Monday, March 18, 2024

Richard III "A Horse, My Kingdom For a Horse." Trump "An Objective Judge, My Business Empire For an Objective Judge!"


In tort law across the nation there are two steps
A procedure New York seems to forget
First there must be the existence of a tort
Then the trier of fact must determine the damages suffered by the plaintiff that an award to the plaintiff will support
Trump was charged with filing inflated financial statements with his lenders
Under New York law there was no jury only a judge to a tort finding render
Courts of appeal are supposed to give great weight to the trial court’s finding of facts
Judge Engoron’s findings of values far less that Trump proposed and lenders backed
Reeks of bias and not objectivity his $464 million judgment with interest lacks
He also banned Trump and sons from running a business his judgment sacked
Later in attempt to try to prove his objectivity he rescinded the ban
But refused to stay collection efforts that the businesses could not withstand
No one in leftist media is asking about meeting step two
None of the lenders suffered any damages and did not sue
All interest and principal were paid in full and the banks wanted to lend more
The lack any damages this biased justice chose to ignore
Judge Engoron chose to ignore the “no harm no foul rule”
Instead basking in the joy of a financial death sentence that made him drool
Trump is facing great difficulty in being able to a bond covering no damage post
Great news to a biased AG and a financial moron to Trump’s destruction boast
All the lenders’ experts who agreed with valuations fell on Engoron’s deaf ears
No wonder the wealthy are leaving New York due to a loss of a life’s efforts fear
If a former president can at the hands of a biased judicial system be ruined
No one is safe from the bias of the likes of Engoron, a financial moron, and should flee to escape financial doom

© 3/18/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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