Saturday, October 8, 2022

Man Armed With an Axe Turned Away From Elementary School in Jacksonville By School Safety Assistant To Be Shot By Police


We have known for some time that only someone not very bright
Brings  only a knife to a gunfight
Only in a movie like The Magnificent Seven does a thrown knife win
In real life the police would be notifying the knife owner’s next of kin
Sadly if someone is so troubled or mentally ill
That the person wants to go to a school and the students there kill
The standard procedure is to be with a semi-automatic pistol or long gun armed
With numerous clips of ammo to be able to inflict a lot of deadly harm
With parents, students and teachers praying police response is rapid
Charging to the sound of gunfire not waiting in the hallways so vapid
At Ruth N. Upson Elementary School in Jacksonville that procedure was relaxed
When a gun less intruder tried to enter the school armed with an axe
Turned away by a school safety assistant  with police officers on their way
Who found him near a church but orders to drop the axe he did not obey
He was shot once as he started to approach with a bullet that did not slay
Now in a hospital in critical condition to bring an end to his gun less school foray

© October 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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