Friday, March 22, 2024

Former Masters Winner Visa Revoked So Will Not Play While Millions of Illegals, Mandy Felons Cross the Border and Commit Crimesoon DM


If you are an illegal alien make a false claim  to asylum justify
Even though years down the road the claim is denied
You are bussed or flown into the interior with a promise to later appear
For all intent and purposes into a sanctuary city you will disappear
Without a green card you may not find work or aid programs with empty tills
Good chance you will revert to crime to survive and pay your bills
If caught and released on cashless bail
The arresting PD holding you on a detainer will fail
Or if convicted and spend jail or prison time
An ICE detainer request will be ignored when sentence completed for your crime
And since detainer ignored, Americans face a loss of safety curse
Our criminal illegal not deported and his criminal behavior not reversed
If however, our alien is past PGA winner and past wearer of the Green Jacket
His visa is revoked because of gender violence while in his native land during cohabit
Here is a man who will make the cut and survive the winning stress
Dollars to be won and taxed by the IRS.
Instead of a man who contributes to reducing our national debt
We are stuck with thousands of illegals destroying our social safety nets

© March 22, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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