Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Death of Laken Riley by the Hands of an Illegal Calls for $15 Billion to the IRS Be Rereallocated to CBP


In their quest to sow the seeds for potential new voters in the fall harvest
Blues have tossed the safety of Americans into the trash to powers of Reds in government wrest
Even before Biden on his first day in office by executive orders
Overturned Trump border policies and opened wide the Southern border
Survive the long march to the border to the land of federal free milk and honey
Low income Americans soon would be suffering as illegals were siphoning off a huge share of federal aid money
As illegals were welcomed to sate from the federal purse
America was being overwhelmed by the gangs, illegal drugs and human trafficking curse
While Biden, Harris and Mayorkas thinking we were stupid and blind
Were lying to us that the border was secured and to claim otherwise meant we were out of our minds
Daily it seemed more illegals were released on no cash bail
Not released to ICE where they could be deported to the back to native country trail
Where innocent Americans they would assault, rape, rob and kill
Daily more innocents were added to the illegals butchers’ bill
Blues with their Holy Grail of Sanctuary Cities
For Americans killed, raped or maimed there, not a shred of pity
Finally the memories of Willie Horton’s murders are on display
The death of Laken Riley by the hands of a released illegal no longer tolerated today
The pendulum of allowing illegals to enter and drain federal and state coffers has prompted us to scream “enough”
Kate Steinle dying in her father’s arms by a multi-deported illegal we finally must rebuff
Growing calls that $15 Billion in new funds for IRS
That will cause millions of taxpayers far too much stress
Be reallocated to the CBP to jump start the end of open border distress
So daily the numbers of illegals crossing will not be more but less

© 2/27/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Boeing's Engineering Record Takes Another Hit As a Portion of a 757 Wing Falls Off While in Fkight


Boeing continues on the issue of safety to be in a world of hurt
From being an icon of aeronautical engineering excellence its performance has been discarded into the dirt
From 2 737 Super Max jets 757 crashing to kill all aboard and for months by the FAA confined to the ground
To an Alaska Air 737 9 on a flight from Portland to Ontario blowing out a window and forcing the flight to turn back around
To a United Air 757 flight to Boston losing a portion of its wing
To divert to Denver to avoid news of another plane failure to the public bring
The Portland flight had missing bolts which caused the window to be blown out
Hard to fathom how this could be the case with the cabin filled with terrified screams and shouts
The investigations are proceeding to determine cause
Whether due to a scheduled maintenance flaw
Or a defect in the manufacture that was somehow missed
Should passengers be concerned the skies are not friendly when defects are missed?
When workers are pushed by timelines for work that compromise doing the job right?
Or when the demands of DEI mean hiring workers who are below par in insuring safety of a flight?
The test should not be DEI in terms of whom should be hired to do a job
But the degree of competence such that the safety of the airline passengers are not robbed
Boeing needs to get its act together as China is now building passenger jet planes
At prices that may well end Boeing's dominant passenger jet plane provider reign 

© February 21, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Facing Political Reality of 2024 Loss Due to Slowdown of EV's Biden Delaying Reduced Carbon Emissions Regulations


The Biden Administration and Newsom have put the cart before the horse
Finally the reality of that simple fact is quietly causing Biden to alter his EV course
With not enough EV charging stations in place despite the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act
Biden’s ill-conceived carbon emissions for autos will have to be trimmed back
Add to the lack of charging stations and the batteries limited range reduced even further during winter time
And consumers are not flocking to the dealers when the EV’s come off the assembly line
Instead they are piling up on dealers’ lots as demand has slowed to a crawl
|If new EV buyers are looking to charge their cars at home, they will hit the electric power grid black out and brown out wall
The bureaucrats in the Swamp making enough to buy an EV
Are like most Americans delaying purchase given the charging difficulties
Like a toddler who must learn to crawl before he or she can begin to walk
Why did our out of touch EPA’s fossil fuel warriors at the first step balk?
Hybrids in which the electric motor kicks win idling in traffic or slow speeds
Charging the battery easily provide the solution to the charging reliability need
And the plug in hybrid is the icing on the cake
Electric only at gasoline speeds for the short trips one daily makes
And gasoline for the longer errand or commute
Which for vast majority of drivers would well suit
With Biden falling behind Trump in battle grounds like the Wolverine state
What cognitive awareness he still has tells him he must bail on 2020 promises or suffer a losing fate
Which contrary to the pundits indicating his signs of dementia will cause him to step down
He maybe with Jill’s aka Edith’s backing he thinks his chances of winning despite age and cognitive issues are sound

© 2/20/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Woody Harrelson in "White Men Can't Jump" Couldn't but Max McClung in NBA Dunk Contest For 2nd Year in a Row Could and Didifor f


In pro and college basketball starting white players are few and far between
Not fast enough, not coordinated enough and dunking the ball is not often seen
There are white players but most of them the bench ride
Unless the game is a blowout to enter and play in garbage time
The few white starters often are products of European basketball
That rebound well, shoot the three, assist to the open man or fast breaks stall
In the slam dunk contest of the NBA they can’t jump myth took a break
Max McClung who has played in only 4 NBA games his second slam dunk contest win he would make
Jumped over 7’1’’ Shaquille O’Neal
A reverse dunk to ice the fact in dunking he is the real deal
Maybe he can be an inspiration to white kids dropping the game in high school
Accepting the myth of the white man’s disease robbing them of the needed tools
Not sure why McClung has rarely played a game in the NBA
But clearly lack of jumping or coordination in the air has not come into play
At 6’2’’ maybe while his playing as a guard lacking both hands shooting or speed on a drive
But at least when it comes to jumping the lack of jumping myth does not survive

© 2/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, February 19, 2024

After Supporting Israel Since Its Creation, Biden Is Throwing Israel Under the Bus With UN Cease Fire Security Resolution


The zealots in the U.S. and around the world who have been chanting in protest
In ignorance of Hamas’ sworn goals to drive Israelis into the seas without any life vests
“From the river to the sea”
Hamas’ rallying another Holocaust plea
Since its foundation the U.S. has been its ally and friend
Until the news today that relationship will come to an end
As Israel gears up to attack Hamas in Raffa to further its goal to Hamas purge
Word out is that U.S. will support a Security Council resolution no longer to just a cease fire urge
But a demand the Israelis cease and not bring the fighting into Raffa’s streets
At a time when given the deaths of their leaders Hamas is on the verge of defeat
There will never be peace in the Middle East if radical groups funded by Iran are allowed to exist
A two state solution will not end the rockets and Hamas efforts to fulfill its goals will persist
Hamas has tried to its hostage taking and rocket attacks be justified
By claims that Palestinians living in the West Bank or Gaza suffer from apartheid
If that really is the case like South Africa decades ago
Sanctions should be the path to strike the practices a fatal blow
But to allow Hamas to rearm and recruit to its casualties and tunnels  replace
While Iran continues to fund Hamas and its other anti-U.S. proxies is not a policy to embrace
Relying on Hamas to generate the Palestinian wounded and dead
Is an idiotic mistake that fosters only more world’s unmerited sympathy and should be shed
Biden and his Blues are losing their voter slaves like a bad case of dandruff
Watch long time Jewish voter join and part ways as they go to the polls chanting “Enough!”

© 2/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Friday, February 16, 2024

On Any Saturday




On Any Saturday


The walls of the Coliseum are thicker than the thickest walls of ancient Troy,
For 35 Saturdays no invaders had come even close to breach or destroy
Hector’s sword held so high above Traveler’s hooves that not even Achilles would dare to tread
For invaders entering past the headless forms any hope is quickly shed
In the pros there may be a trace of pride but it’s mostly a paycheck race,
Money to earn before the gods of injury a career to quickly waste
But in the hearts of students looking for a degree there beats a different dream,
That rare chance to scale the walls and topple the greatest of winning teams.
Homer or Virgil may have been a myth but if the world is only in prose,
It is a foregone conclusion of who will prevail on the chalkboard of X’s and O’s.
The spread was forty and all knew the Tree would be felled by Hector’s sword
Networks fleeing for no one would watch the Color run and the innocents gored.
But if a poet could sing of men and ships and arms,
Would these walls still keep this winning team from any lasting harm?
No time to burn the boats only an hour of actual ticked off time on the clock,
Would the souls of Nevers, Plunkett and  a young father this night aid in a surprising shock?
No time for an elaborate siege or to disguise 64 men as a Trojan horse,
On whose side would pride or emotions first sputter and run their course?
The walls this night were not thick enough and the Color ran amuck,
After 35 games, finally, the Trojans had at last run out of luck.
Somewhere in the heavens there is a young father on celestial sidelines, who saw it all,
A young son still in grief with seconds left stretching out and catching the winning ball.
Years from now no one may remember this great upset or the final score,
Or how dreams rose within the Color to burst through a padlocked door,
Save the poet who will record and with muses seek others to aspire,
For an underdog’s dream once lit—no one should ever be allowed to put out that fire.
Always dream, never quit and never accept any effort other than one’s best,
On any night like the Color, you too may rise up and pass any daunting test. 

Michael P. Ridley
Aka the Alaskanpoet
© October 6, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Mayorkas Impeached for 1st Impeachment of a Cabinet Officer Since 1876


Mayorkas has earned a badge of dishonor becoming the first cabinet officer since 1876
To have Congress approve the first step to from his office be 86ed
On party lines by 1 vote the second attempt successful to remove the “border is secure” liar
Oblivious to the fact that his border control pants were on fire
In his Orwellian mind he could justify
Having to an clearly open border deny
In his mind the border was secure
Illegals’ release to the interior was insured
Flooding cities and towns from the border
With drugs, terrorists, social safety net consumers and criminal disorder
With the Senate bill DOA in the House for more funds to the CBP
But with the border gates still open for over a million a year to become admittees
So we now have the worst of the worse
A nation still crushed by the illegals’ tsunami curse
And a underfunded CBP with one hand tied behind their backs
While illegals in terms of numbers which will be records on track
And Mayorkas with his impeachment running like water off a duck’s back
Emboldened by a certain not guilty Senate vote further adherence to the law he will lack
Mayorkas now knows that from penalties for not enforcing the law he is immune
Could not care less as the record flood of illegals heralds this nation’s doom.
© 2/13/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, February 12, 2024

Once Again Karine Jean-Pierre Is Lost at Sea With Claim Biden Can Do More in an hour Than Most Take a Day To Do (Provided Task Is Eating Ice Cream).


Karine Jean-Pierre as Press Secretary is at sea as she tries to Biden’s accomplishments sell
An impossible task when the lying cards are stacked against her far too well
She thinks that Americans have not seen or heard the evidence of dementia before their eyes and ears
Or if seen or heard have forgotten to in order to dismiss their growing fears
That in a world tottering on war, massive migration  and economic disasters
We are led by a president or his handlers who such problems cannot begin to master
hen she claims that Biden can accomplish more in a hour than most can in a day
She makes a fool of herself unless she is limited to the amount of ice cream he can gulp done away
Among friends and among foes Biden’s credibility barely even registers
At least he should have a Press Secretary that nears the truth as opposed to being like a court jester
Former Rear Admiral Kirby is not an icon of honesty or integrity
But an improvement especially in not closing the book and walking off the stage in temper tantrum’s absence of pleasantries
© 2/12/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden Skips Super Bowl Interview, Blasts "Shrinkinflation" and Claims Americans Are Not Suckers Which Is Why Support For Bidenomics Has All But Disappeared


For the second year in a row Biden’s strategy is to remain in the basement
So the extent of his impairment to be viewed by Americans he can prevent
He skipped the somewhat presidential tradition of before the Super Bowl
To give an interview extoling his successes and promoting his further goals
Given his perception that Fox is far from “fair and balanced” to carry water for the MAGA destructive wing
With Fox broadcasting game last year, somewhat understandable to the interview chair he would not want to himself bring
But this year Super Bowl LVIII was brought to us by CBS
A proud member of the MSM and unlikely to inflict MAGA distress
Most politicians would jump immediately at the chance
To reach out to some 39 million homes to his or her programs advance
But Jill and Biden’s puppet masters wisely viewed the risk
That lapses, gaffes and failed statements would prove his mental abilities now longer  exist
Instead of an interview before Super Bowl VIII
A video of Biden before packages of snacks which have shrunk in weight
Blamed the snack food companies for “shrinkinflation” 
For reducing the contents but not the price meriting deceptive condemnation
Said probably one of the few utterances that make any economic sense
As overwhelming majorities feel Biden is failing in his improve economic standing offense
“The American Public is tired of being played for suckers” asked to believe “Bidenomics” has improved their economic lot
When in reality it is failing in providing security and prosperity Americans have sought.
Probably explains why the word has almost disappeared
As Americans living from paycheck to paycheck hurting under great economic fears

©2/12/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, February 8, 2024

After Special Prosecutor Hur's Scathing Attack on Biden's Cognitive Impairment Red Rep Claudia Tenney Calls for the Biden Cabinet to Invoke the 25th Amendment ot


Special Prosecutor Hur’s extensive 300 page report on Biden’s handling of documents that were classified
Was released today and left no reasonable doubt that the laws on protecting classified material as a Senator and Vice President he defied
But Hur after lengthy interviews with him thought his mental condition was such that he knew he was violating the laws
And it would be unlikely a jury would convict this senile old man whose cognitive abilities were seriously flawed.
Biden fired back and had the audacity to claim his memories were fine
Blaming  Hur for any inferences that Biden had crossed the line
While the American public has had to endure Biden’s public assertions
Of his meeting with a deceased French President Mitterrand to cause disconcertion
And replicating the same meeting myth with a deceased Helmut Kohl
Confused with Merkel who is alive and female as dementia takes its toll
On the issue of Biden’s mental ability, Red Rep. Claudia Tenney was the first to call out what the overwhelming majority of Americans knows
Biden like the Emperor is wearing nonexistent mental clothes
Has demanded Biden's Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment
So Harris would be in the Oval Office and back to Delaware’s beaches Biden would be sent.

© 2/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Special Counsel Will Not Prosecute Biden For Willfully Mishandling Classified Documents Comments on Memory Loss


#BidenCognitiveCollapse Biden once again has revealed his impairment has gotten worse
That he is suffering from dementia's advancing curse
Spoke about meeting with deceased Mitterrand and Kohl
Could not name date of death of Beau when death from brain cancer took its deadly toll
Admitted to the special counsel investigating his handling of documents classified
Did not know when he was the VP with the foreign policy skills on which Obama relied
Special Counsel thought his memory was shot
So unlike Trump's handling of classified docs a prosecution of Biden will not be sought
2 standards of justice or maybe not
Hard to prosecute a man whose cognitive abilities like memory are shot!

© 2/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Democracy Dies In Darkness Too Slowly But Dies Instantly When a Candidate Like Trump Is Removed From the Ballot By Blues Claiming the 14th Amendment


WAPO has come up with a new slogan that for its biased slants to sell
“Democracy Dies in Darkness” from acts of our leaders are hidden from us too well
But when illegal or unethical acts are hidden in the dark it may take years for discovery to come to light
It takes brave whistleblowers a lot of time to overcome fear of job loss to disclose what needs to be done to make things right
It takes an objective press not one seeped in advocacy impossible to its bias shed
It takes connections in high places that can slow walk investigations leading to indictments from moving ahead
If one wants to remain in office or oust the incumbents there is a much quicker and effective way
Use social media to censor an opponent to insure his or her views or ads never see the light of day
But censorship so helpful in obtaining a win is not an insurance policy or a guaranteed win
And stuffing the ballot box with all the cameras on will be exposed as a voter fraud sin
But if you want to go to sleep on election night
To sleep soundly knowing you have won the election fight
Before the campaign begins claim you opponent was involved in an insurrection
And therefore under the 14th Amendment cannot be on the ballot for the election
Blue states fearing Trump will against a cognitively impaired tottering old man
Cause the voters not wanting Harris to serve out his term will his chances ban
In Russia and the Banana Republics the bullet will be used or the bogus heart attack
The opponent will not survive to the voters attract
Fortunately we have a SCOTUS who will not let democracy come to on one party rule end
And voter anger over the Blues’ attempt to a dictator to the White House send
Will rise up and send Biden to his Delaware beach abode back
Flip the Senate and increase the Red House majority to put this nation on the right track
© 2/7/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Blues Wage War on Democracy Not Reds As Reds Who Boycotted Session Are Purged From Ballot--Banana Republic Lacking a Firing Squad


The Blues whenever they have a forum on the MSM
Howl in protest there is a Red war on democracy the Blues must stem
Whereas the alleged Reds’ end to democracy attempts
Are designed to insure voter integrity deserving praise not contempt
Voter ID, no ballot harvesting, unsolicited mail in ballots or, stations to drop off ballots
We designed to prevent voter fraud by ends justify the means zealots
While the Blues argue they are only needed to remove barriers to voting which have a  racist streak
In no way designed nor do they result in unfair or illegal election results Blues are maligned to want to seek
Now the Blues have an insurance policy in 2016 they did not against Trump possess
Almost a hundred percent effective to insure Blue wins and Red wins suppress
Even better than Stalin who worried only who would the ballots count
Making it next to impossible for losses by the Reds to surmount
Have the state courts whose judges owe office to the voters after end of governor appointed term
Determine whether Reds’ acts before the election strip them of right to run so they could to office return
In Oregon upset voters upset passed a referendum that provided legislators with unexcused absences of at least 10
Could not run for reelection for his or her seat again
Sure enough Red legislators angered at legislation threatened to be crammed down their and their constituents’ throats
Went on strike, boycotting the session, invoking the quorum moat
The Secretary of State banned the boycotters and the Supreme Court upheld
Democracy died in Oregon with the vote to Reds for their candidates withheld
The tyranny of the majority of the Blue Banana Republic has reared its ugly head
One of the most liberal states in the union has just declared democracy there dead.

© 02/02/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet