Monday, October 17, 2022

Feds in Charge of Determining Wildlife Impact of Drilling on Federal Lands Overestimating Damage But Failing to Correct Leading to Less Production as Prices Again Start to Soarctimp


Americans were outraged to learn math and reading scores due to pandemic declined
Given the adverse effect of viral online learning in elementary grades but not surprised to the statistic find
As oil and gas production declined due to Biden’s relentless domestic energy war
We should not be surprised that the Feds math skills have declined crippling drillers ability to explore
The agency in charge of determining the impact on wildlife of drilling in the Gulf and on federal lands
Has been overestimating the damage in its models to slow down permits almost to like being banned
Without a permit for seismic studies no driller is going to drill
Blaming it on algorithms like Twitter censorship is an easy way to production kill
The federal agency responsible for its math error has been notified by both Blues and Reds
Rather than correct the error and issue permits, it is in a very slow walk instead
Anyone other than the Green New Zealots who people starving due to their policies could care less
Knows fossil fuels will be needed to bridge our way to lower carbon emissions to leave this climate change mess
And other than the fact domestic oil is cleaner in many cases than foreign produced oil
Carbon is still emitted while domestic jobs lost when needed energy comes from foreign soil
Biden’s war on domestic energy while begging OPEC to save Blue seats
Is just another great reason to send Blues in 22 days down to defeat

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