Friday, October 28, 2022

Paul Pelosi Attacked in SFO Break In By David DePape Looking For Nancy--In Custody, Motive Unknown


In the early morning today
Apparently with the intent of putting Nancy Pelosi in harm’s way
David DePape broke into the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi in Pacific Heights
82 year old Paul tried to defend himself with a hammer which he lost in the fight
To be beaten with it on head and body but expected to with full recovery survive
DePape was yelling “Where’s Nancy” before the cops so quickly arrived
DePape’s in custody and the motive for the break-in looking for Nancy is not known
Nor at this moment do we know his mental condition or if any mental illness is full blown
His political affiliations, social media postings, or his background not yet revealed
Only that this was a violent act and a wakeup call for need for more protection for leaders we must deal
In this divisive politicized nation with too many mentally ill homeless on the streets
One is never sure when in public or in this case at home there is danger to meet
Since Pelosi is the number three Blue
Will there be a MSM rush to judgment to this as a MAGA/ Red attack construe?
Politicians nearing Election Day live in fear of an October Surprise
An event that links them to an unpopular event or acts despised
Reds are condemning the break-in and attack loud and clear
But they must be praying that from De Pape some pro MAGA rants we do not hear
And that for once MSM does not jump to impose an anti-Red/MAGA spin
Before all the facts to establish mental condition or motives are in

© October 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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