Wednesday, March 27, 2024

De Santis Signs an Anti-Squatter Bill That All States Should Imitate Especially Since Illegal Aliens Are Now Squatting


Successful movies often make sequels to the coffers of those involved with the film increase
In 1990 the movie Pacific Heights starring Melanie Griffith and Michael Keaton was released
Was an “eviction thriller” about a tenant who scammed the owners to rent rooms in a Victorian in San Francisco without an application or security deposit for damages and rent
The tenant moved in and never paid a dime in rent creating for the owners the squatter from Hell and failure of the judicial system to remedy event
The movie today may have spawned a wave of squatters who stop paying rent or break into a home and refuse to leave
Leaving the owners frustrated with delay and legal fees to their rightful occupancy achieve
The cast of squatters has recently added illegal aliens to the drama that is across the nation appearing
A wave along with trafficking, illegal drugs, and crime we all should be fearing
Especially in sanctuary cities that are prohibited from enlisting ICE
After months of legal action and attorney dollars a once beautiful home is anything but nice
It is so bad that a Tik Tok “influencer” Leonal Moreno, a Venezuelan illegal alien, is making thousands pedaling info on how to become a successful squatters
In Florida DeSantis signed a bill that will have them arrested and appearing on police blotters
Believed to be the first in the nation and if a squatter is in Florida after July I a call to the sheriff will result in removal from the residence
If property has been damaged or procured under a fraudulent lease it will be viewed as a criminal offense
Great news in Florida which all states should imitate
Even though it means we will probably not see a Pacific Heights remake

© 3/27/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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