Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Biden Venturing from His Isolation Cells of the White House and Deleware Beach House Shocked by Inflationary Price of a Smoothie.


Bidenomics has rapidly become a heavy albatross
As persistent inflation is causing consumers and businesses huge losses
Biden who is oblivious to the pain suffered by Americans who at the White House don’t reside
Who are living from pay check to pay check watching their savings being washed away by the Bidenomics inflationary tides
No wonder while in Allentown, Pennsylvania he was at the price of a smoothie shocked
$6 to pay for some milk, pureed fruits and ice-a living example of why Bidenomics is by voters mocked
The name “smoothie” in Bidenomics lexicon
Morphed into “chokeie” by inflation Bidenomics has brought on
Biden has become like a bear in hibernation sleeping in a cave
Very rarely seen in public or public functions despite inflationary Bidenomics inflicting pain so very grave
His energy and cognitive levels in a free fall race along with approval ratings
With each percent fall confidence of voters on his ability to govern deprecating
Blues are in a world of hurt and increasing panic
That Biden’s chance of reelection are looking more and more like the “unsinkable” Titanic
With Trump and MEGA voters as threats to democracy as his only plank
Watch the Blues jump ship in search of a replacement before the Biden candidacy sank

©  1/17/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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