Friday, October 28, 2022

Pundit Deutsch Can't Fathom Why Red Issues Are Trumping One Trick Pony Abortion on Demand and Threat to Democracy


What the one trick pony abortion on demand warriors are blind to
As news of inflation, economy, crime and open border with illegals and drugs keep coming into view
Is that shopping for food for the table, trying to fill up the tank and hoping to dodge pink slips is not something that is rare
Daily or weekly to face or to at the balance on one’s credit card stare
For women not on contraceptives and prior to mensuration when does the need for a third trimester abortion appear?
Probably much less likely than being struck by lightning or winning the Lotto to cheer
Wonder why the “pundit” Donny Deutsch who sees in Reds “craziness” can’t understand
Why the inflation, economy, crime and open border give Reds the Midterms’ winning hand
The threat to democracy is not found on January 6, 2021
But rather in Big Tech Social Media censorship or FBI calling parents at school board hearings akin to domestic terrorists with guns
After spending the entire Biden term touting soft on crime ideas like cashless bail
Or smash and grab robberies or misdemeanor thefts to prosecute fail
Along with defund or reimagine the cops causing PD’s to shed cops like a bad case of dandruff
Causing increased crime to cause businesses and resident to flee after enduring enough
The Blues are trying to dismount from the one trick abortion on demand pony
To saddle up to the anti-crime, fund the police which voters see through as phony
Deutsch must realize that his “pundit” status he has lost
Following any suggestions from him we cannot bear the cost

 © 10/28/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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