Saturday, October 1, 2022

Reds Concerned for Neighborhoods of Color Safety Push a War on Crime Agenda As Blues Take Persons of Color For Granted


Costume jewelry Cross not what from Tiffany’s you would rightfully expect
With idiotic rants of Reds complaining of crime we should reject
This woman who probably has security that is armed
Is protected from anyone who wants to do her harm
She claims the Reds’ war on crime is fearmongering and racist
Only a biased fool like a biased “Tiffany” will claim that a surge of violent crime does not exist
What should be troubling to her low ratings number are those viewers who suffer the most
In neighborhoods of color the residents safety receives not a single moment of boast
Color on color shootings and murders have become the norm
Blue run cities with Soros funded D.A.’s have been hit with the prefect violent crime storm
One should never wish upon a person an illness or injuries from a vicious attack
But if “Tiffany” lived in a neighborhood with shootings on turf wars to see who could sell the most crack
Her racist rants resurrecting Willie Horton she would retract
Reds are pushing war on crime because concern for residents of color Blue elites lack

© October 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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