Sunday, January 28, 2024

"Don't" Doesn't Work Only Emboldens Iran to Kill Americans As One of Its Proxies Killed 3 and Wounded At Least 24 Americans in a Drone Attack in Jordan Near Syria


Biden’s epitaph for foreign policy in dealing with our foes in one word is “Don’t”
Delusionally believes if he scowls and rants loud enough they will cower and “won’t”
Today in Jordan another Iran back terrorist group was deaf and instead of “won’t” “did”
3 American soldiers are dead and at least 24 wounded by an Iran back terrorist group that “don’t’s” will not rid
The attack on Jordan’s border came just a little more than two weeks ago
When Biden looked into the camera and to the Iranians his “don’t” face show
Prior to this latest proof that when it comes to Iran, “don’t’s” are of no use
Multiple attacks on service personnel occurred followed by warnings to stop the abuse
Biden must think it is okay to put our military in small packets to be in harm’s way
With nothing but a “don’t” to prevent a drone or missile from coming their way
If we are going to be a force to try to stabilize the oil rich Middle East
Is it not time to deprive the funds Iran needs to feed the terrorist beasts?
Do we not have minds capable of targeting Iranian oil and nuclear arms production facilities?
Or do we create a delusionary Iron Dome of “Don’t’s” and remain in Biden docility?
Biden’s like Obama’s line in the sand will not work
If an escalated military and economic response we shirk
And failing to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons and delivery quest
Any chance of really curtailing Iran will be subject to arrest

© 1/28/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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