Thursday, January 18, 2024

Barack Is Scheming and Michelle Is Terrified--Early Signs She'll Run and We Will Have a De Facto 3rd Term Violation of the 22nd Amendment


Biden’s poll numbers keep falling like a rock
Creating a fear that should put all Red voters in a state of shock
Michelle Obama who has never held a single office with Barack’s aid
With her “I am terrified if Trump wins” speech as Biden fades
May well be preparing to toss her hat into the ring
With the First Man and his policies and failings bring
In 2016 the fear of HRC winning and putting a sexual predator behind Oval Office closet closed door
Was in many minds who could not the Monica Lewinsky scandal ignore
But since the marriage of Bill and Hillary was a marriage only of convenience nothing more
And HRC’s run against Obama, service in the Senate and Secretary of State had points on experience score
The issue of circumvention of the 22nd Amendment limiting a president to 2 terms was never raised
On the campaign trail Trump focused on Obama and HRC failings and the issue seemed waived
But Obama who is already becoming more involved in trying to Biden’s reelection save
Would probably be a force with a Michelle and his policies not wanting to waive
He could be in reality and actions be viewed as her alter ego
Insuring into the trash can for the next 2 elections the 22nd Amendment would go
The Reds face a tight rope of not attacking Biden way over the top
Forcing him or his party leaders forcing him to his campaign stop
And electing a candidate not hobbled by dementia or old age
Who could hold his own on the campaign debate stage
Then after Biden being nominated take the refraining from attack Biden gloves off
And 24/7 his record on issues like immigration and mental impairment scoff

© 1/18/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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