Thursday, January 4, 2024

Retail Theft On the Rise Self Shopping At Risk


Retail theft is a growing bottom line menace from big box chain  stores
To mom and pop one store outlets hoping they could to add some more
To have a better chance to compete with the lower prices of the e-tailer and big box chains to get shoppers in the door
Smash and grab masked robbers make all the headlines but other thefts more merchandize the thieves score
Even with almost every inch covered by cameras good chance on camera the smash and grabber may not be caught
Even though the mob may have nailed thousands, individually will not have enough for felonies and the D.S.A.’s jail time may not have sought
The serial shoplifters who only want to steal to eat and fence some for drug highs
Want the theft to be unnoticed even though fearless as employers’ the right of an employee to stop a shoplifter they deny.
Real problem that is causing retailers to turn back the clocks
To the time when goods were between behind a counter and a shopper would present a list to a clerk who would remove from stock
The store chain was called Piggly Wiggly and the shopper would the goods select
If produce did not look or smell fresh customer would reject
Go into a grocery store in any urban area and greater number of items are under lock and key
To shoplift a close up of your face as the clerk unlocks goods, less smash more flee
Unless each a every sku has an rfd that will sound off if not paid
Hire security at each door to randomly check the receipts with photo matching alarm going off better chance arrest will be made
A first step to insure more shoplifters get caught
No more Soros funded DA’s who longer sentences of serial shoplifters  have not been sought
Most misdemeanors have less than a year jail time
If no misdemeanor prosecutions thugs emboldened to advance up to the deadly felony line

 © 01/04/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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