Thursday, October 20, 2022

Incumbent Progressive Tina Kotek Blasted by Red and Indy for Being Ground Zero of the Defund the Police Pox


Politicians who think most voters are to0 stupid to remember
Their past positions on issues when elections come in November
But with cell phone videos, recorded hot mics and video tapes
From the past positions becoming almost impossible to escape
The classic example that will bring down the Blues in electoral loss
Is their rabid support of Defund the Police they are now trying to toss
Even the code words used to disguise
Their desires to bring about large scale police forces demise
Like “Reimagine” or “Reallocate” no longer work
As violent crime surges across the nation now in affluent neighborhoods felons lurk
The incumbent Progressive Governor Tina Kotek who can check the female same sex married box
Is being blasted during the Portland Floyd riots as ground zero for the Defund the Police pox
A three way race with the Indy and Red Drazan attacking her for her war on the cops
She’s behind in the polls so desperate that a low approval rated Biden made a campaign stop
The stench from Portland once known the City of Roses
From the filthy homeless tent cities of feces and urine now the City of Hold Your Nose
May on November 8 cause a historic event
First time in 40 years a Red as Governor will be to Salem sent

© October 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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