Friday, October 21, 2022

Progressive D.A. Krasner Claims Reds Are Racist For Raising Crime As an Issue


D.A. Krasner of the City of Brotherly Love is in the Soros funded Progressive mold
Which means felons in Philadelphia are fearless and bold
The recipients of the Progressive’s Perfect storm
With disgusted, maligned, undermanned and overwork cops resigning as the norm
Risking their lives to arrest a felon without get shot
Only to see him released before lunch to see their efforts go for not
And who are the residents that suffer most
Residents of color pulling the triggers aimed at those of color who become toast
Yet Krasner has the unmitigated gaul
To claim Reds using crime as an issue is racist which should us appall
True racism is where victims of color are shot down like flies
On the streets, in their homes, at playgrounds and in public places to be wounded or die
With fewer cops to arrest and an aversion to prosecute
He inanely touts the idea Philadelphia is unsafe the facts refute
Voters should not be fooled especially when Fetterman believes even murders should be released

Until police are funded and respected and D.A.’s prosecute crime will increase

© October 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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