Friday, March 29, 2024

Biden Oblivious To Officer Diller's Family Grief Rakes in $25 Million at Radio City Hall Fundraiser While Trump Attends Diller's Wake and Prays With His Widow


Biden’s Potemkin persona is one of a caring man from the middle class deeply rooted
Hiding the reality his cognitive powers by age and dementia have been severely looted
Watching him is like watching a puppet show
With invisible strings pulling him where to go
With carefully scripted teleprompter strings to move his lips
With a legion of handlers to pounce if he goes off script
Americans should be demanding who pulls Biden’s strings
They should know who to the agenda the leftist masters want to bring
Watching him and Trump yesterday it is clear his masters dismiss the deaths of cops
In their minds their deaths merit no compassion, are useful only to push the narrative of gun ownership we must reduce or stop
A wake for Officer Jonathan Diller killed by a career criminal was held yesterday
Trump did not campaign or fund raise but flew to New York with condolences and with the widow to pray
At her daily news briefing Jean-Pierre could not even say Diller’s name
Only pivot to the overused playbook that lack of gun control was to blame
Biden flew to New York for a podcast and hours later a gala star studded fund raiser for his campaign
6 miles away from the wake at which even a brief appearance his handlers deigned
While thousands of the NYPD’s finest were in grief, fat cat donors were being by leftist celebs entertained
After shelling out $25 million to have photos with Clinton, Obama and Biden and hear them for an hour to go to the campaign
Biden’s handlers know he cannot run on the issues so are making this election a threat to democracy by Trump
Having failed to keep him off the ballot now outraising him 2-1, trying to strip him of his cash with bogus politicized legal actions and tie him up in court to keep him off the stump
Democracy does not die in darkness but it does when a tidal wave of cash
Aided by the MSM and social media, other than X, conceal and distort Biden’s record to Trump 24/7 bash

© 3/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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