Monday, October 17, 2022

As Zeldin Closes the Gap With Hochul She Delusionally Claims NYC Is the Safest City


Across the nation in Blue run cities like the Big Apple
Residents are fearful of their safety and trying to with violent crime grapple
Too many leaders and Soros funded D.A.’s have on the existence of surging violent crime
Their heads in the sands of denial only to pop up and “the city is safe” chime
Worse than denial is idiocy of Governor Hochul
New York’s delusional yokel
Who claims NYC is not just safe but the safest city in the nation
Before one rushes to start clapping in elation
In August year to year of the 7 major violent crimes, 4 increased by double digits and 1 just missed at 9%
Which diminished the joy of seeing murders decline by over half and rape not changed as NYPD still struggles to crime prevent
Fighting to remove illegal guns from the street
And trying to get the State and soft on crime D.A.’s like Bragg from soft on crime stands retreat
Bragg’s days are numbered if Zeldin wins
He and his progressive ideas will be out and a tough on crime will be in
The Progressive Left wrongly believes the way to reduce the prison population
Is to turn felonies into misdemeanors to prevent incarceration
Misdemeanors with no consequences to the seeds of felonies sow
Very soon the felons in prison will rapidly grow
But if the turning is the other way, the seeds will wither and die
The urge to commit crime by most will be denied

© October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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