Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Last Vaoyage

On the 16th this poet was at his favorite restaurant, Blue Water Grill in Newport Beach one of ther few places west of the Mississippi you can enjoy Manhattan Clam Chowder and to ther best of my knowledge  the only place where  you can savor "Fries with Eyes"  smelt.  Being your typical shyless Alaskan I struck up a conversation with the leader of a group increasing by the moment to depart form the dock and spread the ashes of Chuck on the Pacific Ocean. I immediately wrote a peom and gave it to Henry who read it at sea....For a poet it does not get any better

Dust to dust, ashes to ash but the rivers of life all run to the sea
Today, in the past and in the future for all eternity
Our lives on this speck hurtling through space
Short term leases with expanding memories to embrace
Not a tear in the crowd only smiles and warmth good memories bring
This man unknown to me would have led a full life and full of swing
Monuments tarnish and green
The true memories are those of our genes
And the values and lessons we tried by words and actions to impart
No tears only smiles when the boat with ashes seeks to depart
(c) 2/17/2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Friday, February 15, 2013

Asteroid Misses

We on Earth today were mostly blessed with luck
We did not have to hide, did not have to duck
Only a fly by way too near
 To strike our Earth so dear
Russia has a huge ice fishing hole in its ice
Windows rattled but no human paid the ultimate price
When it comes to life we suspect that we are not alone
When it comes to rocks we know there are many waiting to find our home
We dodged the bullit due to Kepler's law
But maybe there is a slight flaw
Billions on NASA yet they could not find or detect
Only amateurs assuring us we did not need missiles to try to deflect
(c) 2/15/2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet   

Monday, February 11, 2013

Papal Abdication

Tyrants, Tsars, love struck kings, and Kaisers abdicate when their rule no longer relates. But a Pope is is the eternal connection between God and the Holy See---the only one infallible on issues of faith. Today the Pople abdicated most likely issues not of his rule but of of his health. Soon we will see smoke from the Vatican to announce another vote or a new Pope. The Church may have problems in an increasing secular and Islamic world, but regardless of problems it represents a force of good. NonCatholics like me pray the new Pope will continue to bring light of compassion to the dark of night and humanities' many plights.
Papal Abdication
The Pope leaves his church in a state much worse
The church is still suffering from the celibacy curse
With Mahoney leaving will molestations still be subject to cover up and hide
With increasing damages in millions for basic laws to abide
Our population is growing old but the priesthood more so
Who among us wants not the love of a woman and children in tow
Marriage in the early years may have been flawed
But a good prenupt would protect church property from the dissolution saw
We should be faithful to our partners and spouse but human sexuality you cannot deny
Nor the millions of children without birth control doomed to suffer and die

© February 10, 2013  Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Abdication of the Pope


Friday, February 1, 2013

Of all the days in the calendar 2/14/ reigns supreme. Love rules and the hope of love drives all of us to reach out and express a wish of peace. A Valentine card the hardest heart will melt. Find a valentine to hug or kiss---love is so fleeting and should never be missed





The Perfect Gift 

Love is like a Noble gas that, without warning fills the room
Or the flower that never wilts, always in perfect bloom
The laws of physics, love often refutes
No matter the objects, it seems never to dilute
No eyes, yet it always seems to see
No arms, yet it always lies alee
Surely no ears, yet it always seems to hear
Not just the sounds, but also a lover’s inner fears.
And when it comes to the tactile sense
So very lasting, so very intense
With nary a twitch, nor slightest sniff
All manner of aromas, it will easily sift
The future it may not always be quick to foretell
But a honed sixth sense within surely dwells
Like a nova it may burst into white hot flame
From gifts for passion to unleash and worries to tame
The roses, candles, chocolates, jewelry and cards
Soften up the heart for the moment of the bard
For roses wilt, candles burn, flicker and no longer light the room
Cards find the trash and chocolate no matter how fine is finally consumed
Not the roses are red and violets are blue
No, another melody of a different, warming hue,
No, the muse who in the soft quiet of the night
When of all the senses only love has any sight
And can hear the heart in rhythmic beat
And can feel the warm glow beneath the sheets
Leaves then the poem that will be the perfect gift
Up the highs, sooth the lows and mend a not—too—often rift
A poem of many stanzas tailored to one’s lover unique
And why with all the blessings no need to another ever seek
But a poem with a central rhythmic core
“You cause my heart to beat faster, my soul to soar
No matter the time, nor date of year
Each day with you has a Valentine to clutch so dear.”

Michael P. Ridley

a/k/a the Alaskan Poet,

February 8, 2011