Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Line Between Peaceful Protests by Pro-Palestinians Instead Hate Speech and Violence Has Been Crossed


The line between peaceful protest and violent or hate speech can be very thin and easy to cross
While Columbia drew red lines in the sand over the encampments on its lawns then when the time expired the deadlines tossed
Others like University of Texas at Austin and USC when protestors refused to move police were called in
To arrest the pro-Palestinian antisemitic protestors who thought their antisemitic chants would enable them to win
Demanding a ceasefire, divestment of investments in companies doing business in Israel and an end to military arms
Absent from their demands was a release of hostages held by Hamas in tunnels now in Racca facing death or bodily harm
University trustees and presidents forgot they were supposed to have spines
Fearful of violence cancelled classes to go viral and at USC commencement was declined
Finally Columbia protestors seeing administration deadlines come and go
Broke in to occupy the Dean’s Office to announce to the nation they were running the show
When the protestors waive Hamas flags and shout “we are Hamas” in Jewish students’ faces
How can they not feel that elite universities reeking of antisemitism have become deadly places
Our politicized AG Merrick Garland still seething for SCOTUS he was not confirmed
Has done nothing to the acts of these pro-Palestinian as terrorists affirm
But was so quick to declare Catholics domestic terrorists
As the desire for revenge to against Trump and his MAGA backers he could not resist

© April 30, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

8 members of law enforcement in Charlottesville shot with 4 dead--war on cops?


When a search warrant or arrest warrant is attempted to be served
And numerous officers in SWAT gear and guns out are on TV observed
Cries from the left and their MSM friends are too often heard
A feeling that the officers have overreacted  which too often proves absurd
In Charlottesville while trying to serve an arrest warrant a volley of shots greeted them
Making fools of critics who attempts of fully armed police in riot gear to serve condemn
8 members of law enforcement were shot and 3 died at the site
Joined by the 4th who later of wounds incurred in the gun fight
The person to be arrested was in the gun battle shot and died
Recently with the rise in the death of cops in the line of duty the concern there is a war on cops cannot be denied
With the BLM’s and the left’s movement to defund the police and view them not as protectors but foes
And Soros backed D.A.’s plea bargaining down or not prosecuting back on to the streets of criminals a steady flow
To bring forces up to levels in this crime surge to insure citizen’s safety will need a lot more dough
Much harder when safety net payments to illegals leftist city councils want those funds instead to go

© 4/30/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Conversation Between Judge Mechan And His Daughter Loren Heard By a Fly on the Wall Near His Speaker Phone


Oh to be a fly on the wall or near Judge Merchan’s speaker phone
Loren Merchan calling the judge at home:
“Hi dad, hope you stuck it to a raging Trump today”
“Hey Loren, was fair and objective and ordered him only $9,000 to pay
Not the $11,000 D.A. Bragg wanted for failure to my gag order obey”
“Dad this trial for contributions to Blues is like opening a flood gate
Increasing to $90 million and showing no signs it will abate”
“Great news but the fines are only a pin prick not a dent
But a warning that if he continues off to jail I will have him sent”
“Dad you have already caused him to miss his wife’s birthday
Don’t relent on Baron’s graduation, make him in the courtroom stay
He’s a loose cannon and will unleash another breach of your gag order attack
A jail sentence and more campaign contributions my clients will not lack
And your daughter will be raking in the bonus dough
Justify the gag order and confinement needed to preserve a fair trial
Let him choke on his own bile”
“Loren if we keep him in the courtroom the senile old fool Biden has a chance to win
And your father will be looking for a District Court Judge’s chair to hear cases in.”
“Thanks Dad have a good day but I have to go
Several events planned to raise for Blues more campaign dough”
Sadly there are no such flies near the phone
But if anyone believes Judge Merchan not swayed by Loren that person so believes alone

© 4/30/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Saturday, April 27, 2024

Cancelling Commencement and In Person Classes Are Not Signs of Peaceful Protest


Free speech and freedom to peaceably assemble to grievances air
Are enshrined in the Constitution and are values most Americans share
Save on social media and in academia where the left tries to silence free speech
Afraid to allow conservative ideas to the ears of other students reach
The ultimate irony is that pro-Palestinian protestors are attacking the Hamas Israeli war
As protest marches, street and bridge blockings and tent encampments on campuses soar
Criminal trespass on university grounds cross the peaceful protest line
With Jewish students fearing for their lives does not “peaceful protest define”
Chanting “From the river to the sea
Palestine will be free”
Omitting the Hamas and Hezbollah goals and vows
“The time for extermination of the Jews is now!”
University of Southern California fearful of anti-Israel pro Hamas protest disruptions
Has cancelled its commencement not wanting antisemitic eruptions
Columbia and Cal Poly Humbolt have cancelled their in person classes
Avoiding physical harm on Jewish students by pro-Palestinian bad-asses
While a hundred some American and Israeli hostages are held by Hamas as bargaining chips
Aided by pro-Hamas supporters here trying to prevent with a ceasefire Hamas being whipped
The left are a bunch of misguided student fools
If they don’t believe the seas would be red with Israeli blood if Hamas had more killing tools

© 4/27/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Friday, April 26, 2024

Biden Campaigning While Trump Confined to NYC Courtroom on Bogus Criminal Charges As SCOTUS Hears His Presidential Immunity Case


Blues want to remain in the Oval Office but their insurance policies are eroding away
Using January 6 to push narrative of an insurrection to Secretaries of State on presidential ballots trying to sway
SCOTUS in a verdict 9-0 came together as a unified voice
Ruled keeping Trump off the ballot was an unconstitutional choice
Not deterred they summoned the DOJ’s, AG’s and DA’s biased legal might
To hobble and muzzle Trump so badly wounded he fails after the votes are counted on  Election Night
Knowing even a convicted felon is from the Oval Office not barred
But confining his to a courtroom and stripping him of his wealth will make Biden the winning star
In a civil fraud case in New York brought AG James before a biased judge not a jury
With no damages suffered by lenders on Trump’s financial statements she unleashed her promised “I’ll get Trump” fury
Judge handed down a $355 million verdict which if Trump wanted to appeal
He had to use all his cash to post a $454 million bond to halt the pending foreclosure ordeal
Engoron must has sensed his verdict would be reversed and reduced the millions to 174
Which Trump posted to keep James from posting notices of a foreclosure sale on Trump Tower’s doors
The Blues’ may fail in their legal attempts as before SCOTUS is the issue of Presidential Immunity for official acts
While Bragg’s case brought before of Biden contributing judge with a daughter who is a Blue fund raising hack
Should be dismissed after the D.A. presents his case
No crime committed but Bragg’s arrest was predicted when the blindfold was removed from Lady Justice’s face

© 4/26/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time To Revoke Visas Of Foreign Students Protesting "We Are Hamas" and Respond Antisemitism Threats of Violence By Calling Out the National Guard Like Ike Did To Protect the Little Rock Nine Integrating the School System?cto


For universities, foreign students are like the Golden Geese
Full tuition and add to prestige having foreign students as a student centerpiece
Money is no object for a wealthy family overseas to send a child to the likes of Columbia or Yale
A degree from such an elite university is viewed as a guarantee of success on life’s career trail
Across the land elite universities look like they have entered a time machine
Looking like the sit-ins, protests and seizures that in the 60’s and 70’s over Vietnam were daily seen
While Biden is moving slowly to the antisemitism in the protests condemn
But out of the other side of his mouth beoaning a lack of empathy for the Palestinians suffering such mayhem
But when Trump condemned the white nationalist Charlottesville violence in 2017
And said there were good people on both sides of the issue the MSM blasted him as the most racist they had yet seen
Reds and even some non-Squad infected Blues are demanding visas for foreign students claiming they are Hamas be revoked
House Speaker Johnson comparing Ike’s calling out the National Guard to protect integration by the Little Rock Nine is suggesting on the antisemitism threatening Jewish students at Columbia, the same action be invoked

© 4/25/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

At a Pro Abortion Florida Event Biden Makes the Sign of the Cross--Seeking Forgiveness Or Oblivious To What He Is Doing?


We have had to endure during Biden’s first term
His mental lapses and speaking gaffes as his brain cells have crashed and burned
In Florida at a pro Abortion event
Damages to his brain cells still present
Standing next to the speaker attacking Florida’s abortion ban
After 6 weeks one of the most restrictive in the land
Like the good Catholic he portrays himself to be
On camera making the sign of the cross for all to see
Was he seeking forgiveness for his abortions’ stance
Or was he unaware of where he was promoting abortions to advance?
Hard to know when he is not reading from a teleprompter script
Whether he knows what he is doing or believes as he moves his lips
Almost a certainty we will see each and every day
Clear signs his dementia is getting worse and not going away
The only time in the recent past his brain seems to be performing well
Is when anger released adrenalin brings him clarity when on MAGA supporter attacks he dwells
God help us if he wins a second term and more cognitive disasters his dement brings
While the Word Salad Queen and her insane cackling wait in the White House’s 25th Wing

© 4/24/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Chief D.A. Prosecutor Named By Bragg Is Former DOJ Prosecutor Who Investigated Payments To Stormy and Found No Federal Crime


Name a married man who if he had the means would pay to silence while married a tryst
Unless he knew the marriage was over and he would not filing for divorce  resist
And you have probably named all men who full of remorse don’t want to have the wife learn
To with great fear believe she would file for divorce to cause the marriage to crash and burn
Hilary created the false and salacious Steele Dossier
For the sole purpose barring Trump from ruining her coronation on Election Day
Was she charged with a criminal act to try to prevent Trump’s win?
No and worse Trump was hobbled during first term with the false Russian collusion hoax spin
What makes this case of a D.A. filing as action based on a federal election crime
Which his now chief prosecutor fully investigated at the DOJ and could not a violation define
Look more and more like a Banana Republic politicized witch hunt
By muzzling his objections and in a courtroom being confined so his campaign suffers a fatal blunt
The left tried the insurance policy on behalf of Hilary only to see it fail
But now with 4 cases in a steady stream to be in a courtroom confined believe this strategy will prevail
Failed to keep him off the ballot and their claim his win would be a democracy threat
Voters facing real issues Biden has failed to solve will not forget
Unless there is voter fraud or voters swayed by abortion right up to beginning the birth canal trip
Are the rabbits pulled out of Biden’s reelection hat
His drive to the White House will be in an EV out of charge and all wheels flat

© 4/23/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Monday, April 22, 2024

Antisemitism Attacks on Universities and the Hamas Israeli War Seem Like the Anti-Vietnam War Protests Deja-Vu


During the Vietnam War millions of Americans across the land
With the growing deaths and maimings of troops and civilians an end to the war in growing numbers would demand
Marches on Washington and cities and universities under student protests occupied
At Kent State, the Ohio National Guard called in and 4 students were shot and died
Americans could no longer support the claim
That peace would the U.S. fight in the Cold War against Communism by the domino effect would be hobbled and lame
Something in America was perceived as not right
College students and those with National Guard connections were exempt from the fight
While high school graduates or dropouts were drafted to be sent to the rice paddies to die
In higher proportions they were brown or black
Than whites who escaped the drafted to Vietnam track
And Tet proved that Westmorland’s claims we were winning we could no longer rely
And the release of the Pentagon Papers was a clarion call the Pentagon had lied
The lottery system designed to remove the draft as the rallying call for the Anti-Vietnam War movement failed to reduce the demonstrations against a war a majority of Americans decried
Today more and more universities are being hit with the Anti-Vietnam War playbook
But the target is now Jews  and Israel and the actions against Hamas in Gaza they took
If you are a Jew in an elite university you have cause to fear
As the angry head of antisemitism is growing and on more campuses appears
Protests growing each day against Palestinian civilian casualties
Collateral damage in a war against Hamas who has vowed to push Israelis back into the sea
13 Blues in Congress even voted against a Congressional Resolution condemning a massive Iranian drone and missile attack
In their minds and those of the Pro-Palestinian protestors it seems like a call to the crimes of the Holocaust again back
There will never be peace in the Middle East while Iran to Hamas writes checks
To wage war against the Jewish state and Israel’s right to exist rejects
If their illegal quest to develop missile borne nukes succeeds, the end of the Jewish mantra of “Never Again!”
But a new Holocaust of nukes ending the question of if with only when

© April 22, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Saturday, April 20, 2024

News That Avenatti May Testify For Donald Trump a Real Shocker in Bragg's Bogus Hush Money Case


The news on Fox today was a real shocker in volving Michael Avenatti and his willingness to testify
From a prison cell serving time for defrauding Stormy Daniels he may that nature of the funds paid to her deny
His credibility may be shot but biased and eager to against the DOJ
Lash out for his persecution and the politicization of Bragg’s case convey
He and the Trump legal team have been in contact on whether he would appear
Could very be testimony that in Bragg’s bogus case Bragg will fear
For the jurors some salacious drama that will keep them awake
And the validity of Bragg’s actions a mockery make
Only in New York can the D.A. create a felony the DOJ claimed not justified by the facts
But fulfilled Bragg’s campaign promise to use all means to Trump’s freedom and wealth attack
Payments to Stormy Daniels paid for her testimony to smash
While the statute of limitations that should have dismissed tossed into the trash
High theater in a case that is properly being ridiculed
And attacked as a very effective election interference tool
Nothing should please residents of the Big Apple more
Than to have the case dismissed and the tidal wave of crime Bragg forced to no longer ignore
© April 20, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Bill Maher Blasts NPR EO Katherine Maher For Shedding Diversity of Thought in the News


In the journalistic world there are not one but two Mahers
Both of whom are articulate of their points of view purveyors
One who is the head of NPR which to the right stands for National Propaganda Reigns
And the other is more iconoclastic and strays to the left call out and shame
NPR is sated on the public dole
Liberal bias is claimed to be their overriding goal
In the editorial room Blues outnumber Reds 87 to zip
A steady stream of bias from RussiaGate to Hunter Biden’s laptop from their lips
Years ago when moderates like Kennedy and Scoop Jackson among Blues could be found
The unrelenting push to the Squad-like progressive left did not abound
The party has become the party of open borders, soft on crime, Woke and rush to EV’s down our throats
Interested only in preserving power by giving millions of illegals the path to the right to vote
Bill Maher sounds more moderate leaning to the right each day
Castigating the 24/7 Trump bashers and blasting NPR for tossing diversity of thought away
Katherine Maher fired 25 year NPR vet Uri Berliner for NPR’s leftist bias call out
Bill champions the need to be able to disagree without attacking the person and from the political arena trying to rout
Katherine if she is to remain at NPR needs to learn
Engage in debate but not try to opposing views crash and burn

© April 20, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Maxwell Azzarello Joined the List of Suicides By Self-Immolation or Starvation As He Died on the Morning After His Self-Immolation


This Thursday in New York City we witnessed the ultimate form of protest
Or the predictable result of a mentally ill man whose lack of sanity his acts would suggest?
After three arrests for disruptive acts his conspiracy theories led
And attacks on politicians both Blue and Red
Concern that he was suicidal instead
No help to his mental illness to shed
Outside the NYC Courthouse where the judicial farce known as the Trump “Hush Money Trial” is on center stage
37 year old Maxwell Azzarello after tossing conspiracy pamphlets into the air and dousing himself with a flammable liquid lit himself with a lighter as the fire quickly raged
Shocked bystanders and police were able to extinguish the fire
But the burns were too severe and next morning he died from his self-induced pyre
Was this a noble act like Thích Qung Đc and other Buddhist monks protesting Diem’s repression?
Or by Norman Morrison in 1965 self-immolating outside the Pentagon protesting our war in Vietnam to seek its suppression?
Or by Bobby Sands and 9 members of the IRA during the Troubles who died from a hunger strike during 1981?
Or by Aaron Bushnell, an active U.S. Air Force serviceman who self-immolated himself in front of the Israeli Embassy less than 3 months before his term of service was done
Who screamed “Free Palestine” then lit himself on fire?
Put out by police in less than a minute but still expired
Death by fire has to be one of the most painful ways to one’s life end
We must encourage other means of protest such that we no longer face this trend

© April 20, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Friday, April 19, 2024

NY AG Letitia James Moving To Strike $174 Million Bond Trump Posted To Prevent Confiscation Of His Properties As He Appeals $355 Million Verdict Against Him


Only in New York, the lofty financial capital of the world which when it comes to Trump, the Blues are suffering from terminal TDS
Can a judge rule that financial statements were overstated as to the value of assets securing loans which paid off and lenders wanted to loan more not less
And with not one penny of loans at any repayment risk
The AG’s experts not able to denigrate Trump’s valuations in an acceptable fisk
The biased judge suffering from advanced TDS
Could hardly wait to impose total financial distress
Tossed the 8th Amendment away and levied a fine of $355 million to reward AG Letitia James zeal
When Trump said there was no way in such short time to post bond to be able to appeal
She closed her ears and prepared to proceed to foreclose first with Trump Tower
To drive home she was in charge and had all the biased judicial powers
Maybe the judge realized the excessive no damages fine was in excess
And wanted to avoid the humiliation of being overruled on appeal distress
Lowered the bond amount to still a whopping 175 million bucks
But before the champagne corks could be popped the biased AG struck
Moved to have the bond disqualified as the bonding company the requisite capital to bond lacked
Back into court again soon for Trump to the whopping amount attack
Part of the strategy to strip him of his wealth and to a courtroom confine
Interference in the election better than the insurance policy that only the Blue puppet masters could design

© 4/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Issurings of Homeowners' Policies Are Bailing From California Due To Losses Require Them To Remain If They Wanted To Insure Autos'


California is in the midst of an insurance crisis that will its housing boom soon derail
Insurance companies are refusing to issue home owners’ policies without which getting a mortgage buyers will fail
High number of fires and high costs of materials and labor to build new homes or damaged ones repair
At the same time premiums for auto liability insurance which the state requires is harder and harder to bear
The Insurance Commissioner has the authority to regulate rates but by the insurance companies held hostage
Leaving policy holders with no alternative but pay as insurance companies’ assault on their pocket books wage
The idea of farming out insurance to the state
Is an idea we all should berate
But if you wanted to the business of insuring autos in this state aspire
Issuing homeowners’ insurance policies the state would require
With the cost of apartments taking off like a rocket
And mobile homes a less costly alternative for seniors with less money in their pockets
Insuring mobile homes would nip a potential growing segment of homeless in the bud
We already have towns and cities burdened with a homeless flood
© April 19, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Pro-Palestinians Are Making College Campuses and Cities Like a Deja Vu Of the Vietnam War Protests That Swept the Nation

 At Columbia University the campus looks like the protests against the Vietnam War déjà vu
Pro-Palestinian supporters are protesting Israeli “genocide” and demanding a ceasefire so humanitarian aid to Gazans can get through
Jewish students on campus have become fearful for their safety not being insured
While the flames of antisemitism are rising to Gazans’ deaths by the IDF not deterred
Across the nation protests like blocking the Golden Gate Bridge are taking place
Forgetting and excusing Hamas’ killing of 1400 Israelis and taking 140 hostages while a 2 nation solution to embrace
Supporting Hamas’s goal of “From the mountain to the sea
Palestine will be free” ignoring the new Holocaust of dead Israelis not heard in their pleas
Antisemitism is growing on college campuses more each day
When will the new Holocaust be on its way?
13 Blues voted not to condemn Iran’s massive missile and drone attacks
Clearly a growing number of Blues no longer have Israel’s back
Hopefully a sign the Jewish voters will drop Biden like a hot rock
To along with a growing number of blacks and Hispanics due to illegals Biden’s reelection block
The IDF has gone out of its way to minimize deaths and injuries to Gazan residents
But when Hamas fortifies civilian areas and hospitals deaths are hard to prevent
The Israelis know that they have Hamas on damaged legs
Not wanting a ceasefire for which the UN begs
Each day in a ceasefire that the Israelis are not advancing and killing Hamas where they are found
Hamas is restocking weapons and refortifying its bunkers and tunnels below ground
Delaying the end of hostilities with a devastating Hamas defeat
With moderate Gazans able to work with Israel taking over Hamas’ governing seats

© 4/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Another Biden Whopper That His Uncle Was Shot Down Over New Guinea and Eaten By Cannibals


Listening to Biden means departures from the truth a good chance you will hear
Is his mind so shot that what comes out is jumbled rot or is he driven to have distorted reality appear?
At a campaign stop he spoke of his uncle’s death in World War II
As being heroic to step up to fly and be shot down before the mission was through
In a jungle area of New Guinea where cannibals in large numbers did abound
His body was never located or found
Clear implication his uncle ended up as a cannibal’s main course
Unfortunately his story was typical Biden truth departure discourse
His uncle’s plane was not shot down but crashed into the ocean waves
Probably killed on impact and sent to Davey Jones’ locker grave
Destined to become food for sharks and other carnivores of the deep
As usual the MSM labeled the cannibal uncle eating tale
As a mere misstatement during an emotional moment not another cognitive fail
A point of embellishment to create a hero or more likely memories from his brain cells in full on seep?
Or as the polls keep moving in Trump’s direction as an abortion at will one trick pony
Any lie that might enhance his standing is fair game no matter how phony?
Hopefully voters despite their Trump Derangement Syndrome hatred of Trump
Will realize he is not cognitively fit nor is his Word Salad Queen who he refuses to dump.

© 4/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Jury Picked in Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case That Should Be Barred By SOL but Bragg Found a Campaign Felony the DOJ Refused to Prosecute


After 4 days a jury for Trump’s bogus Stormy Daniels hush money trial have been picked
And the judge that Trump has tried to force him to recuse himself ruled  a Monday start for the trial will stick
In a jury pool from Manhattan where 87% of the 2020 voters voted against Trump
The  chances of a seating a jury of his peers has been into the trash heap dumped
This trial is scheduled to last 2 months, 2 months where Trump will be confined to his defendant’s chair
Unable to with Biden the campaign trail share
Leaving Trump voters praying the Biden gaffes, mental lapses and falls voters will see
Raising their concerns that he is not fit for the office cognitively
Worse Trump with the judge’s gag order cannot to MSM’s and unfavorable witnesses’ distortions adequately reply
With the threat of being jailed for contempt his prospects for a fair trial denied
Already under the guise of Trump attacking Bragg’s witnesses, the D.A.’s office appears to Trump’s request for witness lists not comply
Pundits on the right are placing their bets on 1 juror withstanding the pressure of the other 11 to convict
Causing a hung jury and great pain and suffering on Bragg to afflict
Before Trump supporters pop open the champagne
Bragg could easily retry the case again and again to fulfill his “get Trump” promise made on the campaign

© 4/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

5 Seniors Shot Celebrating Senior Skip Day Near Greenbelt, Maryland, 1 in Critical Condition


Senior Skip Day in the nation’s high schools is long held tradition
Near graduation day seniors en masse skip school with not an ounce of contrition
To gather in groups and party to the near end of high school celebrated
Usually aided by booze and drugs until they are sated
Biggest danger to them is that too many above the legal limit then drive at the end
As parents, not knowing the date, can only hope they join the Uber or Lyft trend
But in Greenbelt, Maryland near Washington, D.C. in a Hanover Parkway
Hundreds of seniors were celebrating Senior Skip Day
When another teen pulled out a gun to the seniors’ dismay
And shot 5 seniors, one in critical condition not yet slayed
Authorities have no suspects or motives for such heinous foul play
Only that the unknown shooter successfully ran away
Police needing to ID the shooter can only hope and pray
That enough cell phone cameras were on to ID a suspect and make that person pay
© April 19, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, April 18, 2024

What Are the Chances With a Judge Whose Daughter Is Raising Political Donations on Trump's Hush Money Trial Will Receive a Far Trial?--0


The Blues’ platform has been reduced to abortion as a right
After trying to exclude Trump from the ballot for “insurrection” by 9-0 they lost that fight
Their false claim that Trump’s election will our democracy destroy
Has gone up in smoke over 4 politicized cases the DOJ and Blue D.A’s have against Trump employed
Confining him to courtrooms and imposing draconian gags
To his highly effective campaign rallies sand bag
The one two punch of a biased judge urging the press not to courtroom proceedings report
And a gag order leaving the D.A and his witnesses to Trump’s defenses distort
With a jury from a panel that voted almost 9-1 in 2020 against Trump
A jury of no peers with a desire to throw him into the prison dump
American should pay attention to the “fair trial” well
They are seeing a biased politicized justice system gone to Hell
Even if in the jury there is one juror not swayed by politics and votes to acquit
A hung jury will not deter Bragg from proceeding on a retrial not quit

© 4/18/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Blues Oblivious to Illegal Alien Tidal With Deaf Ear to Constituents' Demands Dismiss Impeachment Of Mayorkas


Our southern border remains wide open to the illegal alien surge
Our towns and cities overrun by fentanyl, migrant crime, and funding migrants scourge
Biden has refused to reinstate any of Trump’s border policies that worked
And Blues in the Senate oblivious with deaf ears to the dangers that lurk
Mayorkas was impeached on straight party lines to a trial in the Senate advance
Where finding 60 votes to convict Reds had no chance
Worse the Blues would not let the trial begin and on party lines dismissed the impeachment
Casting in stone the only way the border can be secured from the illegal alien wave
Is that Biden’s reelection chances end up in the electoral grave
And Trump aided by expanded majority in the House and Senate flipped
With his executive pen the illegal alien wave is in the bud snipped
Somehow the issue of abortion which is the Blues trump card
Has to be altered to fit the majority wishes or be subject to discard
Abortion should be allowed until the 3rd trimester commences
Unless the health of the mother or survivability of the fetus on delivery are without defenses

© 4/17/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Denver Throughs Public Safety to the Wind and Cuts Budget 0f DPD By $8 Million to Spend on Illegals


Denver is the city in Colorado known as being Mile-High
Today has acted to the safety of its residents defy
Like all towns and cities under the illegal aliens’ surge
Areas of its city budget now in the red have to be purged
Thousands upon thousands of dollars the city on illegals must now spend
Instead of aping Abbot and DeSantis and putting them on buses to send
To the sanctuary cities like New York that once welcomed them with open arms
They have made the election to expose their residents to bodily and property harm
Budget for the DPD has been by $8 million cut
Right behind that reduction to save money, jail doors opened not shut
Even if in the wave of illegals there is not a single potential felon or one with a past
The city is ignoring the basic rule—less police on the streets and safety does not last
By over whelming majorities citizens across this land
Are crying out to their leaders illegal alien immigration is out of hand
Except for Reds in Washington, state capitols, or city halls Blue leaders have deaf ears
Ignoring the crime, drugs, social outlays and destruction of our safety net as millions of illegal have appeared
On the day that impeachment of the head of the DHS heads to the Senate to be tried
Who refused to enforce the law and to the public on the security  of the border lied
Voters across his land need to decide to vote Red
And because of one issue abortion any vote for Blues shed

© 4/16/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, April 15, 2024

85 Year Old John Sterling Announced Retirement as Yankee Play by Play Announcer Effective Immediately for Undisclosed Health Reasonsay


For 36 years John Sterling has been the play by play announcer for the New York Yankees
For 5,420 regular season Yankees games and 211 postseason games in the announcers’ booth the fans would him see
A man of stamina who broadcast 5090 consecutive games before taking a mini vacation of 4 days
A man of unique phrases and sayings to describe the plays 
A man of journalistic color and great wit
At 85 years old many players and fans thought he would never quit
Announced suddenly for health reasons he was hanging up his mic
For health reasons not disclosed that have chosen to his wellbeing strike
Usually retirements of broadcast icons are revealed before the season starts
Effective at the end so farewell celebrations can be planned and replacements can be tried out in the broadcasting mart
To be knocked out of the booth he so dearly loved to stay
There must be some serious health issues coming his way
What time he has left which must be short to spend with his second wife and 4 kids
For Yankee fans the memories of his time in the booth will be difficult to rid
Fans and players present and past will wish him well
A devoted Yankee fan who always fully prepared answered the broadcasting bell.

© 4/15/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Iran's 300+ rocket and ballistic missile attack complete failure and may force Hezbollah to reconsider that most of its 150,000 rockets a worthless cylinders of metal


With 150,000 rockets held by Hezbollah awaiting the launch orders
Israel has seemed somewhat restrained on its northern border
The fear was that the rockets and missiles were by Iran made
And not the Hamas rockets that fail the accuracy and reliability grade
We know learn the Iranian rockets were used by the mullah gangs that couldn’t shoot straight
Of the 300 plus rockets and cruise and ballistic missiles fired almost all met a failure fate
Of the 300 plus that were launched and to be to Israel sent
Only an abysmal number reaching Israel totaling a meager 1 percent
The rest blew up on the launch pad or climbing into the skies
Or were shot down by the Iron Dome, the US Navy or the Jordanians so no Israelis died
1 little girl was injured but now Israel wonders how to reply
With Biden demanding that a response in kind by the Israelis they deny
But before we uncork the champagne and cheer
We must realize that arming itself with nukes Iran nears
Only one detonating over the skies of Tel Aviv would be a human disaster beyond compare
With nuclear mushroom clouds rising slowly above Tehran and other Iranian cites’ air
Not sure how immune Iran’s nuclear weapon’s program is from the air attack
But with a Trump in the White House an Israeli attempt to destroy would not be held back
If Iran’s nuclear weapons program was destroyed beyond repair
The Rocket Man in Korea might decide it is not worth the risk of having nukes there
Biden evidently managed to drag his body from his beach house to the Situation Room
Great concerns he is not up to multi-task threats of China threatening Taiwan’s doom
Only a 1 trick pony even at his absolute best
Doubtful this senile old man is up to a China Taiwan invasion or blockade test

© 4/15/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Misnamed City of Brotherly Love Suffers Shootings at End of Ramadan Eid-al-Fitr Celebration


Once again too often Philadelphia shows the city is misnamed
On a Ramadan celebration known as Eid al-Fitr gun violence could not be tamed
Eid al-Fitr, also known as “Sweet Eid” for the number of sweet dishes eaten to mark Ramadan’s end
For the Faithful with sugar cravings to Paradise on Earth with sugar highs send
But in the misnamed “City of Brotherly Love” the sound of multiple rounds
Dispelled any hope that sweetness for the day was in town
1000 were gathered in local Sweet Eid Festival organized by a local mosque when 30 shots rang out
The Faithful running in all directions, the air filled with terrified screams and shouts
5 arrested and 3 shot
1 a 15 year old by the cops
Too soon for details but 1 thing is crystal clear
A daylight anti-Muslim shooting  is not welcome, something we should  fear
Religious intolerance of Muslims leading to the Faithful being shot
Results in radicalization which is something to be avoided not sought 


© 4/10/24 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Leftist Bias Funded By Taxpayers Is the Program of NPR!



If a conservative concerned that leftist bias in taxpayer funded NPR he will quickly find
That to a woman or a man in the newsroom all have only leftist minds
87-0 are registered Blues and none of the more middle of the road kind
Any conservative who has decided to hear how the left thinks|
After only a few minutes will smell the fact that bias stinks
If a conservative is brave or foolish enough to risk an interview the interviewee will be maligned
In physics a student quickly learns that inside a metal structure radio reception from outside will end
In bubble newsroom of NPR the  only outside views heard are those that aid the leftist trend
Juan Williams, who for many years worked for NPR and now is occasionally seen on Fox
Recently supported NPR editor Uri Berliner’s slam of NPR’s absence of diversity views pox
A brain becomes ossified when the only views it is exposed to are those that ape its own
Brain cells and neural networks no longer grow and begin to short circuit and die
Listening to National Propaganda Radio, another tombstone for a newsroom that on only one  point of view it would always rely


© 4/10/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

of Grave Injustice says the View Co-Hosts "Good Riddance" says Jenner as News 0f OJ's Death Spread


One of the more famous running backs has passed yesterday
With speed and agility from onrushing tacklers dodged away
Becoming the first player in NFL to rush for 2000 yards plus in only 14 games to play

But after retirement from the game his greatest escape was the acquittal that Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman he did not slay

While with the jury glued to his efforts that despite his groans failed

Could not get his hand into the glove as Cochran the D.A.’s case derailed

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury if the glove does not fit

Then you must acquit”

Which is what the jury did

All the DNA evidence linking him to the death reasonable doubt would quickly rid

The jury of  8 blacks, 2 Hispanics, 1 half-Caucasian, half Native American, and 1 Caucasian female believed the LAPD planted the DNA

Unknown at the time, 2 weeks before taking the stand OJ stopped taking his arthritis  meds that the swelling in his hands would allay

The members of  The View

Whose observations are too often made without a clue

This time the co-hosts got it right

Not convicted for two murders was a major slight

While Jenner in the briefest of all attacks-“Good Riddance”

Hoping the Goldmans’ with their massive wrongful death judgment collect more than a pittance

© April 11, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Were Wisconsin, Connecticut and Rhode Island Blue Primaries a Deja Vu Of the 1968 Blue Primary and McCarthy's Near Win Against LBJ


The house of cards that has been built to Biden’s cognitive impairment conceal
May be starting to crumble and the anti-Biden votes in the Blue primaries in Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Connecticut may reveal
The voters who did not vote for Biden totaled 11.5% in Wisconsin and Connecticut and 14.9% in Rhode Island and if RFK, Jr. was not prevented as a Blue from being on the ballot would have achieved new highs
Some pundits are claiming the anti-Biden vote is due not to his cognitive failure or immigration but the number of Gazans that have died
Using the deaths of civilians from American supplied arms in Gaza gives the anti-Biden voters the high moral ground
Frees them from having to argue that his policies on inflation, the border and crime are unsound
The Vietnam War had too many Americans being killed along with the Vietnamese civilians as collateral damage
Too many dead or maimed innocent civilians were turning the Vietnam War into a war draft age males no longer wanted to wage
Propelled McCarthy in New Hampshire to almost winning there
As support for the Vietnam War more and more Americans no longer shared
LBJ was astute enough to know the Vietnam War was splitting the country apart
To save his legacy a path to bring the conflict to a peaceful end was his new crusade he had to start
Biden’s puppet masters are smart enough to know
Come November even with abortion as their only issue to the polls to support Biden Americans will not go
But Newsom shed of the word salad queen may be viewed as the savior for the Blues
While Biden withdraws ala LBJ to devout time to the war on climate change see through
Will be a high drama up to Election Night
But with our without Biden as an opponent, Reds must win this fight

© 4/3/2o24 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

Monday, April 1, 2024

Trump Co0ntinues To Be a Counter Puncher and Posts $174 Million Bond To Halt Seizure of His Asset Due To Bogus Judgment Gained By NY AG


The leftist anti-Trumpers were licking their chops
Over the bogus charge of falsifying valuations for loans repaid without a penny loss
A New York statute in the past only used when repayment stopped
With no losses, no control over a judgment to cause the verdict to be tossed
Trump with a $474 million with interest judgment knew he would win on appeal
Assuming he could post a bond in that amount appeal papers he could file
The AG campaigned on getting Trump and now in a position to seize his properties to make him squeal
Fortunately a shred of sanity in the New York Appellate Courts lowered the bond and prevented seizure for a while
The AG’s dream to remove the leftist nightmare of seeing the Marquee Trump Tower
Came so close to seizing the property and erasing the name
Trump pulled the rabbit out of the hat to post $174 million and rob her of that power
Sadly all efforts to destroy Trump and his family even his youngest son are fair game
They succeeded in getting him removed from the ballot in Colorado and Maine
With state officials not Congress ruling that he was guilty of insurrection
With SCOTUS ruling against them 9-0 that effort went down in flames
The other effort started earlier almost immediately after he announced his campaign for reelection
The left’s response was almost immediate to file criminal and civil lawsuits
That would keep him off the campaign trail and suck up campaign coffer cash
That would allow Biden stay in his basement to hide his growing dementia taking root
And rally donors to donate vast amounts and hinder Trump from rallies and him bash
The MSM against Trump is united as ever before
To cancel coverage of his speeches and rallies
Even though his standing in piercing the Blue Wall they continue to ignore
And the increasing revelations of cash to Biden’s relatives from our enemies refusing to keep tally
Trump is younger than Biden by only three years
Able to speak long and hard without a teleprompter cane
While Biden with his lapses and gaffes looks like he’s a decade older when he appears
Trump knows where he is at and where to go and has no need for puppet masters to tell him to get out of the rain

© 4/1/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Don't Lose to the Jaws of Victory By Conceding To the Jaws of a Ceasefire and Its Resulting Defeat


As Israel continues in its preparations to in Raffa Hamas eliminate
On the jaws of victory ready to clamp shut, Biden keeps telling them to wait
Since October, Hamas fighters have been exposed to precision strikes by air and by drones
Hiding in underground bunkers and tunnels like rats there are no safety zones
Meter by meter the Israelis have advanced leaving Hamas only two choices to make
Stand and fight and be doomed to die as the Israelis their bunkers and tunnels under fire take
Or for those not caught on camera butchering and raping lay down their arms
To go into captivity until purged of any desire to the Israelis engage in their harm
But Biden bowing to the left has given Hamas the hope of a third choice
Influenced by the siren of cease fire calls louder and louder voices
Not coupled by the precondition of the hostages release
Only negotiations which would drag out and not in the near future cease
The Israeli armed forces rely heavily on reservists to set down their tools and pick up  deadly arms
With so many reservists called up a prolonged struggle inflicts on their economy great harm
With victory over Hamas so very near
Fatal mistake to Israel to a cease fire steer
Time for Hamas to rearm, recruit, fortify
While convincing Hezbollah while Arabs being killed they can’t stand by
To the rest of the world sell the idea that a ceasefire
Was the goal of Israel as their home front on casualties was beginning to tire
As the left for a ceasefire in increasing numbers for a ceasefire taunts
Biden’s push for a ceasefire will come back to him haunt
Jewish voters keys in swing states will no longer vote for him
Without their votes in a majority Biden will not win

© 4/1/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Obrador's Hand Is Out to End Manana, Manana with Mordida For His Help in Securing Our Border Beware This October Surprise!


There was a time when Mexico was known as the “Amigo Land” that tourists
Attracted by the sun and warm sandy beaches could not resist
Lower cost of living with bargains in jewelry, leather, resort rooms and dining galore
A safe place to be to relax and enjoy but with the cartels in control no more
Unlike other vacation spots that the safety and security of the resort
Anchored the tourist rarely to leave their vacation of pampering and comfort
But the Amigo Land has become a war zone where tourists for criminals are fair game
The cartels in many areas are in control and Mexico’s fight against them crippled by mordida are really quite lame
They control access to the border, require illegals wanting to cross thousands to pay
Those without funds find slavery, trafficking, and indentured servitude to come in to play
So it should come as no surprise that when we request Obrador’s aid to the flood of illegals prevent
The response is always mañana, mañana now coupled by the outstretched hand of mordida with lists of officials where the money is to be sent
Obrador has become the highway robber demanding $10 Billion just to talk
Biden and his puppet masters are idiots if they think he will not pocket the money and then walk
Worse since Obrador must think a weak Biden he can control
Has added $20 Billion in foreign to Latin America and the Caribbean, end sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela and 10 Million work permits to illegals here for ten years as his goals
10 Million work permits should the siren to blacks for all voting  hands on deck
Whatever gains they have made in the past, now competing with now legals for jobs will their prosperity wreck
Biden may be frail and weak and his puppet masters total sniveling fools
But the U.S.’s ability to tell Obrador to pound sand has all the tools
Imposing tariffs linking to number of illegals would be for Mexico’s economy its death knell
Not recommended but weapons are already being smuggled across to the border to the cartel
Ignoring or encouraging the flood would turn Obrador’s land into a living Hell
Better to go it alone and close the border with a wall and barbed wire to turn the flood into a small trickle from its massive surging swells
Reds need prepare for the October Surprise of Biden caving to Obrador’s demands
A pyrrhic victory on issue of border security justified by the left as insuring in keeps the Oval Office in Blue hands

© 4/1/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet