Monday, October 3, 2022

Sharpton Sounds the Alarm on Blacks and Hispanics Leaving Blues--Hope the DNC Is Not Listening

This poet with Al Sharpton’s ideas very rarely agrees
But on this issue I find him closed aligned with me
Sharpton is sounding the warning clarion call
That blacks and Hispanics will be fleeing from the Blues this fall
Decades of being taken for granted and viewed as voter plantation slaves
Without huge black and Hispanic majorities, majorities in Congress Blues will not save
He claims the message from the Black Caucus is not getting through
A better observation is that blacks and Hispanics are rejecting the policies of the Blues
Biden is gamely trying to make this an election about Trump
Oblivious to the obvious that Trump is not on the ballot only for Reds on the stump
So he divisively attacks the over 70 million Americans who voted for Trump as domestic terrorists
When half the voting population is branded as extremists
How long will that democracy continue to exist?
How long can Blues campaign mainly on abortion and 1/6 try to subsist?
Inflation, crime, and open borders with over 2 million illegals and fentanyl are winning hands
Two more years of a leftist controlled Congress this nation cannot withstand
Add to the troika of winning issues, parents’ role in education and gender identity
And a very good chance a really large Red wave we will see
  Abortion has the chance to send Blues in large numbers to the polls
But how persuasive will be their abortion on demand up to moment of birth be a popular goal
Leads in Senate races that Blues once held are beginning to shrink
More and more Americans do not care what the MSM pundits think
In any event the next 36 days will be a rocky ride
But the shoals are looking forward to be covered by an incoming Red tide

© October3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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