Sunday, March 31, 2024

Today Easter the Most Holy Day Shares Equal Billing With Transgender Visibility Day


Today is Easter, a day when billions of Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection
A time of reflection on their faith and a time to enhance their connection
A holiday not subject to Saturnalia’s wave of gifts
Where shopping makes it too easy to Christmas’ meaning drift
Only the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs there to dilute the celebration
On the third day following His crucifixion death His resurrection
Christians believe He died for our sins for humans past, present and in the future
Faith in Him and the path we on Earth we should take will the soul nurture
Easter today competes with Transgender Day of Visibility founded by Rachell Crandall in 2009
As a day with an ally and supporter in the White House whose Justice Department has Catholics as “domestic terrorists” has defined
To ban religious symbols on the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll
To further his administration’s victory in the war on religion goal?
He was touting that all people are created equal ignoring the distinction in sports caused by sex
And why with more muscle, larger hearts and lungs transgender women born men from women’s sports we should reject
Had he urged that in politics, employment, housing, military, religion and daily aspects of life we should not against transgenders discriminate
As change to unify this nation but instead with his focus on transgenders failed to the division abate
Ironic supposedly a devout Catholic he would be advancing transgenders chose
To add another voting block their support he is increasingly starting to lose

© 3/31/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

MSNBC's Meltsdown, Throws Script into the Air Over Trump's Attack on Judge Merchan's Refusal To Recuse Due To Daughter's Political Consulting Firm Raising Millions For Blues Due To CaseRaatnApolusr aae piopccriipotonWa


Nicole Wallace and Rachel Madow are in a race
To see who any shred of news objectivity can best erase
In an outrageous emotional anti-Trump meltdown, Wallace aping Pelosi threw her script into the air
For Trump attacking Judge Merchan's daughter an activist consultant whose firm has raised millions off Trump's case a fact she did not share
Whether his daughter speaks to him about the case is beside the point
A judge must be free of the appearance of lack of family influence to be the judge to appoint
The left has often howled loud and long
That Justice Thomas because of his wife's views on many SCOTUS cases does not belong
Pelosi at least in a somewhat dignified mode
Slowly tore each page of the SOTUS to her disgust unload
Wallace throwing her script into the air
Was more like a spoiled 4 year old in a temper tantrum parents are burdened to bear
If viewers want an echo chamber of news covered in biased slants
They should tune in to watch Wallace and her leftist puppets’ rants
But if they want to avoid catching the painful biased pox
They should tune into the network that that has balance like Tarlov, Ford and Williams, watching Fox

© 3/31/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Governor Hochul Beats a Quick Retreat After Informed She Is Not Welcome at Jonathan Diller's Wake


When it comes to photo ops you can always look to Governor Hochul
But in her latest attempt following the Biden no show she is clearly a yokel
Police in New York State especially those of the NYPD
A thinning Blue Line fighting a deadly growing crime spree
And making arrests are frustrated beyond belief
Arrest a criminal and with cashless bail back on the streets to spread grief
Or for cops putting their lives on the line
Leftist D.A.’s like Bragg charge down from serious felonies to lesser crimes
The legislature in Albany controlled by Blues
Have bent over backwards to priorities of the safety of the public eschew
To wage war not against the felons like the one who killed Jonathan Diller
But cops, swamping them in a paperwork blizzard, their actions curtail and chip away on what was against crime a safety pillar
So when DEI is the mantra of the Hochul and the left to the NYPD rule
To think she would be welcome at Diller’s wake reveals her as a total fool
She was not welcomed in words of scorn and rebuke crystal clear
In less than 10 minutes she was in her SUV convoy followed by “good riddance” cheers
Her appearance in the fall election is perhaps a good sign
That the police on false compassion to fallen officers really do mind

© 3/30/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

Friday, March 29, 2024

Governor Kathy Hochul Had Only False Empathy and Compassion as She Appeared at Officer Diller's Wake and Left After 10 Minutes to Attendees' Applause


The Governor of New York appeared at the wake of Jonathon Diller
On the day that career criminal Guy Rivera was charged as being his first degree killer
And the day after Biden at a $25 million celebrity fund raiser did not attend
Another example of the message that Blues do not back police chose to send
The head of the Benevolent Association for the NYPD’s message to Blues was very clear
Those politicians with cashless bail and catch and release are not at Diller’s wake welcome here
To appear in a photo op with police to in a campaign falsely use
That they support the police but to pass legislation to keep career criminals off the street they refuse
Within minutes Kathy Hochul realized that her hypocrisy and scorn were not welcome here
And to the applause of the mourning officers, she quickly turned around and disappeared
A Déjà vu moment when Mayor Di Blasio at funerals for cops killed in the line of duty would appear
And the thin Blue Line would turn their backs on him until he disappeared
Blues may have raised $25 million instead of Biden doing the compassionate act
But may choke on the dollars as voters like the NYPD on Di Blasio on him will turn their backs

© 3/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Louisiana May Follow Texas to Declare the Tidal Wave of Illegals Is a Crime. Will Other States Follow?


The Blue leaders in Washington and our State Capitals cannot an “invasion” properly define
They must think an invasion requires uniformed troops, planes, and tanks crossing our border lines
The idea of 10+ million unvetted illegals and 2 million + getaways can’t be an invasion in their minds
They believe an illegal has a right to stay even if a court years from now the asylum petition was bogus will find
Their eyes are blind to the thousands of illegals crossing each day
And their ears closed to their desire to escape poverty that makes them want to stay
Especially when our social safety net of services and funds they can receive
Our own citizens including vets due to illegals overcrowding are forced to leave
Texas was the first state to make illegal entry a crime
Fighting tooth and nail Biden’s DHS which believes open borders are now just fine
The pendulum for sanity and a secure border may be increasing as Louisiana could become the second state
To make illegal entry a crime in an attempt the flood of illegals abate
What does it take to make non border states realize there are only states with open borders?
As their social safety nets are exhausted and facing drugs, trafficking and lack of order
Biden is blaming Reds for the flood of illegals at the border which is a total joke
All Biden would have to do to start solving the problem is his anti-Trump executive orders revoke
If his poll numbers of successfully addressing illegal immigration continue to drop
To save his reelection try in an October surprise look for his executive order flip flop
© 3/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden Oblivious To Officer Diller's Family Grief Rakes in $25 Million at Radio City Hall Fundraiser While Trump Attends Diller's Wake and Prays With His Widow


Biden’s Potemkin persona is one of a caring man from the middle class deeply rooted
Hiding the reality his cognitive powers by age and dementia have been severely looted
Watching him is like watching a puppet show
With invisible strings pulling him where to go
With carefully scripted teleprompter strings to move his lips
With a legion of handlers to pounce if he goes off script
Americans should be demanding who pulls Biden’s strings
They should know who to the agenda the leftist masters want to bring
Watching him and Trump yesterday it is clear his masters dismiss the deaths of cops
In their minds their deaths merit no compassion, are useful only to push the narrative of gun ownership we must reduce or stop
A wake for Officer Jonathan Diller killed by a career criminal was held yesterday
Trump did not campaign or fund raise but flew to New York with condolences and with the widow to pray
At her daily news briefing Jean-Pierre could not even say Diller’s name
Only pivot to the overused playbook that lack of gun control was to blame
Biden flew to New York for a podcast and hours later a gala star studded fund raiser for his campaign
6 miles away from the wake at which even a brief appearance his handlers deigned
While thousands of the NYPD’s finest were in grief, fat cat donors were being by leftist celebs entertained
After shelling out $25 million to have photos with Clinton, Obama and Biden and hear them for an hour to go to the campaign
Biden’s handlers know he cannot run on the issues so are making this election a threat to democracy by Trump
Having failed to keep him off the ballot now outraising him 2-1, trying to strip him of his cash with bogus politicized legal actions and tie him up in court to keep him off the stump
Democracy does not die in darkness but it does when a tidal wave of cash
Aided by the MSM and social media, other than X, conceal and distort Biden’s record to Trump 24/7 bash

© 3/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Nine State To Ban Gasoline Powered Cars By 2035, Ignoring The Reduction in Carbon Emissions by Hybrids and Plug in Hybrid


The eco-terrorists from the left are hell bent
To as fast they can the sale of gas powered vehicles prevent
Oblivious to the fact
That enough charging stations we lack
And batteries today will not insure that on a trip you will to home get back
Determined to push down drivers’ throats unwanted expensive EV’s
When the bridge lowering carbon emissions is in the open for all to see
Hybrids run on gas until forced to idle or in traffic slowly move or stop and go
Then shift to EV with a short range before back to gas to recharge in faster traffic flow
A plug-hybrid EV has a longer battery range and can recharge while braking
All the while improving the amount of carbon emissions the plug in hybrid is making
Most trips do not involve long commutes and the workers should be able reach work and charge at home at night
And with the ability to switch to gas the driver will have lost his without charge fright
The EV’s clogging up dealers’ lots
Testimony that the cart is in front of the EV cart and eco-terrorists will not get the EV sales they have sought

© 3/28/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

Trump at 2 Day Wake For Slain NYPD Cop Jonathan Diller Biden With Hands Out 40 Milles Away Hobnobbing with Clinton, Obama and Wealthy Donors


You can learn something about a candidate’s fitness for an office he or she seeks
Not so much by the promises and embellishments made when he or she speaks
But his or her actions on the campaign trail and while in office the record
In this regard our senile, frail, aging Joe Biden leaves little for us to be awed
On this day the wake for Jonathan Diller, a 3 year veteran of the NYPD,  took place
Attended by hundreds of fellow officers hearing his eulogy and the piping of Amazing Grace
Killed while approaching a car parked in a bus stop by a career criminal with over 21 arrests
Shot below his armored vest in his torso below his protected chest
On this mournful day when Stephanie Diller is now a widow and her 1 year old has lost his father
Trump was invited and blasted Blues for lack of law and order, too busy with illegal aliens’ needs to bother
And if the whereabouts of President Biden you should ask
40 miles away in the company of Clinton, Obama and wealthy donors to bask
Shaking hands and looking for dollars for his campaign
More important than a wake appearance and condolences that he deigned
Why was this criminal with over 21 arrests not still in jail?
Was he acquitted again and again or did the D.A. with pleas prosecution fail?
No one with a right mind or a family should want to be a cop
Too much danger even on a routine traffic stop
Bullet proof vests’ protection not complete
Those arrested too often soon back on the street.

© 3/28/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

A Tribute to Cindy Abbott in Her First of 5 Iditarod Races

 Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski was on the Senate Floor praising the bravery and courage of the mushers and their dogs who competed in the Iditarod which was won for the 6th time by Dallas Seavey despite being penalized 2 hours for not properly gutting a moose that attacked his dogs. She also praised the 4 women who finished in the top ten and the 7 women who finished in top 20. Stirring speech even though she left out Cindy Abbott, a sufferer of a rare eye disease, university professor, and climber of Mt. Everest who in has competed in 5 Iditarods but was scratched in her first attempt  due to a broken pelvis on the first day of the race but continued for 10 days before succumbing to the pain and hypothermia to be taken off the course and into a medical facility. I wrote the poem "A Woman's Place" as a tribute to her perseverance and courage.


A Woman’s Place

Time to toss the myth of members of the Golden State
As laid back surfers with waves and sun only to motivate
Go to Silicon Valley or here in the Tech Coast
To find hard work and creativity as a common host
Put to bed the myth of women as frail, not strong but only weak
Marathons, channel swims, trans Pac sails, mountain climbs, and even combat women seek
Add to that growing, grueling list, the Iditarod Race
Where dogs and humans are fused in a freezing 1000 mile embrace
Irvine’s Cindy Abbott should be a hero to all although maybe out of her mind
At 54, a mother and prof she enters the Last Great Race although half blind
With special gear to see at night, a lot of weight to top the sled scales
Maybe her children canines were already looking tired at start of trail
No vials of vaccine to spur her on to sick children near death’s bed
Only awareness of a rare disease that must not life’s spirit cause her to shed
Briefly near the top ten, only to slowly fade
Facing a never ending mushing up and down icy grades
Onward, onward, “can’t” is a word only for fools
A thousand miles of solitude where to find the finishing tools?
Global warming or a fluke but on slush her balance on the first day failed
Broken pelvis, hand swollen, no one but her dogs to hear her painful tale
Forced to on hands and knees her dogs to tend
A wrist so swollen it would barely bend
Bone pounding on bone with each step, yet she refused to quit
New meaning for the phrase chiseled into the Alaskan ice—True Grit
After 600 miles and close to 400 left to Nome
Dogs fading and her being chilled to her inner bones
Shivering and throbbing more each hour, losing the hypothermia race
With frostbite eagerly awaiting the chance to shape her face
“I have scaled Everest, mush on, mush on, as long as my “children” last
Must link awareness for my disease to the serum run’s lifesaving past”
Dreams die slowly, but reality 25 miles from Kaltag finally sank in.
After 24 hours resting on the Yukon, denial of pain no longer to spin
A race checker found her and her dogs almost totally spent
Scratched her from the course and to a clinic she was sent
Iditarod once again has lived up to its name—the Last Great Race
But in the halls of heroes this woman has earned her place
Broken pelvis, blind in one eye, mush on one checkpoint at a time
Shed from the vocabulary the word “can’t”, almost all goals you can climb
Pity those jihadists who women’s achievements block and belittle their brains
About as smart as racing the Iditarod in T-shirts and shorts with parkas to deign

© March 15, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Hail Cripples Large Solar Farm Near Big Bend, Texas


In Texas at a solar farm we were again reminded and all energy comes with a cost
At Fighting Jay’s Solar Farm near Fort Bend a massive hail storm has caused a large amount of electrical generation to be lost
The panels look like damaged works of art
By eco-terrorists protesting too slow replacing fossil fuels with renewables start
Not sure whether the panels’ generating capacity can be restored
Or whether the owner of Jay’s must be going to the solar panel store
Those green energy eco warriors have forgotten this chilling fact
Most of the solar panels are made in China as enough capacity we lack
With the sword of national debt Damocles getting heavier by millions each day
Adding more debt for solar panels is for our security not the way
If weather like rain or hail
Mean the panels fail
Not a reliable source unless coupled with massive storage batteries we probably also lack
Would add to the cost but why not coat the panels with Plexi glass easy to clean and bring power generating back

© 3/27/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

De Santis Signs an Anti-Squatter Bill That All States Should Imitate Especially Since Illegal Aliens Are Now Squatting


Successful movies often make sequels to the coffers of those involved with the film increase
In 1990 the movie Pacific Heights starring Melanie Griffith and Michael Keaton was released
Was an “eviction thriller” about a tenant who scammed the owners to rent rooms in a Victorian in San Francisco without an application or security deposit for damages and rent
The tenant moved in and never paid a dime in rent creating for the owners the squatter from Hell and failure of the judicial system to remedy event
The movie today may have spawned a wave of squatters who stop paying rent or break into a home and refuse to leave
Leaving the owners frustrated with delay and legal fees to their rightful occupancy achieve
The cast of squatters has recently added illegal aliens to the drama that is across the nation appearing
A wave along with trafficking, illegal drugs, and crime we all should be fearing
Especially in sanctuary cities that are prohibited from enlisting ICE
After months of legal action and attorney dollars a once beautiful home is anything but nice
It is so bad that a Tik Tok “influencer” Leonal Moreno, a Venezuelan illegal alien, is making thousands pedaling info on how to become a successful squatters
In Florida DeSantis signed a bill that will have them arrested and appearing on police blotters
Believed to be the first in the nation and if a squatter is in Florida after July I a call to the sheriff will result in removal from the residence
If property has been damaged or procured under a fraudulent lease it will be viewed as a criminal offense
Great news in Florida which all states should imitate
Even though it means we will probably not see a Pacific Heights remake

© 3/27/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Yellen Wisely Walks Back Biden Knee Jerk of Federal Funds Flowing To Reconstruct Francis Scott Key Bridge


Human beings have a host of reflex actions to stimuli
From the adrenalin response to the need to flee or die
Or the startle or flinch caused by a loud sudden noise
Causing the hearer to lose one’s poise
Or the yawn that overcomes a student listening to a lecture that will not end
The list goes on as means for a body to respond to stimuli life sometimes sends
In the political arena our leaders are often too quick to suffer a knee jerk
Like in the case of a mass shooting, strident calls for gun control to assert
Or if an illegal alien commits a heinous criminal act
Calls to secure the border which we now lack
Our president old and frail who moves at glacial speed
Whose mental acuity too often can’t remember what he needs
Was quick to respond to the bridge collapse hit by the SS Dalia ship in Baltimore
That federal funds would be immediately forthcoming to the bridge restore
Must have been unable to comprehend that the ship owner is at fault
And maritime insurers will most likely have to open their vaults
Yellen was quick to walk back the idea the feds would be writing the checks
The idea the feds were liable she was quick to reject
Biden’s knee jerk on Reagan’s summary of tax policy fits
“If it moves tax it, if it keeps moving regulate it and if it stops moving subsidize it”
Vow to repair and reconstruction pay
Sure sounds like a subsidy coming the ship owner’s way

© 3/27/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Major Transportation Disaster on East Coast As the Francis Scott Key Bridge Is Hit By Container Ship and 1.6 Miles of It Collapses


Container ships like freight trains need a long time to be able to stop
The cargo coupled with the weight of the ship overcomes the reversing strength of the props
The SS Dali crashed into the Francis Scott Key bridge spanning the Patapsco River and the outer harbor of Baltimore
1.6 miles of spans into the water immediately collapsed and 6 workers on the bridge quickly became the fatality score
But the adverse economic of the collapse and harbor closure will really soar
Too early for time and cost estimates for construction to the bridge restore
Unlike his avoidance of the train derailment at East Palestine
Mayor Pete, looking disheveled, was on the scene quickly this time
While as a crusader at DOT for DEI he loves to bask
Repairing this transportation disaster many believe he's not up to the task
Biden, upon rising in the morning, his response was that federal dollars to rebuild would be there
Hard to believe the SS Dali was not at fault and most of the costs the owners would have share
We need additional federal expenditures like a hole in the head
As our growing national debt even in the slightest we cannot shed

© 3/26/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, March 25, 2024

Another NYC Cop Killed Approaching an Illegally Parked Car By a Shot To His Stomach Not Protected By His Vest


Another example today of our criminal injustice system is out of whack
The driver of a car illegally parked in NYC who was arrested for a gun charge last April was on the streets back
His 41 year old passenger had been arrested 21 times
Yet served only 2 prison sentences for his crimes
Refused to leave the car and pointed at the officers a gun
Before they could respond his shooting had begun
One officer, a 3 year vet with 70 arrests
Was shot in the stomach unprotected by his vest
Rushed to the nearest hospital where he died
Why with so many arrests was his hand not on his gun to the shooter’s first shot deny?
Shooter was wounded but sadly for residents’ future safety sake
A full recovery from his wounds he will make
With so many arrests why so few trials or pleas?
To deter more crime the inside of a cell he needed to see
Maybe the arrests were misdemeanors and Soros backed D.A.’s the charges dismissed
No wonder harder to recruit cops when the D.A.’s duty to enhance public safety is remiss
Why do bullet proof vests for police not extend?
To the stomach and groin area where a shooter would a bullet want to send?

© 3/25/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Stanford Beats Iowa State in Overtime 87-81 on Niki Iafren's Shoulders Who scored 41 Points To Meet North Carolina State on the 29th in the Sweet 16


In the game against Iowa State looking to the second game in 2023 repeat prevent
The first quarter was not looking good for the Tree as Cyclone threes mostly through the net went
Brink guarding 6’3” Audi Crooks
Interfered or block almost every shot she took
In the second quarter Iafren was on fire
2 Iowa State free throws with 1 second left gave the Cyclones a 2 point lead to the locker room retire
The third and fourth quarter neither team could put the other away
The lead changed hands many times as Brink fouled out with 2 minutes to play
But Iafren continued to flame and the God of threes was coming the Tree’s way
Down by 64-63 Demetre with over a minute left nailed a three for another Stanford lead to display
No lead was safe and no lead would last
At 1:10 left Brown tied game with layup as she drove so fast
Both teams missed on shots but with 3 seconds left, ball was in Iafren’ s hands
Off balance her shot hit the rim and on the floor would land|
Iowa State without their star Crooks who missed 18 of the 21 shots she took
Went 3 for 3 at the 3 point line thought they would a flight to Portland book
But the Tree stole an inbound pass and iced some threes
87-81 so against North Carolina State on the 29th Stanford Women we will see.

© 3/25/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Using Reparations to Solve Poverty Instead of Charter and Private Schools Free of Teachers' Unions Is Like Thinking a Lake in Death Valley Without Daily Rain Will Long Last


You would have to be a modern day Diogenes with a high powered LED lamp
To find someone in the U.S. in the promoting or reestablishing slavery camp
It has taken over 100 years to purge support of slavery through Plessy v. Ferguson and Jim Crow
Billions of dollars and affirmative action trying to on blacks equal opportunities to bestow
But if one believes the path to success starts in well run schools
One day in an urban school class or walking its halls would expose failure as a prosperity enhancing tool
Among industrialized nations on primary and secondary education only Luxembourg spends more
Here in urban schools students can barely read or compute and decent writing is an impossible chore
The high school degree is handed out to students whose illiteracy doom them to welfare, menial low paying jobs
Or to prison or jails where any chance of prosperity or family stability is usually forever robbed
Now the new movement that is gaining ground is reparations for descendants of slaves
Hoping the billions sought will bring them into the middle class while white guilt over slavery forgave
In Boston, in the Massachusetts free state which raised a black regiment to fight Johnny Rebs,The Boston Task Force on Reparations created in 2022 claiming Boston’s wealth was due to slavery in the city imbedded
Though the 1790 Census found in Massachusetts no slaves
And is demanding reparations of $15 Billion and its churches and white citizen opposing reparations should cave
Punishing a person for his or her ancestors owning slaves prior to 1790 is an outrage
Especially in a state that a crusade and legal action against slavery was waged
If its proponents thought it would bring blacks into the middle class
Look at failures of Johnson’s War on Poverty running into an immovable poverty mass
Better to form charter and private schools free from teachers’ unions’ crippling chains
Rather than individual reparations check that would be like flushing dollars down the drain!

© 3/25/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Stanford Needs a Win Against Iowa State to Head to the Sweet 16


Norfolk State Spartans faced Stanford with an almost identical record of win loss
But going into the first game as seeded 15 against Number 2 was burdened by a great albatross
Spiffy green uniforms pleasing to the eyes to see
And after the first quarter was trailing Stanford by only three
But then the quartet of Iriafen, Bosgana, Jump and Brink
With shots dropping like falling leaves Norfolk’s upset dreams would sink
Stanford defense was like an iron curtain and shut them down
79-50 with cheers still ringing in Palo Alto town
This Sunday at 7:00 Stanford plays Iowa State
Who trailing Maryland by 20 in 2nd half rallied to put a victory on its plate
Iowa State does not have a Caitlin Clark to set the records for most career points scored
But does have freshman Audi Crooks who in the win was at 40 points  on the floor
Worse this wrecking Cyclone is 6’3 and looks like a lot of weight she carries
Cameron may be pushed back so hard she will not be able to Crooks’ shots bury
More so than ever the hoopsters must be buoyed by fans
Viral fans at a viewing party to see Stanford in viewing party land
We must prevent a repeat at Maples in 2023
An upset by Ole Miss 54-49 so another trip to Sweet 16 Stanford fans would not see.
Our Stanford Women at Maples will hear and respond to our cheers
Amplified by Tustin Brewing pub cuisine  and fine crafted beers
Join Stanford fans at 7:00 p.m.  Tustin Brewery 13001 Newport Blvd Tustin
To once again head to Sweet 16 to closer to Final Four get near
Reserve place by contacting if not at OSCA website

© 3/25/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Friday, March 22, 2024

Former Masters Winner Visa Revoked So Will Not Play While Millions of Illegals, Mandy Felons Cross the Border and Commit Crimesoon DM


If you are an illegal alien make a false claim  to asylum justify
Even though years down the road the claim is denied
You are bussed or flown into the interior with a promise to later appear
For all intent and purposes into a sanctuary city you will disappear
Without a green card you may not find work or aid programs with empty tills
Good chance you will revert to crime to survive and pay your bills
If caught and released on cashless bail
The arresting PD holding you on a detainer will fail
Or if convicted and spend jail or prison time
An ICE detainer request will be ignored when sentence completed for your crime
And since detainer ignored, Americans face a loss of safety curse
Our criminal illegal not deported and his criminal behavior not reversed
If however, our alien is past PGA winner and past wearer of the Green Jacket
His visa is revoked because of gender violence while in his native land during cohabit
Here is a man who will make the cut and survive the winning stress
Dollars to be won and taxed by the IRS.
Instead of a man who contributes to reducing our national debt
We are stuck with thousands of illegals destroying our social safety nets

© March 22, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The Texas Permanent School Fund Has Withdrawn $8.5 Billion Under Black Rock Managment Due To Its Opposition To Oil and Gas Production prx toito undwha


The public schools of Texas receive over a billion dollars yearly from royalties from oil production and dividends from oil stocks
The Texas Permanent School Fund has sent a termination notice to Black Rock
Withdrawing its $8.5 billion funds under management due to its adherence to ESG that investments in oil and gas investments block
Too often American global companies are American only in terms of name
Exporting jobs overseas in pursuit of lower costs and short term higher profits to gain
Leaving towns and cities full of jobless scrambling to make ends meet
And many shops and restaurants closed up and down Main Streets
The Texas Permanent School Fund has listened to Marx that others have ignored
Running a real risk that their prosperity and wellbeing will be gored
Marx was serious when he said, “The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.”
The Texas Permanent School Fund in withdrawing funds are brilliant fiduciaries not short term profit seeking dopes
Hopefully pension funds will take heed
That the EGS and DEI mantra mediocracy not meritocracy breed

© 3/1/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Mayor Eric Adam Has Been Hit With a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Over Acts Alleged To Have Occurred 30 Years Ago


In the world of sexual harassment thanks to the inquisition of Justice Kavanaugh
By mostly Blues who thought from the last minute assault claims of the likes of Ms. Ford that for SCOTUS he was flawed.
Blue Senator Hirono from Hawaii threw down the gauntlet that abused women must be heard but also believed when men broke the sexual abuse laws
But the she said in accusing and he said in denial could not tip the scales
Unless other female victims were involved, a woman’s claim would usually fail
Fortunately for women victims, sexual predators do not stop at only one
And continue the abuse until police or the increasing number of victims end their run
When one woman comes forward the dam of silence begins to break
Sheer weight of numbers forces D.A’s to the prosecution road take
Today we learn the embattled New York City mayor is over the coals of a lawsuit for sexual harassment being raked
A female officer passed over again and again for promotion because she was a female
Looked to him for help and instead was hit with the quid pro quo demand of oral sex his help would entail
The Mayor has vehemently denied the allegations which allegedly occurred some 30 years ago
Unless other victims come forward due to her courage, she’s in the she said he said tough row to hoe
The conservative in this poet thinks on crime and immigration he has failed as mayor of the Big Apple City
On those two issues should be impeached without receiving from New Yorkers any shred of pity
But on the issue of sexual abuse deserves the presumption of innocence and need to convict based on guilt beyond a  beyond a reasonable doubt
But hopes the victim is not the only one and other claims of abuse finally come out

 © 3/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Monday, March 18, 2024

Richard III "A Horse, My Kingdom For a Horse." Trump "An Objective Judge, My Business Empire For an Objective Judge!"


In tort law across the nation there are two steps
A procedure New York seems to forget
First there must be the existence of a tort
Then the trier of fact must determine the damages suffered by the plaintiff that an award to the plaintiff will support
Trump was charged with filing inflated financial statements with his lenders
Under New York law there was no jury only a judge to a tort finding render
Courts of appeal are supposed to give great weight to the trial court’s finding of facts
Judge Engoron’s findings of values far less that Trump proposed and lenders backed
Reeks of bias and not objectivity his $464 million judgment with interest lacks
He also banned Trump and sons from running a business his judgment sacked
Later in attempt to try to prove his objectivity he rescinded the ban
But refused to stay collection efforts that the businesses could not withstand
No one in leftist media is asking about meeting step two
None of the lenders suffered any damages and did not sue
All interest and principal were paid in full and the banks wanted to lend more
The lack any damages this biased justice chose to ignore
Judge Engoron chose to ignore the “no harm no foul rule”
Instead basking in the joy of a financial death sentence that made him drool
Trump is facing great difficulty in being able to a bond covering no damage post
Great news to a biased AG and a financial moron to Trump’s destruction boast
All the lenders’ experts who agreed with valuations fell on Engoron’s deaf ears
No wonder the wealthy are leaving New York due to a loss of a life’s efforts fear
If a former president can at the hands of a biased judicial system be ruined
No one is safe from the bias of the likes of Engoron, a financial moron, and should flee to escape financial doom

© 3/18/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Biden's Puppet Master Fearing Another Fall in Public Will Doom Presidency Has Biden Wearing Lifestyle Sneakers


The there is an adage that “Clothes make the man” as people judge someone by what they wear
In Biden’s case the adage is “Shoes make the man to prevent his falling going up or down stairs”
Whereas Richard the III bemoaned,“ A horse, my kingdom for a horse”
Biden’s puppet masters worry “another slip and fall and his presidential defeat will run its course”
Biden is now wearing stabilizing “lifestyle sneakers” by Hoka
To prevent a fall that would spill his cup of mocha
They may work as on Tuesday walking up the ramp steps to Air Force One
Two almost full blown falls that would mean his chances of winning were done

© 3/17/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

26 Year Old Haitian Alien on of 360,000 Per Year Raped a 15 Year Old After Being Flown Into Massacusetts


Americans know that our Southern Border thanks to Biden’s policies of refusing to enforce the law is open wide
Now we know the cause it not just due to gaps in the wall but a Biden program we should deride
Biden implemented a policy known as CHNV that permits 30,000 aliens each mouth from 4 nations
I of which Haiti has become a violent non state  and two Cuba and Venezuela which hurl at us total damnation
To enter if that are crime free, have a sponsor supporter to pay their bills,
Eligible for 2 year work permit to add to low income Americans’ unemployment ills
A federal judge upheld the executive action so the spigot still turned on
360,000 more aliens with no links to fill our needs and no knowledge where the alien pool was drawn
Cory Alvarez a CHNV alien was flown from Haiti to Massachusetts to soon rape a 15 year old teen
One more case of collateral damage on the Biden failed alien  immigration scene.

© 3/17/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Saturday, March 16, 2024

WAPO Columnist Declares For Sake of Party and Nation Harris Should Drop Out Should Have Added Biden Too


More and more on the occasions that are becoming quite rare
When Biden makes a public appearance after his script to his “thoughts share”
His puppet masters push the press away and push Biden off the stage
Under clear orders to prevent voters from seeing the damaging effects as his dementia wages
A world turned upside down as the “leader” needs their  permission to with the press speak
More evidence of a frail candidate to be in the Oval Office too cognitively weak
And the “word salad queen” masquerading as a VP
Compared to Biden trails him in popularity
Kathleen Parker for WAPO a far too liberal rag
Whose support of Blue politicians never lags
Has smelt the dressing on the word salad queen
Declares it spoiled and said she should retire from the '24 campaign scene
Picked by Biden to get Clyburn’s support to a nomination lock
Ignoring her lack of skills but in the race and gender box
A vote for Biden is a vote for her as he will not a full term serve
Either due to the 25th or death and her as president we do not deserve
A good first step but for Blues not enough
Biden should drop out as clearly he doesn’t have cognitively the “Right Stuff.”

© March 17, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Unhooked From the Teleprompter Gaffe and Lapse Life Support, Biden Spewing Gaffes on the Keystone State Campaign Trail


Anger deemed righteous by a frail senile man his dementia trying to hide
Delivering his SOTUS aided by a teleprompter causing fears of dementia to subside
Righteous anger the adrenaline releases
To mere viewers especially fans the dementia seemed to cease
Save a moment when by heckler Greene was forced to go off script
And his words opened the lid to his dementia crypt
Picking up a pin bearing Laken Riley’s name
Called her Lincoln Riley and since thousands of kids die from legals we should dismiss any empathy claim
Soon on the campaign trail not aided by a  teleprompter screen
Biden returned to the gaffes and lapses we too often have seen
Touted his record and asked Keystone State voters to send him back to Congress
Then the creation of the national debt to address
Claimed that he Joe Biden is responsible for the soaring debt
How could any cognitive candidate his claim of Trump responsibility forget?
The more Biden on the campaign trail appears
The more voters will know dementia has increased not disappeared

© 3/10/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Saturday, March 9, 2024

Biden's SOTUS Was Misnamed Mainly a Campaign Speech and Speak No Evil of Migrant Crime and Open Border


There’s an adage among trial lawyers trying to win a case
Applies when paraphrased to Biden trying to retain his departing base
“When you have the law, argue to the law
When you have the law argue the facts to expose opponents flaws
When you have neither the facts or the law, pound on the table
Loudly and angrily the opponents’ case is only a fable”
In Biden’s case on his SOTUS speech
Trying to fire up and his base reach:
“When you have a worthy record argue four more years should be the reward
When you have no worthy record argue Trump will move us toward
The end of  democracy we have for almost 250 years enjoyed
If in office the antidemocratic forces of MAGA Reds will be deployed
SOTUS became a record of the “failings” of Trump
Which were in reality worthy of praise not discarded in a dump
Not one word of migrant crime  and to dismiss the illegals’ violence poster child
Of failure to detain and deport arrested illegals and instead release them to their deadly violence run wild
Biden wants us to dismiss her death because 1000’s of kids by legals are killed
I innocent killed by an illegal who should have been deported while she is not even a footnote on the butcher’s bill.

© 3/9/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

Friday, March 8, 2024

Ranting Angry Biden Delivery of SO0THS s

 Watching Biden unleash his vitriol and anger on Trump and MAGA Reds
But for his history of gaffes and lapses one would think his dementia he has shed
The content may have been full of euphemistic lies and exaggerations
But his delivery of the content had the left in ecstatic joyous gyrations
Adrenalin released by his anger could be the new dementia healing potion
Viewers watching were taken aback by his anger emotions
Most presidents on learning of the death from an illegal of Laken Riley would have reached out to the parents awash in grief
But Biden after pausing then reaching for her name next to the podium did not empathize or provide relief
Instead he called her “Lincoln” and dismissed her death from an illegal who should have been deported
Since hundreds of children are murdered each year by “legals” and to the morgues transported
Sadly Biden must believe that all lives are precious and do not deserve an early death
But in a death by an illegal expecting sympathy the advice to parents is don’t hold your breath

© March 8, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Dick Durbin Puts Rights of Illegals Ahead of Rights of Americans to Be Free of Open Borders and Migrant Crime


The Open Border and the newly labeled “Migrant Crime”
Are very near to the top of major concerns of voters come election time
Areas where Biden’s performance  scores very, very low
Almost trumping Biden’s old age and senility which daily shows
Senator Ernst has introduced a bill to require ICE to hold illegals charged with violent crimes where someone is killed
Is demanding the Senate vote on her the bill but Blue Durbin raising the due process flag by his no vote blocks the people’s will
Across this nation there is an increasing disturbing trend
When cities are crippled with amounts of aid to illegals spend
Programs to aid citizens are cut back or come to an almost end
Blues have as their Holy Grail to turn illegals into voters so Blues to offices they will send
Any illegal charged with a crime worth his salt can easily go back across the border to flee
When the publicity of his illegal acts die down come back across to continue his crime spree
In November at the polls Americans sick of spending billions and worried that they or loved ones in a morgue or hospital will end up
Need to vote for Trump and Red candidates down ballot to insure the open border is slammed shut.

© March 7, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Armorer in Rust Shooging Found Guilty After 3 Hours Deliberation Will Baldwin's A-List Star Power Save Him From Same Fate?


The accidental shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust
Violated the basic rules of gun safety that absolute adherence to them is a must
Always assume a gun is loaded and with the pull of a trigger ready to fire
And never point a gun at a person unless  you want to wound or have the person expire
On movie sets where gunfire is part of the plot
And the villain or the good guys in the script are fated to be shot
An armorer is on staff to load the guns with blank rounds
Realistic gun flashes and sounds but the victim does not fall mortally wounded to the ground
One might the question raise why would a real round ever be approved?
Unless needed to realistically show the results of missed shots from the gun used?
And if the script showed missed shots followed by a bullet that was real
The prop rounds and the real rounds would have to be marked to the real bullets clearly not conceal
An experienced armorer is supposed to be in charge of shots on the set
To insure that no one even ever so slightly the gun safety rules ignore or forget
And the bullets loaded are to be harmless props
So a victim shot does not mortally drop
Baldwin with a loaded gun in his hand pointed at Hutchins that went off
Insisted it fired without trigger pulled a  claim most experts would scoff
The armorer must not have checked the gun maybe awed by Baldwin’s horseplay
So was charged with evidence tampering and involuntary manslaughter found guilty after three hours of jury deliberation this day
Facing up to 18 months prison she was immediately in custody taken away
Baldwin on the celebrity A-List had originally had his charges dismissed then  refiled
Faces his trial this summer wondering if he may join the armorer in prison for awhile
Or whether his star power will set him free
Another example of two systems of justice we too often now see

©3/7/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, March 4, 2024

SCOTUS Ruled 9-0 Attempts by States to Ban Trump From Ballot Were Unconstitutional Doable Only By Congress


During the Vietnam War Americans watching TV
Were too often appalled to see
An American officer with lighter torching a roof of thatch
Frustrated over the fact that VC’s or NVA’s the patrol did not catch
Oblivious to the fact the VC’s or NVA’s had gained for supporters another batch
Destroy a peasant family’s home and food and he becomes not your friend only foe
While the officer holding the intoned “We had to burn the village to save it” as the seeds of revenge his act sows
Ever since January 6, 2021 the left has been prosecuting the protestors to the max
But keeping their powder dry and not subjecting him and MAGA Reds in vicious attacks
But as soon as Trump announced to the public he would run
The fanatic drumbeat he was a threat to democracy had begun
The quest to destroy his chances soon flourished
Indicting him here and there to the election obstructions nourish
Keep him off the campaign trail and in NYC in a case with no damages to be found
A biased judge and a D.A. who campaigned to get Trump and bring him and his family down
$350 million judicial judgment for overstating assets when all loans were paid off and banks wanted to lend Trump more
How can Americans believing in the rule of law the judge’s biased and preconceived judgments ignore?
The more he was indicted the higher in the polls he rose
Déjà vu of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page needing a policy like weapon to oppose
Trump can’t become president if not on the ballot because of the 14th Amendment
Over 100 years old passed and ratified to former Confederate officers holding office prevent
First the Colorado Supreme Court but with 3 appointed Blues in dissent of the decision had him banned
Followed by Maine and Illinois with similar cases being filed all across the land
Blue pundits before today argued Trump had no case
Only if Red Justices ignored the law would Trump on the ballot not be erased
The court ruled today, not 5-4 or 6-3 but 9-0 that only Congress could make an insurrection finding
And the acts of the states were unconstitutional no longer binding
This election in addition to the border, inflation and crime is about democracy threats
But removing the presumptive candidate from the ballot is the biggest attack on our democracy we have seen yet
© March 4, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet