Monday, February 11, 2013

Papal Abdication

Tyrants, Tsars, love struck kings, and Kaisers abdicate when their rule no longer relates. But a Pope is is the eternal connection between God and the Holy See---the only one infallible on issues of faith. Today the Pople abdicated most likely issues not of his rule but of of his health. Soon we will see smoke from the Vatican to announce another vote or a new Pope. The Church may have problems in an increasing secular and Islamic world, but regardless of problems it represents a force of good. NonCatholics like me pray the new Pope will continue to bring light of compassion to the dark of night and humanities' many plights.
Papal Abdication
The Pope leaves his church in a state much worse
The church is still suffering from the celibacy curse
With Mahoney leaving will molestations still be subject to cover up and hide
With increasing damages in millions for basic laws to abide
Our population is growing old but the priesthood more so
Who among us wants not the love of a woman and children in tow
Marriage in the early years may have been flawed
But a good prenupt would protect church property from the dissolution saw
We should be faithful to our partners and spouse but human sexuality you cannot deny
Nor the millions of children without birth control doomed to suffer and die

© February 10, 2013  Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Abdication of the Pope


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