Sunday, January 28, 2024

"Don't" Doesn't Work Only Emboldens Iran to Kill Americans As One of Its Proxies Killed 3 and Wounded At Least 24 Americans in a Drone Attack in Jordan Near Syria


Biden’s epitaph for foreign policy in dealing with our foes in one word is “Don’t”
Delusionally believes if he scowls and rants loud enough they will cower and “won’t”
Today in Jordan another Iran back terrorist group was deaf and instead of “won’t” “did”
3 American soldiers are dead and at least 24 wounded by an Iran back terrorist group that “don’t’s” will not rid
The attack on Jordan’s border came just a little more than two weeks ago
When Biden looked into the camera and to the Iranians his “don’t” face show
Prior to this latest proof that when it comes to Iran, “don’t’s” are of no use
Multiple attacks on service personnel occurred followed by warnings to stop the abuse
Biden must think it is okay to put our military in small packets to be in harm’s way
With nothing but a “don’t” to prevent a drone or missile from coming their way
If we are going to be a force to try to stabilize the oil rich Middle East
Is it not time to deprive the funds Iran needs to feed the terrorist beasts?
Do we not have minds capable of targeting Iranian oil and nuclear arms production facilities?
Or do we create a delusionary Iron Dome of “Don’t’s” and remain in Biden docility?
Biden’s like Obama’s line in the sand will not work
If an escalated military and economic response we shirk
And failing to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons and delivery quest
Any chance of really curtailing Iran will be subject to arrest

© 1/28/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, January 27, 2024

January 27, 2024 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


January 27, 2024 Ridley’s Believe It Or Not

             In another example that wealth or celebrity status or friends can protect someone or their caregiver from the mental onslaught of dementia or Alzheimer’s, noted comedian and replacement host for Johnny Carson Jay Leno was in court seeking a conservatorship for his wife Mavis of 43 years who has dementia.
              Notwithstanding the poorly decided SCOTUS decision giving the CBP the right to remove the razor wire in the State of Texas Shelby Park which abuts the Rio Grande River which the DOJ argued was interfering with the federal government’s obligation to secure the border which anyone watching television can clearly see it has failed or worse ignored, Texas is still contesting the right of the CBP enter state owned land remove the razor wire. New Mexico, Louisiana, California, Mississippi should determine that they are being invaded by illegals as a such have the right to use the National Guard to deport illegals to protect their state and since given the catch and release policies of the Biden Administration every state in reality is a border state all Red run states should file suit also. The Biden proposal is a border closure if and when the number of illegals crossing the border exceed 5,000 a day which means at least 1.825 million illegals allowed in each year.
             News that caravans are going to be heading to the border, fortunately not coming from the South but truckers coming from states north of our wide open border to like previous trucker conveys into Washington, D.C. descending to protest Administration policies like high fuel costs but in this case to protest the open border and the chaos the flood of illegals is creating in this nation.
             National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, whose military and national security compared to his work on HRC’s political campaigns and debate preparation for Obama is near zero has ended talks with China on the issue of Houthi Rebels attacks on shipping in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea and Taiwan’s desires for independence with no resolutions other than a desire to continue discussions in Bangkok. It should be troubling that the beating of the war drums by Beijing is getting louder  as the Chinese sent 6 warships and 30 advanced fighters to the vicinity of Taiwan. Given the very large percentage of integrated chips that are produced in Taiwan, the loss of those production facilities either through an occupation of the island of destruction by bombing during the process of trying to take over the island would be disastrous to the increasing amount of sectors that are dependent on Taiwanese produced chips.
              On dissolution of marriage  front, McKenzie Scott who was one of the first Amazon employees and former wife of its founder Jeff Bezos and who in their divorce in 2019 received Amazon shares representing 4% of the company and worth then some $37 billion. She has sold some 63 million shares representing 25% of her holdings for some $10 billion plus and since her divorce in 2019 she has donated over $16 billion to philanthropic causes but still has billions left to distribute.
              In what has to rank as the highest hypocrisy Biden has slammed the Supreme Court of Venezuela’s upholding the ban of opposition leader, María Corina Machado who won the presidential primary in October with more than 90% of the vote, from the ballot. Yet the Biden remains silent as his supporters are in courts across the land vigorously calling for Trump’s removal from primary ballots for his support of “insurrection.” It should as no surprise that border crossings of Venezuelan illlegals has skyrocketed (Time for Biden to double down on his pledge to be the unity president and pardon Trump from any and all crimes alleged to have been committed by Trump since all seem to be politically motivated and filed after Trump announced his intention to run in 2024).
                On the international aping the Barbary Pirates front by the Houthi Rebels in the 38th missile or drone attack on ships in international waters of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, a Marshall Islands flagged tanker the M/V Marlin Luanda was hit by a missile before Allied Warships could intercept but who transferred 100 containers to put out the file which had it spread to the Marlin Luanda’s cargo of liquid hydrogen would have been a deadly disaster. Biden needs to immediately designate these pirates as terrorists and in addition trying to destroy launch sites and ships capable of launching missiles seize any of their financial assets and if we could capture any of them on the open ocean treat them like the pirates of old and hang them.                                        
               On the open border front, campaigning in Las Vegas, Trump blasted Biden’s proposed open border fix and worse that no bill at all while Haley is seeing increasing demand to exit the race and unite her supporters behind Trump.
               January 27, 2024 
               Noted Holidays: International Holocaust Remembrance Day created by General Assembly Resolution: Created by General Assembly Resolution 60/7 on November 24, 2005 and first celebrated on this day in 2006, the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the largest Nazi death camps for Jews and other Nazi targets of the Holocaust of Birkenau-Auschwitz. Sadly as the wave of antisemitism has broken out following the invasion of Israel by Hamas on October 7 the memory of the millions who died in the camps seems to have faded away.
               Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is “brimborion” which  means useless worthless,  trash which too often is spewed daily by the MSM.
                Song of the Day: Leaving the number 1 songs  on this day in 1940’s to come back to the number song in 1991 in the U.S.A.  was  “The First Time” by Surface on a run of 2 weeks while 14 acts, including Surface, achieved their first number one song. Here is a music video with lyrics of Surface performing “The First Time”:                                   January 27 Birthdays: “Redistricting Can Be Fatal”: Celebrating the birthday on January 27, 1943 of George Mica who was born in Binghamton, New York to grow up in Florida and become a 12 term member of Congress who had the misfortune of having his district being redistricted to lose 51-49% to Blue Stephanie Murphy who was appointed by Pelosi to serve on the January 6 Committee and with her District evenly distributed elected to end her Congressional career on January 20, 2021 by indicating she would not run for reelection in 2020.
                January 27 Historical Events in Rhyme
                1.      On this day in 2023 after bodycam videos of Tyre Nichols being beaten by 5 black cops after running away on January 7 were released/riots and protests nationwide broke out since on January 10 Nichols became deceased/Officers were fired before the release but that did not satisfy many blacks/They wanted accountability the Memphis PD seemed to lack/Officers are awaiting trial for excessive use of force and tampering with witnesses/Both civil and criminal trials not yet occurred but if no guilty verdicts City of Memphis will be under a world of stress.
               2.      On this day in 2013 at the Kiss Nightclub in Santa Maria, Grande du Sol, Brazil a fire broke out during an indoor fireworks display/It quickly spread to the acoustic ceiling needed to improve the sound the music bands would play/But if it caught fire deadly toxic smoke would patrons inside quickly slay/Poorly designed with only one exit to safety lead the way/630 patrons injured while 242 met their death/Mostly caused by cyanide fumes inhale as they took their last breaths/With only one exit out it was deadly fire trap/With endurance and ability to move quickly to escape by toxic fumes quickly sapped.              
               3.     On this day in 2010 Apple announced its tablet the iPad/Creating a PC with the size of a book but able to link to all the apps and websites there were to be had/Highly successful with over 220 million sales through 2022/Proof positive that Apple’s technical innovation and marketing skills were nowhere near being through.
             4.      On this day in 1980 6 Americans were working in a consulate building separate from the Embassy in Iran/When Iranian students outraged that the Shah had been admitted for medical treatment the Embassy overran/The 6 quickly left to hide in private homes hoping the occupation would be brief/When the government fell 3 days later they turned to the Canadians to escape the potential grief/They hid out for days in the homes of Canadian diplomats until the CIA came up with an escape from Iran plan/One that would get them out of the fire in the country and not into the frying pan/Canadian passports and false visas for a science fiction filming crew for Argosy whose film production was now through/With their 2 CIA experts and camera props waltzed through airport security to board Swiss Air and to take off into the “wild blue”.
             5.      On this day in 1967 we were reminded that space travel is not free from risk/As Apollo astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee were strapped in going through the items on the preflight ignition list/The Apollo rocket was not fueled so the safety details may not have been examined in great detail/But a short in a circuit caused a fired and all efforts to open the module door due to the internal oxygen pressure failed; Their suits were not fire proof or designed shield them from toxic fumes/That saved them from the pain that being burned to death entailed. 
            Quote by Gene Kranz, Second Flight Director for the Apollo Program in a speech given to Mission Control after the deadly fire on Apollo 1:From this day forward, Flight Control will be known by two words: Tough and Competent. Tough means we are forever accountable for what we do or what we fail to do. We will never again compromise our responsibilities ... Competent means we will never take anything for granted ... Mission Control will be perfect. When you leave this meeting today you will go to your office and the first thing you will do there is to write Tough and Competent on your blackboards. It will never be erased. Each day when you enter the room, these words will remind you of the price paid by Grissom, White, and Chaffee. These words are the price of admission to the ranks of Mission Control.”

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

January 22, 2024 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


January 22, 2024 Ridley’s Believe It Or Not

                With Ron DeSantis dropping out the race yesterday and endorsing Donald Trump, the Red  ballot in New Hampshire, the nation’s first primary will feature Nikki Haley and Trump and if Nikki Haley does not come in a very close second or a slim win against Trump, pundits are wondering how she can keep her campaign alive for another month and the South Carolina primary. If she comes up short Blues may be in a world of perceived election interference hurt where the perceived nominee for certain is being prosecuted for number criminal and civil charges and whether the 14th Amendment forces his off the ballot.
              Biden is apparently developing some spine as U.S. fighter jets and Tomahawk missiles and British fighter jets were conducting raids in Yemen against Houthi military targets  that have been attacking ships in international waters of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The Houthi Rebels are morphing themselves into Barbary Coast Pirates of the early 19th Century, but still have not been put of the International Terrorist Organization list where they belong to subject any of their assets that can be found to being seized.
              Devon Archer, who served on the Burisma Board with Hunter Biden and who was convicted of defrauding a Native American Tribe of some $60 million only to have his conviction thrown out by the Second Circuit had his conviction reinstated by SCOTUS but is still trying to overturn his 1 year and 30 day sentence.
               Finally Biden must after 3 years of falsely claiming the border is secured must have had cataract surgery or viewed the film clips that show a tidal wave of illegals, along with their drugs, trafficking, sanctuary city protection, and proclivity for committing crime to be released into the interior of the nation destroying towns’, cities’ and county’s safety nets in numbers exceeding 10,000 per day never to reappear at immigration hearings to rule on their largely bogus asylum claims. He is now admitting the border is not secure but his solutions have nothing to do with returning illegals to their native lands, only more aid and benefits.
              With Biden now claiming he is all hands on deck to control the open border crisis, his DOJ was successful getting SCOTUS in issuing an order to allow CBP to do their job in securing the border by having them remove the razor barbed wire installed along the border because the razor barbed wire prevented the CBP from doing its jobs (What was Justice Roberts and Justice Amy Comey Barrett thinking in ruling against Texas?)
                On the sports front, it was only a question of time before transgenders were competing in professional sports like golf and winning as TG Hailey Davidson did in the NXXT Women's Classic  last week but who claimed she has been on hormone therapy since 2015 and gender reassignment surgery in 2021.
               On the sports front, Tara VanDerveer, the coach of the Stanford Women’s Basketball Team, picked up her 1202 college basketball win to tie retired coach Mike Krzyzewski's record as Stanford after holding Oregon scoreless for the first 6’15” of the game beat Oregon 88-63. On Sunday Stanford playing without Cameron Brink but with another stellar game of 37 minutes  by Kiki Iriafen who scored 37 points against Oregon State to win 65-56 to give Tara Van Derveer her 1203 win, surpassing beat Krzyzewski’s record.     
               January 22, 2024 
               Noted Holidays: Roe v Wade Day: Celebrating one of the most divisive cases ever decided by SCOTUS on this day in 1973 7-2 that a woman had a fundamental right to an abortion, not absolute. The case was overruled in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization 5-4 providing that abortion was not a constitutional right but within the purview of state legislatures and still is a lightning rod between prochoice and right to lifers. 
               Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is “bridewell” which  means a jail or detention facility for petty offenders such a reform school.
                Song of the Day: Leaving the number 1 songs  on this day in 1940’s to come back to the number song in 1993 in the U.S.A.  was  “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston on a run of 9 weeks after  a run of 14 weeks starting in November 1992 to share with 10 other number one songs while 6 acts achieved their first number one song. Here is a music video with lyrics of Whitney Houston  performing  “I Will Always Love You”:
               January 22 Birthdays: “6 Charges of Shades of Gray”: Celebrating the birthday on January 22, 1980 of Marilyn Mosby in Boston, Massachusetts who became the State’s Attorney General for Baltimore and gained notoriety for her charging 6 6 Baltimore police officers who were charged with various crimes arising out the arrest of Freddie Gray and his death in a police van while shackled but not restrained by a seat belt. All the officers were either found not guilty or charges dropped due to mistrials of hung juries and she was on the receiving end of charges of overcharging. She her position and was charged with 2 counts of perjury on loan applications and convicted on both counts on November 9, 2023 and faces up to 5 years for each charge.
               January 22 Historical Events in Rhyme
               1.      On this day in 2009 President Obama signed an Executive Order losing Guantanamo Detention Center/Which at the start of his administration housed 250 violent terrorist defenders/ Congress rose up and Obama’s wishes defied before any transfers were done/Now the super secure facility holds only terrorists numbering 41.
               2.      On this day in 1984 during a third quarter of the Super Bowl XVIII/Apple released on the most iconic television commercials millions of viewers had ever seen/Unveiling its new consumer PC the MacIntosh/A woman with a hammer is pursued by thought police then into big brother screen tossed:


                      3.     On this day in 1970, Pan American Airways/Took off from NYC’s JFK/In Boeing’s 747, the world’s first “jumbo jet”, to Heathrow Airport in London/The era of cheaper fares, more             comforts,  longer flights and more misplaced or lost luggage was here to stay.
                4.      On this day in 1957 George Metesky aka the “Mad Bomber” who had planted in NYC some 32 bombs in 16 years/Some of which failed to explode and those that did injured 15 people creating a goodly amount of fear/Metesky had worked for Consolidated Edison and was injured in an explosion in the workplace/Angered beyond belief that Con Ed’s handling of his injury claims merited loathing and disgrace/As a former Marine, during World War II/He announced that for the duration of the war his bombings were through/Back to spreading terror after the war’s end/But his postcards and letters railings against Con Ed he continued to send/Offender profiling was first used in his case/His paper trail against Con Ed was easy to trace/Found by the court to be insane for his 16 years bombing spree/He was committed to the Matteawan Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Beacon, New York after being adjudged no longer a threat to the community released in 1973/A poster child case for HR Departments/To pay more attention to workplace injury claims that would revengeful violence prevent.
               5.      On this day in 1917, President Wilson of the still neutral U.S./Facing growing demands that the U.S. against the Axis Powers begin to aggress/Declared that to end WWI there should be “peace without victory” that missed the cut in the Treaty of Versailles/Which created the seeds of World War II in which many more millions than in World War I would be injured or died.
              Quote by Senator Tom Cotton on Guantanamo Bay:President Obama likes to say Guantanamo Bay is a terrorist recruiting tool, and while that may be an easy excuse, it's simply not true. The reality is the motivations of radical Islamic jihadism existed before Guantanamo Bay. The ideology is premised on a narrative of conquest, in the spiritual as well as the earthly world.

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Monday, January 22, 2024

January 19, 2024 Ridley's Believe If Or Not


January 19, 2024 Ridley’s Believe It Or Not

              Another bad day in the news for Boeing, already suffering from the grounding of some of its 737’s by the FAA due to part of a fuselage on a flight from Portland flying off the plane, as one of its 747-8 Cargo planes operated by Atlas Air on a flight from Miami to San Juan Puerto Rico had to turn around after an engine malfunction ½ hour into the flight with flames seen erupting from one of its engines and safely make an emergency landing at Miami where FAA inspectors discovered a hole the size of a softball ball in its Number 2 engine. To add insult to injury another Boeing jet, a modified 737 which was supposed to fly Secretary of State Blinken back from Zurich after his attendance at Davos for the World Economic Forum had developed an oxygen leak and was deemed unsafe to fly so he is stranded in Zurich waiting for the Air Force to land in a replacement plane. Conforming to the adage that good things come in three, the third news item involving Boeing planes occurred in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport were a Nippon Airlines 777 clipped the tail of a Delta Airlines 717 while taxing. Boeing is under the microscope for spending too much time on DEI and ignoring engineering in its fleet of airplanes.
              William DeVane’s warnings to Americans about the need to own gold as a hedge against the assault on the dollar by the increase in the national debt are not being listened to in the Swamp as the national debt in the U.S. has risen to $34, 060, 163,447, 630.43 as of Wednesday afternoon, a transitory decrease of $1 billion from the previous day. In 2022 the national debt equaled 97% of our gross national product and unless we start putting in place restrictions it is projected to rise to 181% of our gross national product by the end of 2053 with projected annual interest payments of  $5.4 trillion. To put that into perspective, that will be more than the U.S. spends on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all other mandatory and discretionary spending programs.
              New York’s Leticia James slammed repeatedly by Trump for her campaign promises to get Trump which she followed up on with a vengeance  by filing an action against him seeking to have the court fine him $374 million and bar him and his family for life from engaging in business in New York has just been sued by former Governor Cuomo for what he claims was a flawed investigation of the allegations of sexual harassment against him which ultimately forced him to resign as Governor of New York. Cuomo has already lambasted the his party for ignoring crime sparking speculation that he may be planning to get back in politics.
             With Reds in the House looking like they are on a path to impeach Mayorkas for dereliction of duty, it has been revealed that TSA is allowing illegals to board flights in the U.S. using a CBP One app that allows an illegal to enter the U.S. without providing an ID photograph. Biden will go down as the president who opened and kept open the flood gates of illegal aliens who sadly in addition to those trying to escape poverty, goodly numbers of illegals with criminal records and activities who head for Sanctuary Cities which inanely prohibit law enforcement from cooperating with CBP and ICE such that when arrested and jailed and then released are forced to ignore detention requests that would enable their deportation.
              Georgia D.A. Fannie Willis, who is already in the hot seat for politicizing the justice system by going after Trump, has had the temperature  increased after news that she is having a secret relationship with Nathan Wade the special prosecutor she hired in the Fulton County election interference case against Trump.
               On the sports front, Tara VanDerveer, the coach of the Stanford Women’s Basketball Team, picked up her 1202 college basketball win to tie retired coach Mike Krzyzewski's record as Stanford after holding Oregon scoreless for the first 6’15” of the game beat Oregon 88-63. Tomorrow against Oregon State at 2:00 P.M. Stanford will be home seeking win number 1203 to beat Krzyzewski’s record. 
               January 19, 2024 
               Noted Holidays: World Quark Day: Celebrating not an elementary particle and constituent of matter but the dairy product created by warming milk until it curdles then straining it to create a high protein, low fat dairy product with a consistency between soft cheese and yogurt and useable as a substitute in recipes for Greek yogurt or cream cheese. Created by a person who goes by the title of the Queen of Quark on this day in 2019.
              Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is “breme” which  means someone who is fierce or cruel.
              Song of the Day: Leaving the number 1 songs  on this day in 1940’s to come back to the number song in 1994 in the U.S.A.  was  “Hero” by Mariah Carey on a run of 3 weeks after a run of 4 weeks in December, 1993  to share number 1 status with 9 other songs, while 7 acts achieved their first 1st number 1 single. Here is a music video with lyrics of Mariah Carey  performing  “Hero”:
               January 19 Birthdays: “Diners and Shooters Mingle at Shooters Grill”: Celebrating the birthday on December 19, 1986 of Lauren Boebert in Altamonte, Florida who after with her now divorced husband had operated in Rifle Creek, Colorado two restaurants, one of which was named Shooters Bar and Grill where servers were encouraged to open carry on duty to become the first person in Colorado in 48 years to unseat a Republican incumbent in a House of Representatives to go on and win in the general election in 2020 to with a narrow margin of victory. She is a very pro-gun rights voice in Congress and very conservative member of Congress who is running in 2024 in a different district due to her claim that liberal donors have flooded her district. She had divorced her husband of 16 years and made news with a date obstructing a music concert, by vaping, singly loudly and fondling each other.
               January 19 Historical Events in Rhyme
               1.      On this day in 1991/ 3 days after air operations against Iran in Desert Shield had begun/With Hussein facing in addition to American allies/the air forces of several Arab nations who had also begun to sally/ Hussein tried to provoke Israel to respond to Scud Missile attacks/thinking with Israel missiles launched in response the Arabs would their support of advancing against Hussein retract/Hussein’s strategy didn’t work/As General Horner detached Scud hunting flights wherever the Scuds might lurk.
               2.      On this day in 1988, on a flight from Denver to Durango by Flight  Trans Colorado Flight 2856/We learned that cocaine and alcohol to not mix/With little visibility the pilot whose blood revealed alcohol metabolites and cocaine traces/flew the plane into the ground 5 miles from the airport to the lives of 2 crew and 7 passengers out of 15 to erase.
               3.     On this day in 1983 Apple Corporation released its Lisa PC/The first PC with a graphical interface and mouse to move the cursor the operator could see/Priced at $9,995 as a PC its price came at a very high price tag/Despite the technical innovations only 10,000 units were sold as high prices made sales lag.
               4.      On this Day in 1983 Klaus Barbie, infamous war criminal known as the “Butcher of Lyon” who had escaped to Bolivia with U.S. aid/And for many years living in plain sight as memories of his crimes had begun to fade/Was arrested and extradited to France where he had been previously twice sentenced to death/With no more death penalties in France he was sentenced life but 4 years later, on September 25, 1991 leukemia, cancer of the spine and prostate robbed him of his last breath.
               5.      On this day in 1937 Howard Hughes set a transcontinental speed record by an airplane/After earlier taking off in his H-1 from Burbank, California/To 7 hours, 28 minutes and 25 seconds to later deplane/His nonstop flight of 2490 miles was at a 232 mile per hour speed/The H-1 proved the feasibility of the higher speeds  fighter planes in World War II would need.
               Quote by Howard Hughes on failing to try:I'm not afraid of failure. I'm afraid of not trying.                                                            

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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Barack Is Scheming and Michelle Is Terrified--Early Signs She'll Run and We Will Have a De Facto 3rd Term Violation of the 22nd Amendment


Biden’s poll numbers keep falling like a rock
Creating a fear that should put all Red voters in a state of shock
Michelle Obama who has never held a single office with Barack’s aid
With her “I am terrified if Trump wins” speech as Biden fades
May well be preparing to toss her hat into the ring
With the First Man and his policies and failings bring
In 2016 the fear of HRC winning and putting a sexual predator behind Oval Office closet closed door
Was in many minds who could not the Monica Lewinsky scandal ignore
But since the marriage of Bill and Hillary was a marriage only of convenience nothing more
And HRC’s run against Obama, service in the Senate and Secretary of State had points on experience score
The issue of circumvention of the 22nd Amendment limiting a president to 2 terms was never raised
On the campaign trail Trump focused on Obama and HRC failings and the issue seemed waived
But Obama who is already becoming more involved in trying to Biden’s reelection save
Would probably be a force with a Michelle and his policies not wanting to waive
He could be in reality and actions be viewed as her alter ego
Insuring into the trash can for the next 2 elections the 22nd Amendment would go
The Reds face a tight rope of not attacking Biden way over the top
Forcing him or his party leaders forcing him to his campaign stop
And electing a candidate not hobbled by dementia or old age
Who could hold his own on the campaign debate stage
Then after Biden being nominated take the refraining from attack Biden gloves off
And 24/7 his record on issues like immigration and mental impairment scoff

© 1/18/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Maddow Refused To Cover Trump's Iowa Caucus Win Speech Because It Damages the MSNBC Brand


Rachel Maddow is the poster child
Of MSM censorship running wild
When it comes to Trump she has completely shed
Any objectivity down to the last minute shred
During his presidency and Mueller probe due to the Russian collision hoax
Like the bait and switch master she would be trying the anti-Trump fires to stoke
Drumbeat rolls of new revelations to prove his guilt beyond any doubt
Then all we heard was like the Wendy’s commercial “Where’s the beef?” shout
When it comes to max amount of bias she has yet to fail
When it comes to Trump she will not in the slightest curtail
It may have been a foregone conclusion with interest only in second place
But her decision to cancel Trump’s victory speech puts her in the Journalistic Walk of Disgrace
She claimed he was censored because of his lies
Assumed Americans were too dumb to know whether her claim should be denied
Admitted that Trump's speeches damaged MSNBC's brand
Of advocacy not objectivity to report the news to spread across the land
She may be the best the Mostly Slanted News Biased Cack has to put on the air
Thank God for viewers wanting less advocacy and more objectivity only on Monday is she there

© 1/18/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

SCOTUS Is Now the New Horatio At the Save Democracy Bridge Facing the Howling Leftist Barbarians Waving Their Paper 14th Amendment Swords Claiming To Be Fighting To Preserve Democracy


For many decades, the mantra of this nation has been every vote should count
And barriers to voting like lack of voter ID or failing to register before election day the left has campaigned to surmount
Voting by mail without requesting a ballot, allowing ballot harvesting and ballot drop off boxes on city streets
Early voting allowed even before candidates debate to prevent “October surprises” to send a candidate to defeat
Ballot counting that seems to go on forever long after polls have closed
Raising questions whether fraud has been involved in the winner the voters “chose”
Stalin hit the nail on election fraud on its head
It matters not who gets to vote only who counts to opponents shed
Today the left has perfected election interference beyond belief
Far beyond the false news and censorship of social media or MSM bias to bring Reds a world of grief
Remember the 51 former intel officials who swore Hunter’s laptop was Russian misinformation
And only yesterday our “vaunted” once objective FBI after over 4 years validated it as not a right wing creation
They have perfected the insurance policy to put in play
To insure Trump is not elected come Election Day
Go to State Secretaries of State and under the 14th from the ballot have him removed
Ignoring the fact that an insurrection on January 6 has not be charged or proved
Turning Secretaries of the States into barbarians trying to cross the Bridge of Democracy

To face SCOTUS as the new Horatio to crush this leftist idiocy
To end the nation’s deep and growing divide we should pray
The vote banning his removal is 9-0 so the cry “he’s not our president” goes away
© 1/18/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Biden Venturing from His Isolation Cells of the White House and Deleware Beach House Shocked by Inflationary Price of a Smoothie.


Bidenomics has rapidly become a heavy albatross
As persistent inflation is causing consumers and businesses huge losses
Biden who is oblivious to the pain suffered by Americans who at the White House don’t reside
Who are living from pay check to pay check watching their savings being washed away by the Bidenomics inflationary tides
No wonder while in Allentown, Pennsylvania he was at the price of a smoothie shocked
$6 to pay for some milk, pureed fruits and ice-a living example of why Bidenomics is by voters mocked
The name “smoothie” in Bidenomics lexicon
Morphed into “chokeie” by inflation Bidenomics has brought on
Biden has become like a bear in hibernation sleeping in a cave
Very rarely seen in public or public functions despite inflationary Bidenomics inflicting pain so very grave
His energy and cognitive levels in a free fall race along with approval ratings
With each percent fall confidence of voters on his ability to govern deprecating
Blues are in a world of hurt and increasing panic
That Biden’s chance of reelection are looking more and more like the “unsinkable” Titanic
With Trump and MEGA voters as threats to democracy as his only plank
Watch the Blues jump ship in search of a replacement before the Biden candidacy sank

©  1/17/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Pro-Palestinian Rioters Throwing Bottles and Rocks Battle With Capitol Police as Staff Moved to Safe Locations in the White House


One of the traits that makes the U.S. unique
Why in addition economic prosperity migrants entry here seek
In our Bill of Rights to our Constitution we have freedom of speech
Coupled with the rights to assemble in peaceful protest to our leaders beseech
The Hamas Israeli War which started with Hamas’ October 7 bloody invasion from the Gaza Strip
Killing 120 men women and children and taking 140 hostages on a Gaza one way trip
Israel declared war that will end when the Hamas returns the hostages and its ability to wage war on Israeli civilians ceases
Sadly more like than not the Gazan civilian casualties will steadily increase
Gaza is a very densely populated city for a battleground
Honeycombed with tunnels under residences, schools and hospital grounds
No matter how hard the IDF to minimize civilian casualties tried
Gazans by the thousands have been wounded or died
Large areas of its cities and towns reduced to rubble
With Iran’s proxies, Hezbollah and Houthis beating war drums Israel faces an existential survival struggle
Worse the unavoidable deaths of Gazans have germinated to the antisemitism seeds
Sprouting protests and calls of genocide on college campuses and violence as calls for a cease fire Israel will not heed
Almost a déjà vu growing each day like the protests over the Vietnam War
Antisemitic attacks on Jewish students and places of worship beginning to soar
Mobs of angry protestors fight with Capitol police and hurling bottles and rocks
White House staff forced to moved as the idea of peaceful protests clearly mocked
As usual Biden beset also by the war in Ukraine and the growing threats to Taiwan invade
Seems once again to be lost at sea, displaying frailty and weakness for our foes and allies to see.

© 1/13/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Wolverines Win the Sign Stealing Karma Battle to Win National Championship Against the Huskeys


A dog cannot catch a fox on only 3 legs
Nor can it do its business on 3 with balance to beg
And a Huskey released from the sleds of the Iditarod Race
To sniff the roses with speed, strength and canine grace
Will never make it to Front Street in Nome
When he must hear the whole way an injured leg’s painful groans
The Huskey’s rushing star
Who with over 2/3 of their rushing yards brought them this far
Was injured early on to shed speed and skills dodging tackles
From long and TD runs for the rest of the game shackled
The Wolverines scored early on 2 long TD runs
It looked like a total slaughter had begun
The dogs even with their rushing legs crippled
Shored up their defenses and passes through the air rippled
To enter the 4th quarter down only by 7 and looking to prevail
2 rushing TD’s would mean the Wolverines would win by 21
The Wolverines’ climb from the sign stealing doghouse was done
Kudos to the team and to Coach Harbaugh
Who dodged his signs stealing Karma flaw

© 1/8/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Season of Too Many Bowl Games Comes to an End With Former PAC 12 Champion Washington Playing Big 13 Champion Michigan For National Championship


After far too many postseason collegiate bowl games
By any teams who ending their season by winning at least 6 for 15 minutes of fame
Sadly in the push for sponsors with cash for bowls to name
Some of the great bowl traditions come up lame
The granddaddy of them that started the post season bowl trend
The Pac 8, Pac 10 and then Pac 12 host to welcome the winner of the Big Ten came to an end
The PAC 12, the Conference of Champions, at the end of 2023 in football ceased to exist
The Rose Bowl Parade and Game will survive but a meeting of a West Coast team and the now Big 18 fans may not insist
Until today fans are taken back into the past
Where traditions of storied rivalries did forever last
Michigan Big 13 Winner and Washington PAC 12 Winner meeting today to see who wins the Rose Bowl
But rather who would achieve its National Championship goal
The last time the undefeated Wolverines needed a Rose Bowl win
To have a chance to pass Nebraska to claim the National Championship spin
Was in 1972 when to Pasadena “Bo” Schembechler brought his undefeated Wolverines
To lose to 8-3 ranked 16th  Stanford 13-12 to kill a chance for their National Championship dreams

© 1/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Monday, January 8, 2024

Felon Flies Over Barrier to Attack Judge Who Would Not Give Him Probation Handed Him 19 Months to 4 Years and For the Attack He Is Looking at Doubling That Amount


There once was a time where judges were treated with great respect
The idea of attacking a judge in his or her courtroom would be too far fetched
Today a black robe and deputies on duty in a courtroom
Are not shields when a disappointed felon does not get probation and revenge desires zoom
Deobra Redden, a 3 felon career criminal with multiple arrests, was in court to be sentenced on a plea bargain guilty plea
Charged originally with assault with a baseball bat reduced to attempted battery with substantial injuries
Must have thought he would probation only receive
Be able to walk out and being more careful continued criminal activity achieve
Despite his lawyer’s request to Judge Holthus for probation to which the Judge having read his record said “no”
Unshackled and uncuffed, Redden in a rage flying over the barrier jumping on the judge would go
Before he could be pulled off by her clerk and deputy he had pulled out some of her hair
Her clerk and deputy were injured before Redden’s attack they quickly impaired
Days later to be sentenced on his plea he appeared before Judge Holthus again
Shackled and chained barely able to move sentenced to 19 months to 4 years in the state pen
He will face charges of assaulting the judge and her court personnel
Judge Holthus will not be on the bench but whoever is will send him for a long time to a prison cell

© 1/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Putin Has "Two Candidates" Dumb Enough to Run Against Him and a Russian Female Journalist Whose Filings Had Too Many Errors So Was to Her Relief Rejected As a candidate


Anyone dumb enough to think he or she could run against Putin consequences free
Is a candidate in name only not a challenge for if so not long on this world would we her or him see
2 sacrificial lambs are supposedly running to Putin replace
Liberal Democratic Party candidate Leonid Slutsky and New People Party candidate Vladislav Davankov were approved for this hopeless race
Another a female journalist filing papers were rejected
Too many “errors” so not on ballot as an opponent selected
Probably sighing a great relief
Getting too many votes would bring her fatal grief
Gives Putin the chance to in another line of attack slam the U.S.
How can we be a democracy when Trump is removed from the ballot for causing Biden such distress?
When it comes to propaganda Putin’s lackeys run circles  around us a hyper speed
When our frail cognitively impaired president rants, doubt if anyone his rantings heed
The 2 anti-Putin candidates must be in total terror
Bemoaning that they find themselves in such a life threatening error
Maybe we should spirit them out of Russia to be flipped
To reveal to the world how dangerous and life threatening to live under Putin’s tyrannical grip

© 12/7/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


To Lump Hybrids with Fossil Fueled Vehicles and Bn Fossil Fueled Vehicles Will Be a Grave Mistake


If the U.S. were the size of the Netherlands, Belgium or Ireland
The choice of EVS’s over gas or hybrids would easily have the upper hand
If your trips are in the 200+ mile range
It should be an easy deal to at the end plan a lunch or dinner and a charging arrange
If people could get to work, drive to any meetings needed to attend
Without need to charge until a driver had to his home EV charging station his EV send
The only issue would be the higher cost to acquire
And the battery cost years downstream when the battery had to be retired
Fox Business News put the long distance range of a Tesla to the test
To measure the result of longer times to recharge or more difficulties and time to find a rapid charger on sales growth of EV’s arrest
According to Telsa’s on board navigation on rapid chargers you would be on road for 16 hours
In the same traffic conditions with fewer stops and less miles to drive to fill up a gas car 3 hours less to travel at the same power
Add to the difficulty of going all EV and not hybrid
Is the loss of spontaneity that being tied to an EV will rid
Planning an EV trip with multiple recharging attempts
Will be subject to a precise logistic plan with deviations that will be held in contempt
When the number of EV rapid charging stations are near that of gas or diesel pumps
And the fill-up time for gas does not by 15-30 minutes the time for reaching a full charge stump
EV’s if the prices can come down will by market forces soon rule the road
But not by governors like Newsom banning fossil fueled cars instead of subsidies and appeal to climate change to save the world our EV purchases  goad.
Once more the climate change warriors should not as a bridge Hybrid EV’s discard
Without them or rapid expansion of nuclear  power being carbon free will be really, really hard.

© 12/7/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Removing Trump From the Ballot Destroys Democracy Not Preserve It


Biden delivered the best over the top anti-Trump rant we have yet seen or heard
His message heard through the rants was stark and clear but mostly absurd
Biden charged the election is about saving democracy which if Trump is elected we lose
To save democracy we must destroy its very essence is the path we must chose|
Biden must have been jumping as high as his frail body would propel into the air
When 2 pro Blue Secretaries of State in Colorado and Maine ruled on the ballot Trump can’t be there
We now can guess the source of Biden’s passion in attacking Trump as democracy enemy number 1
His legal advisers opining that SCOTUS' taking the case will likely rule 9-0 that Trump has won
Just like freedom of speech is not free
When only those agreeing with you we can hear and see
Democracy is no longer democracy and no longer exists
When you can only vote for names the ruling party agrees make the list
Biden had a chance to clearly while his alert drugs were not diluted
To forcefully argue Trump’s policies are dangerous and must be refuted
But his name cannot be from the ballot banned
If it is, democracy dies and tyranny rules the land
Instead we see a frail old cognitively impaired senile old man
Disoriented, looking lost and needing Jill to lead him off stage holding his hand

© January 7, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Friday, January 5, 2024

To Save Democracy Biden Thinks It Must Be Saved By Removing Trump From the Ballot.


If you want to gut a democracy here is how you bring it to its end
Instead of killing and creating  political martyrs off the ballot Trump’s name you send
Biden’s reelection hopes and dreams depend on an election on democracy that Biden  saves
Or as he intones from day 1 of a Trump election democracy to put by him into an early grave
Ballot stuffing, illegals voting due to lack of voter ID, blanket mail in ballots to be  harvested may come up short
Some may be so blatant they get caught or the number of fraudulent ballots cast not enough to the election of Trump abort
Only way for Blues in their warped biased minds to democracy to save
To from day one of Trumps’ dictatorship turning us into slaves
Is by hook or by crook use an Amendment  at Johnny Rebs named
Morph the events of January 6, 2,021 as a Trump inspired insurrection to have claimed
With the term not defined and the punishment left for Congress to decide
Instead of political motivated Secretaries of State or special prosecutors hitching space on the insurrection ride
Biden must have had the benefit of massive doses of drugs that dementia for short periods derails
Forcibly with justified anger demands that Trump’s place on the ballot must fail
The perfect way to on Election Day democracy kill
People at the polls exercising their desired voting will
Until they realize they have been duped
Removal of Trump’s name the left has stooped.

© 12/5/2023 Ridley’s Believe It Or Not

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Retail Theft On the Rise Self Shopping At Risk


Retail theft is a growing bottom line menace from big box chain  stores
To mom and pop one store outlets hoping they could to add some more
To have a better chance to compete with the lower prices of the e-tailer and big box chains to get shoppers in the door
Smash and grab masked robbers make all the headlines but other thefts more merchandize the thieves score
Even with almost every inch covered by cameras good chance on camera the smash and grabber may not be caught
Even though the mob may have nailed thousands, individually will not have enough for felonies and the D.S.A.’s jail time may not have sought
The serial shoplifters who only want to steal to eat and fence some for drug highs
Want the theft to be unnoticed even though fearless as employers’ the right of an employee to stop a shoplifter they deny.
Real problem that is causing retailers to turn back the clocks
To the time when goods were between behind a counter and a shopper would present a list to a clerk who would remove from stock
The store chain was called Piggly Wiggly and the shopper would the goods select
If produce did not look or smell fresh customer would reject
Go into a grocery store in any urban area and greater number of items are under lock and key
To shoplift a close up of your face as the clerk unlocks goods, less smash more flee
Unless each a every sku has an rfd that will sound off if not paid
Hire security at each door to randomly check the receipts with photo matching alarm going off better chance arrest will be made
A first step to insure more shoplifters get caught
No more Soros funded DA’s who longer sentences of serial shoplifters  have not been sought
Most misdemeanors have less than a year jail time
If no misdemeanor prosecutions thugs emboldened to advance up to the deadly felony line

 © 01/04/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

1/3/2024 To Give a Partial Reveal

               © December 31, 2023  Ridley’s Believe It Or Not Year Partially In Review

             Noted Deaths Starting with 1/1/2023 and ending in 12/31/2023:
  Ken Block, rally driver and DC Shoes, 1/1/2023 age 55.
              Lisa Marie Presley, singer, 1/11/2023 age 54
              Bobby Hull, professional hockey, 1/29/2023 age 82
              Burt Bacharach, composer 2/7/2023 age 94
               Raquel Welch, actress 2/14/2023 age 92
               Bud Grant, pro football coach 3/10/2023 age 95
               Al Jaffe, Mad Magazine, Cartoonist 4/9/2023 age 102   
               Ralphe Belafonte, actor, singer and activist 4/24/2023/ age 96 
               Jerry Springer, controversial daytime TV Host 4/26/2023 age 79
                Marlene Hagge, cofounder of LPGA 5/15/2023 age 89
                Jim Brown, pro football player 5/18/22023 age 87
                Tina Turner, singer 5/23/2023 age 83
                 Richard Hanssen, Ex-FBI Soviet Spy 6/4/2023 age 79
                 Ted Kaczynski, the “Unabomber” 6/9/2023 age 81
                 Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Leaker 6/15/age 92
                 Tony Bennett, Singer 7/20/2023 age 96
                  Sinead O’Connor, Singer  7/25/2023 age 56           
                  Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman actor, comic 7/29/2023 age 70
                  Bob Barker, Game Show Host, Actor 8/25/2023 age 99
                  Jimmy Buffet, Singer, Songwriter 8/31/2023 age 76
                  Senator Dianne Feinstein, CA Blue Sen. 9/27/2023 age 90
                  Suzanne Somers, 3’s Company actress, nutritionist 10/14/2023 age 76
                   Rosalind Carter, former First Lady 11/18/2023  age 96
                   Henry Kissinger,  Former Secretary of State 11/28, 2023 age 100
                   Sandra Day O’Connor, SCOTUS Justice 11/30/ 2023 age/93
                    Bill McColl, College Hall of Fame, Orthopedic Surgeon 12/28/2023 age 93
                   John Travolta, Actor 12/31/2023 age 69

The list of noted people and celebrities who have died this year is a long one but with the number of new drugs in patient trials we can hope that  progress will be made. It was a difficult choice but a need as the list seems to grow its but growth will slow as evidence that efficacy and safety are there.


It was easier to categorize the deadliest natural disasters because such disasters usually leave a trail of destruction and dead and injured all with the survivors is a world of hurt. The list could have been longer but sufficient to stress the lesson that Mother Nature can be a mother of unbelievable hurt.
                   Ten of the deadliest natural disasters of 2023

                   Maui Wildfires 8/8-8/11 killed at least 100 and damage of at $5.52 B        

                   Rwanda Rainstorms 5/2 destroyed 5,000 homes and killed 129 people
                   130 mph winds of Cyclone Mocha 5/14 killed at least 145 people
                   11/3 a 5.6 earthquake hit Nepal killing at least 157 people
                    Early May heavy rainstorms in Western Congo destroying 1000’s of                                        homes                                                                   

                    And killing at least 438 people

                    For 6 days in early May, Tropical Cyclone Freedy was dumping massive

                    rain to kill at least a 1000 in Malawi, 17 in Madagascar and 183 in
                    Mozambique while displacing some 183,000 persons.

                    10/7 a 6.3 Earthquake rattled Afghanistan, killing some 1480 and  

                     Injured 1000’s more
                    On 9/8 a 6.8 Earthquake hit 48 miles from Marrakesh, Morocco killing

                    some 2,946 and injuring some 5,674
                     On 9/10 Storm Daniel hit Derna, Libya with massive rainfall burst

                     2 dams in Derna, releasing massive amounts of rain in a deadly flood,

                     With the official death count as of 10/31 is 4272 with 8,000 more
                      deemed missing and dead

                     On  February 6, a 7.8 Earthquake hit Turkey near its Syrian border/

                      Followed by a 7.6 2 hours later with some 55,000 believed to be dead