Friday, October 14, 2022

Blue Abigail Spanberger Has Accepted Endorsement From Elisabeth Guzman Who Wants to Criminalize Parents Who Do Not Accept Children's Gender Identity


A man and a woman determined by the presence or absence of the chromosome XY
Now no longer only two and the presence or absence of the chromosome XY matters not
What counts is not the ability to be able to bear a child in the womb but the gender to be sought
A biological male who feels his feminine side prevails
Now no longer views himself as being a male
A transgender female who surgically can be somewhat transformed
No penis and testicles replaced by a uterus like sac so different than the person born
Doses of female hormones to reduce muscle mass
To change the voice so with clothes easier to as a female pass
The LBGTQ+ community would call it necessary surgery to find one’s self true
Conservatives would call it gender mutilation not reversible the person may rue
A life changing event that one would think only after a lot of study only adults would make
Now we find the LBGTQ+ Community urging puberty blockers to make it easier for gender change for teens to take
In Virginia Elisabeth Guzman, a Blue Senator, will soon introduce legislation to criminalize parents if a child’s gender change they don’t affirm
Either a felony or a misdemeanor or a visit from Child Protective Services such parents would earn
Seeking revenge after having been relegated to the closet for so long
Anyone who does not embrace transgenders per the LBGTQ+ community view is totally wrong
Should be treated by society as Untermensch and their views ignored
While conservatives believe the view sex is determined by biology not wants must be restored
In a tight Virginia House race Blue Abigail Spanberger is facing a good deal of heat
For accepting an endorsement from Guzman which should lead to her defeat
Youngkin won by appealing to parents to take back from Woke School Boards the  public schools
First the DOJ labeling parents domestic terrorists and now potential felons makes Guzman a complete fool
© October 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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