Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Death of Laken Riley by the Hands of an Illegal Calls for $15 Billion to the IRS Be Rereallocated to CBP


In their quest to sow the seeds for potential new voters in the fall harvest
Blues have tossed the safety of Americans into the trash to powers of Reds in government wrest
Even before Biden on his first day in office by executive orders
Overturned Trump border policies and opened wide the Southern border
Survive the long march to the border to the land of federal free milk and honey
Low income Americans soon would be suffering as illegals were siphoning off a huge share of federal aid money
As illegals were welcomed to sate from the federal purse
America was being overwhelmed by the gangs, illegal drugs and human trafficking curse
While Biden, Harris and Mayorkas thinking we were stupid and blind
Were lying to us that the border was secured and to claim otherwise meant we were out of our minds
Daily it seemed more illegals were released on no cash bail
Not released to ICE where they could be deported to the back to native country trail
Where innocent Americans they would assault, rape, rob and kill
Daily more innocents were added to the illegals butchers’ bill
Blues with their Holy Grail of Sanctuary Cities
For Americans killed, raped or maimed there, not a shred of pity
Finally the memories of Willie Horton’s murders are on display
The death of Laken Riley by the hands of a released illegal no longer tolerated today
The pendulum of allowing illegals to enter and drain federal and state coffers has prompted us to scream “enough”
Kate Steinle dying in her father’s arms by a multi-deported illegal we finally must rebuff
Growing calls that $15 Billion in new funds for IRS
That will cause millions of taxpayers far too much stress
Be reallocated to the CBP to jump start the end of open border distress
So daily the numbers of illegals crossing will not be more but less

© 2/27/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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