Monday, March 4, 2024

SCOTUS Ruled 9-0 Attempts by States to Ban Trump From Ballot Were Unconstitutional Doable Only By Congress


During the Vietnam War Americans watching TV
Were too often appalled to see
An American officer with lighter torching a roof of thatch
Frustrated over the fact that VC’s or NVA’s the patrol did not catch
Oblivious to the fact the VC’s or NVA’s had gained for supporters another batch
Destroy a peasant family’s home and food and he becomes not your friend only foe
While the officer holding the intoned “We had to burn the village to save it” as the seeds of revenge his act sows
Ever since January 6, 2021 the left has been prosecuting the protestors to the max
But keeping their powder dry and not subjecting him and MAGA Reds in vicious attacks
But as soon as Trump announced to the public he would run
The fanatic drumbeat he was a threat to democracy had begun
The quest to destroy his chances soon flourished
Indicting him here and there to the election obstructions nourish
Keep him off the campaign trail and in NYC in a case with no damages to be found
A biased judge and a D.A. who campaigned to get Trump and bring him and his family down
$350 million judicial judgment for overstating assets when all loans were paid off and banks wanted to lend Trump more
How can Americans believing in the rule of law the judge’s biased and preconceived judgments ignore?
The more he was indicted the higher in the polls he rose
Déjà vu of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page needing a policy like weapon to oppose
Trump can’t become president if not on the ballot because of the 14th Amendment
Over 100 years old passed and ratified to former Confederate officers holding office prevent
First the Colorado Supreme Court but with 3 appointed Blues in dissent of the decision had him banned
Followed by Maine and Illinois with similar cases being filed all across the land
Blue pundits before today argued Trump had no case
Only if Red Justices ignored the law would Trump on the ballot not be erased
The court ruled today, not 5-4 or 6-3 but 9-0 that only Congress could make an insurrection finding
And the acts of the states were unconstitutional no longer binding
This election in addition to the border, inflation and crime is about democracy threats
But removing the presumptive candidate from the ballot is the biggest attack on our democracy we have seen yet
© March 4, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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