Thursday, October 27, 2022

Blues Perplexed and Asking "Why Do We Suck"


As momentum in favor of Reds continue to climb
With Blues more and more likely to fall behind
In what may be a too little too late moment Blues are beginning to ask
“Why do we suck” as we face our midterm election tasks
The answer should be very clear
No viable record to run on other than a bogus threat to democracy fear
Saddling up on the one trick pony abortion with its blinders on
Issues that are killing Americans—crime, inflation, woke,  open border and drugs never dawned
The misnamed Inflation Reduction Act
Was a total joke with 87,000 new IRS Agents to be on our backs
The Infrastructure Bill with Mayor Pete at the helm
Will be by cost overruns completely overwhelmed
A huge majority of Americans abortion starting in the third trimester oppose
Disgusted to end a viable fetus’ life weeks from birth to in the trash dispose
Unless to save the mother’s life abortion on demand
Has almost no support in this land
The Blues are not helped by a leader whose mind too often seems shot
Where he is, who he is meeting or why a dead person not there is for naught
Worse he wants us to think
As he closes in on total dementia brink
That he wants to run again in 2024
To all this concern over mental fitness ignore
If they were smart the first thing they should do is the Progressives purge
Along with the Woke, CRT, and ESG disastrous urges
And the war on fossil fuels and those who supported Trump
Sadly for Reds is this was done the Blues might start to exit from the “Why do we suck” dump

© October 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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