan, Barnes, Beasley and Warnock All Support Cashless Bail to the Safety of Victims Ignore


Daily if you read the news, one sees that we are in a violent crime surge 

In our Blue run urban cities men of color with guns are trying to from the streets men of color purge
The Thin Blue Line has gotten thinner each day from a continuing one two punch
Soros backed D.A.’s releasing felons after arrest on no cash bail often before lunch
And the dual effects of Defund the Cops and the cops fed up choosing to quit
Hobbled by leftist city councils from doing their job, disrespected and not looking to be the latest line of duty obit
While Blues were once on the Defund the Cops mantra all in
Desperately trying to pivot to blame Reds for not supporting police in order to win
John Fetterman, Rep. Tim Ryan, Mandela Barnes, Cheri Beasley, and Sen. Raphael Warnock
Are running for the Senate and all support the idea that cash bails must be blocked
It is too racist to keep an alleged black felon in jail
When that felon does not have the money to post bail
Ignore the fact the alleged felon to the community remains a threat to safety to great
Equity demands the alleged felon be out on the street to his or her trial await
Yet these 5 expect the Thin Blue Line to daily risk their lives to put felons in jail
Only to have them released in light speed on no cash bail
In many cases while returned to the streets
To a continuation of violent crimes to the citizens treat
Even if released and required to wear a monitor on their ankle
Which often is quickly discarded to cops and citizens rankle
For voters living in the states that of these misguided soft on crime candidates reside
You must vote Red to have any chance whatsoever of safety by ending the violent crime tide

© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Inflation, Crime and Open Border Trump Abortion's One Trick Pony So Desperate Biden, Dementia and All Is Now on Campaign Trail


Biden is acting more and more desperate each day
Inflation, crime and open border with drugs are going to send Blue majorities away
Gas prices are beginning to again rise cramping ability to fill one’s car
The craven political move of withdrawing oil from the SPR
Is being so criticized doubtful he can use this trick any more
The Saudis and OPEC have announced a 2 million barrel output cut so prices will soar
His idiotic war on domestically produced energy means oil production here won’t instantly increase
Now we find from the Saudis Biden begged them to wait after the election to the 2 million barrel cut surcease
Biden reverted to the VP Biden of old where he told the Ukrainians if they wanted aid
The continued investigation of Hunter and Burisma they had to forbade
Threatened the Saudis that there would be consequences if production they curtailed
  Not known what these will be but suspect in getting OPEC to increase, they will fail
Inflation remains at historic high
Crime is soaring, and cops are dying like flies
Illegals are coming through the wide open border in a tidal wave
Despite record seizures of fentanyl more and more thousands of Americans are going to early graves
So many that after decades of longevity increase
We are now facing an unprecedented decrease
Biden and his Blues are stuck on the abortion on trick pony
Claiming Reds want to ban all abortions which Americans will see as phony
He is now on the campaign trail
A great risk as people will see how his mental state has failed

© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Biden Believes But Cannot Prove the Burn Pits in Iraq Led to His Cancer Which Is Why at a Dedication Ceremony He Said Beau Died in Iraq


A parent should never have to bury a child-it's supposed to be the other way

A child's death facts from a parent's memory never fades away

Beau Biden died of brain cancer not while in Iraq

A grief induced gaffe or one more sign of his mental lack?

Or an effort to blame brain cancer caused by being exposed to Burn Pits near bases in Iraq

Which started there and was dormant and concealed by a stroke 8 months after his to the U.S. coming back In August of 2013 a diagnosis for brain cancer for Beau was confirmed

A tumor was removed and chemo and radiation would follow

The brain cancer stabilized with hope for recovery which in May of 2015 proved to be hollow

Brain cancer was found to be back on May 20, 2015 at Walter Reed

He died on May 30, 2015 as all efforts to stop it the cancer would not heed

What Biden must have meant to say was Beau was exposed to his death sentence of the toxic fumes

Foregone conclusion he would be a dead man walking until on the 30th sent to the mortuary room

This poet believes Biden is not mentally fit

To in the Oval Office continue to sit

But here only an attempt to shortcut that Beau had been exposed to death's seeds

And nothing yet known to man would prevent them in due time to a coffin Beau lead

© October 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet