Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Philadelphia Inquirer Mocked For Inanely Declaring Fetterman the Winner of the Fetterman Oz Debate


The MSM had a chance
To a claim of objectivity advance
But on the Fetterman/Oz debate
Proved once again leftist bias rates
If anyone had any doubt that Fetterman mentally was fit
With his opening “Hi Good Night” that doubt would quit
Watching Fetterman impaired by his stroke
Made one cringe and sympathy and pity evoke
Being a mayor of a small town does not higher service qualify
A term of the largely ceremonial post of Lt. Governor does not merit a Senate try
Comparing Biden with his cognitive issues to Fetterman
Makes Biden look like a mental giant in this great land
The Philadelphia Inquirer where objectivity has long since gone into demise
Had the idiocy to despite Fetterman’s mental struggles declare he won the debate prize
Anyone watching the debate by the paper’s assertion would be shocked
Classic example of why the MSM by growing number of Americans is mocked

© October 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet   

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