Sunday, January 7, 2024

To Lump Hybrids with Fossil Fueled Vehicles and Bn Fossil Fueled Vehicles Will Be a Grave Mistake


If the U.S. were the size of the Netherlands, Belgium or Ireland
The choice of EVS’s over gas or hybrids would easily have the upper hand
If your trips are in the 200+ mile range
It should be an easy deal to at the end plan a lunch or dinner and a charging arrange
If people could get to work, drive to any meetings needed to attend
Without need to charge until a driver had to his home EV charging station his EV send
The only issue would be the higher cost to acquire
And the battery cost years downstream when the battery had to be retired
Fox Business News put the long distance range of a Tesla to the test
To measure the result of longer times to recharge or more difficulties and time to find a rapid charger on sales growth of EV’s arrest
According to Telsa’s on board navigation on rapid chargers you would be on road for 16 hours
In the same traffic conditions with fewer stops and less miles to drive to fill up a gas car 3 hours less to travel at the same power
Add to the difficulty of going all EV and not hybrid
Is the loss of spontaneity that being tied to an EV will rid
Planning an EV trip with multiple recharging attempts
Will be subject to a precise logistic plan with deviations that will be held in contempt
When the number of EV rapid charging stations are near that of gas or diesel pumps
And the fill-up time for gas does not by 15-30 minutes the time for reaching a full charge stump
EV’s if the prices can come down will by market forces soon rule the road
But not by governors like Newsom banning fossil fueled cars instead of subsidies and appeal to climate change to save the world our EV purchases  goad.
Once more the climate change warriors should not as a bridge Hybrid EV’s discard
Without them or rapid expansion of nuclear  power being carbon free will be really, really hard.

© 12/7/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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