Thursday, March 28, 2024

Trump at 2 Day Wake For Slain NYPD Cop Jonathan Diller Biden With Hands Out 40 Milles Away Hobnobbing with Clinton, Obama and Wealthy Donors


You can learn something about a candidate’s fitness for an office he or she seeks
Not so much by the promises and embellishments made when he or she speaks
But his or her actions on the campaign trail and while in office the record
In this regard our senile, frail, aging Joe Biden leaves little for us to be awed
On this day the wake for Jonathan Diller, a 3 year veteran of the NYPD,  took place
Attended by hundreds of fellow officers hearing his eulogy and the piping of Amazing Grace
Killed while approaching a car parked in a bus stop by a career criminal with over 21 arrests
Shot below his armored vest in his torso below his protected chest
On this mournful day when Stephanie Diller is now a widow and her 1 year old has lost his father
Trump was invited and blasted Blues for lack of law and order, too busy with illegal aliens’ needs to bother
And if the whereabouts of President Biden you should ask
40 miles away in the company of Clinton, Obama and wealthy donors to bask
Shaking hands and looking for dollars for his campaign
More important than a wake appearance and condolences that he deigned
Why was this criminal with over 21 arrests not still in jail?
Was he acquitted again and again or did the D.A. with pleas prosecution fail?
No one with a right mind or a family should want to be a cop
Too much danger even on a routine traffic stop
Bullet proof vests’ protection not complete
Those arrested too often soon back on the street.

© 3/28/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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