Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Biden Pushes For AR-15 Ban and 9 mm Handguns But Does He Support Ban on All Handguns?


When it comes to gun control proposals by the Blues the response from the NRA is usually a ballistic no
On the issues of background checks and mental health red flag preventions one would think that is not the way to go
Most gun owners are responsible law abiding owners and with reasonable background checks would agree
But lost in the rhetoric on the anger and outrage on the Uvalde killing spree
Is that Salvador Ramos passed his background checks,  and his guns and ammo were legally bought
Prompting the left to argue a raising of the minimum age and worse a ban on certain guns sought
Banning the AR-15 which is the civilian version of semi-automatic/fully automatic M-16 is the left’s new cry
If passed and upheld in the courts will all semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols next to be denied?
Biden thinks that 9 mm handguns in civilian hands have no place
Inanely touts not needed to assault threats erase
When it comes to gun control acceding to the left’s demands is like giving a cookie to a mouse
Who will not be satisfied and will want more and more to the point you cannot afford to live in your house
With a violent crime wave sweeping the nation it in urban areas not safe to go outside
Daily too many innocents or bystanders in the wrong place the wrong time have died
In urban areas the idea that a home is a castle a myth when home invaders kill all inside
Reds are accused of waging a war on women but Blues may result in a more deadly curse
Banning handguns that a woman could save herself from deadly attack with it in her purse
Biden has refused to state whether all handguns he would want to meet the 9 mm fate
Do not be surprised that he would like to Canada on handguns ape
© May 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Saturday, May 28, 2022

12 Times the Uvalde Time Line Had To Be Corrected--Fog of War or Keystone Kops


We live in a 24/7 information society with the need for instant info gratification

Little wonder that in a rush to get info out there is the chance of mistake and obfuscation
The Texas Department of Safety has had to make at last count 12 corrections to the shooting time line
If not so mournful and tragic, comparisons to the Keystone Kops are quick to come to mind
Ample numbers of officers waited in the hall for 45 minutes before a janitor’s key opened the door
All the time hushed 911 calls from the classroom begging for help they chose to ignore
In March we now find that the Uvalde PD took training on responding to active shooting events
The course material on the different approach to an active shooter opposed to a barricaded one back to the editor needs to be sent
How could the officers in the hall if they heard a gunshot now and then did not the door try to breach
Approach the sound of gunfire was the lesson Columbine did so vividly teach
To this poet layman a shooter who has fired off rounds who still has guns and ammo an active shooter remains
Waiting for help like negotiators and hoping he will not start shooting again strikes one as insane
Governor Abbott said on the time line he was misled
If not due to the “fog of war” info rush we need pink slips instead
We should all pray for the victims’ souls and their families and the officers ordered not to breach the door
And the police chief who ordered the stand down should be informed as Uvalde police chief he is no more
© 5/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

The Only Way To Stop an Evil Person With a Gun Is For a Good Person With a Gun to Fire Backl /ev


The NRA slogan is “Guns Do Not Kill People, People with Guns Kill People”
And after another mass shooting the Left cries out “AR-15’s Should Be Illegal”
Lost in the rhetoric and emotion is this simple fact
The only way to stop an evil person with a gun is for a good person with a gun to fire back
That good person is usually a security guard or on duty or off duty cop
Well trained in how quickly to a shooter take down and the shootings stop
But often when the felons are trying the innocents to slay
A law abiding gun owner Good Samaritan steps into the fray
To often in this defund the cops leftist crusade
Stripped budgets mean longer 911 response times for cops to into harm’s way wade
In Charleston, West Virginia apartment complex at a graduation and birthday party
Celebrating academic success by some joyous smarties
A convicted felon, Dennis Butler, there earlier in a car had been warned to slow down
Too many children playing in the streets and on the grounds
Simple request that sadly morphed into a return in road rage
He pulled out an AR-15 to an assault on the crowd start to wage
A female attendee pulled a gun out of her purse
To shoot and kill him and prevent the assault from getting worse
In the article unnamed and a true hero
Her chances of being prosecuted less than zero
© 5/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, May 27, 2022

O'Rourke's Campaign Stunt Not a Round Tripper But More Likely Like a Foul With 2 Strikes Attempt at a Bunt


At the end of Governor Abbott’s press conference remarks on the shooting at Robb
Beto O’Rourke stood up to accusations of failure to act at Abbott lob
He must have thought he would energize his faltering campaign with this stunt
Those on the right thought it was not a home run but a two strike foul of an attempted bunt
The left rallied to O’Rourke’s brazen attempt
To subject Abbott to the voters contempt
Will voters perceive that the attack was a desperate move to politicize the event
When autopsies not even completed and young bodies to the morgue not even yet sent
One might have thought there will be time to this tragedy to investigate
But now a time to grieve not berate or launch a gun control debate
But the Blues have a tendency to a tragedy never go to waste
Blame the Reds and slam responsibility with great haste
When the tears have slowed, bodies buried there will be time to determine in the future should be done
The combination of hardening a soft target like a school and how to prevent mentally disturbed from access to a gun
An overwhelming majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens who practice gun safety with focused zeal
Would never think of shooting anyone unless to protect life and loved ones from a felon or the mentally sick whose behavior is far less from ideal
Expand background checks and expand mental health to ferret out those who are likely to injure themselves or others with a gun
Harden soft targets, limits on ammo purchased and reduction in the size of magazines are small steps that most of us would support being done
© May 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Was Uvalde Mass Shooting A Case of Failure to Breach Classroom Sooner of Active Shooter not Barricaded


          In the mass shooting at Columbine, the responding police first made the high school perimeter secure
And did nothing to confront the shooters to their deaths or incapacitation procure
While securing the perimeter and waiting for SWAT to arrive
In the 13 minutes after the first 911 call, 20 students were wounded and 12 students and 1 teacher were no longer alive
Napoleon had taught an army should to the sound of the cannons move
After Columbine cops arriving taught to head to the shooter to the threat remove
Many of the mass school shootings that we have suffered the command head to the shooter has been followed to the Tee
Save in Parkland where deputies remained shielded by cars outside while Cruz engaged in his deadly killing spree
The sheriff in Parkland was fired and the SRO who kept the responders outside his trial awaits
For endangering the lives of students sworn by him to protect and who for SWAT chose to wait
If first responders are required to charge the sound of gunfire
We owe it to them to be armed to against AR-15’s go head to toe and wear AR-15 proof attire
We can’t expect an officer to be brave enough like the retired cop in Buffalo market shooting who faced an AR-15
Saw his pistol bullets bounce off the shooter’s armor and then off to the morgue shot be seen
The shooting at Robb has many questions answered not yet
We hope that the lessons of Columbine the first responders did not forget
If the facts prove that the shooter was active not just in barricade mode
As the 911 calls from within pleading for help seemed to forbode
The CBP SWAT team that told by the Uvalde chief of police to at their positions stay
To finally ignore the commands and push the police out of the way
Are going to be in a world of hurt over lives they could have saved
As 19 kids and 2 teachers will be going to way too early graves
© May 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Mayor Adams Struggling With Violent Crime Increase


NYC aka The Big Apple seems rotten to its very core
As violent crime throughout the city soars
Up over last year at 43 percent
No sign that the increase will relent
Public safety almost nearly broken and severely bent
Mayor Adams a former NYPD captain may be running out of time
His efforts stymied by Albany’s anti victims’ laws like no cash bail seem to be increasing crime
Subways are the transportation artery that nourish the city’s business and entertainment heart
Now clogged with homeless camping out and thugs ready to pounce when the trains depart
Just recently 29 riders injured including 10 who were shot

A Goldman Sachs executive shot a killed with his shooter still being sought
Unlike Di Blasio who did not have the NYPD’s backs
Adams is making an effort like more cops riding the tracks
And aping Mayor Giuliani’s policy of arresting those who commit minor crimes
To try to prevent repeats far more serious when committed the next time

But with D.A.’s in the Gascon mode like Bragg, he may be trying to paddle upstream
When will the left understand that without public safety there is no American Dream
Only the nightmare of more assaults and shootings and sirens into the night
And an increasing number of fed up citizens to safer areas taking flight

© May 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Dork O'Rourke Off to Houston NRA Convention to Protest AR-15 Ownership


Beto O’Rourke fresh from his Jim Acosta imitation at Governor Abbott’s press conference on the Robb school shooting
Will be off to Houston for the NRA convention to outside the convention hall his new opposition to AR-15’s be tooting
In 2020 he ran for president on a strict gun control platform to assault weapons confiscate
Did not resonate well with most  Americans and Beto dropping  out before a single primary was his fate
His main pitch to voters was that he narrowly lost his Senate race with Cruz
A strong ego that would appeal not because he won but only narrowly did lose
Once a politician always a politician so on the Governor of Texas in 2022 he set his sights
On AR-15 ownership he flipped from confiscation buybacks to hoping ownership would decrease
But like a politician with no spine after the shooting at Robb, that new position would cease
Back to banning assault rifles for all save military and cops
Ownership and sales to law abiding would have to stop
O’Rourke is like a public opinion poll weather vane which moves in the wind’s direction
Whatever the issue if it points to majority approval it’s an O’Rourke acceptance and if not a rejection
The good thing about this race is that if Abbot wins the voters will be spared from more O’Rourke
No longer to endure his grandstanding or flip flops to cause voters wark
© May 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Biden Needs to Grieve Only With Victims' Families in Uvalde Not Push For Gun Control Unless It Is About Up Arming Cops in Mass Shootings


Biden will travel to Uvalde not to only grieve with the parents and victims’ families
But more likely to put forth the need for more gun control homily
We are now learning that when the school resource officers tried to enter the school they were met
By a hail of bullets coming from the barrel of an AR-15 Kevlar vests piercing threat
Probably armed with pistols and short range shotguns they exchanged fire
But to advance into that hail would mean quickly would expire
They had to wait about an hour before a Border Patrol Swat Team arrived on the scene
Clad in full body armor with weapons that outgunned an AR-15
Pretty quickly it must have ended with Ramos shot and killed
We will not know if during the wait the children were added to the butchers’ bill
Maybe it would behoove us to talk about in mass shootings the arms the cops should carry
To cut down the number of innocents after the shooter or shooters incapacitated we must bury
In the Buffalo mass shooting the security guard was armed with pistol and hit the gunman with no effect
He quickly died as the shooter’s body armor his low velocity pistol bullets did deflect
Maybe all cop cars should carry in the trunk Kevlar helmets and M-16s
So the first police responders do not have wait losing victims until a Swat Team arrives on scene
This shattered nation needs to heal
It does not need another anti-Red blame for the shooting in God’s name zeal
Another chance for Biden to revert to his inauguration and seek to unify
Sadly our hopes for that moment will be defied
© May 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Dork O'Rourke Apes CNN Acosta at Press Conference Attacking Abbott

 Blues are famous for never letting a tragedy from going to waste

Just look at their reactions after Uvalde against Reds made in great haste
Classic case is Dork O’Rourke known as a “sick son of a bitch”
In a time for crying and grieving tosses any sense of respect into the political ditch
Interrupting Governor Abbott’s press conference update on the Uvalde shooting massacre
Blaming him for doing nothing on camera for some free campaign ad time to insure
This will be a shooting that will be investigated A to Z
Including many questions on why so many did not Ramos mental issues see
O’Rourke’s interruption added nothing hindering the dissemination of the facts
Images of CNN “journalist” Acosta grandstanding at Trump conferences coming back
O’Rourke accomplished nothing other than to remind voters he is not fit for the job he seeks
Should have listened to the Byrds before his grandstanding rants that reek
A time to be born, A time to dieA time to plant, A time to reap
A time to kill, a time to healA time to laugh, a time to weep
But not a time Dork O’Rourke to politicize
Let the parents grieve and bury their children before you Abbott demonize

© May 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

We Are Doomed If Buffalo and Uvalde Mass Shootings Cannot End Vicious Ad Hominem Gridlock On Mass Shootings


In less than two weeks two mass shootings have devastated this nation
Quickly with warp speed politicized by the Blues who feel elation
In Buffalo Payton Gendron at a Tops Market, in a predominantly black area shot and killed ten
Surrounded by police he surrendered and after his trial likely will never see the outside of prison again
The House on party lines passed a billed requiring cooperation on domestic terrorism and white supremacy in military
Reds opposed after DOJ started to focus on parents protesting teaching CRT as domestic terrorists as too imaginary
In Uvalde Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary school
Killed 19 kids and 2 teachers with his AR-15 tools
Another chance for the left to level the white suprematcist charge
The shooter and most of his victims were Hispanic so killings to a hate crime could not be enlarged
Still fixated on the need for more gun control
Left has not found a way yet on shooter affix white suprematcist goal
The tragedy so quickly has become politicized with the left ranting the Reds are to blame
In their mind if you disagree no matter skin color you merit the white suprematcist name
Schumer blocked a vote on Scott’s bill to promote means to prevent mass shootings in schools
Reds today blocked the House Bill because of its heavy focus on “white supremacy” as an anti-terrorism tool
Our leaders needs to the pundits’ and celebs’ political rants on mass shootings tune out
And sit down and try to compromise solutions which is what legislation is supposed to be about
First and foremost we need to harden soft targets like schools, churches and malls
Armed officers were on site at Robb but not covering the many entrances to halls
One entry point only covered by an armed cop
Classroom doors with locks that entry other than batter ram would stop
Easy first steps that should be easy to start
Make it easier to from the ad hominem gridlock depart
© May 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Gridiron Hero Walker to Face Man of the Cloth Warnock This Fall


If the Georgia Senate Race this fall were like a football game
Herschel Walker would as soon as the polls closed as winner be named
Such is not the case and he will face Raphael Warnock a pastor running to stay in his seat
A pivotal race the Reds need to win to the Blues’ majority in the Senate defeat
Football hero, Heisman Trophy Winner and best player to a Bulldog uniform wear
Strong Christian values that most Georgia voters share
Backed by Trump in the primary who will be most likely on the campaign trail
Though Trump’s selection in the governor’s race Perdue failed
A man of the cloth facing a gridiron hero
Not a betting man but this poet believes Warnock’s chances near zero
If you were not a football fan but liked martial arts
Walker is a 5th degree black belt with skills to impart
If from normal sports you further strayed and were a Candy fan
Walker competed in a real Cool Runnings Winter Olympics as a brakeman to be your man
Only problem Walker may face is the size of Soros’ purse
Amount of dollars against him will be a major curse
© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

19 Kids and 2 Adults Killed at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas but Biden Blows a Chance For a Unity Speech


Another American tragedy occurred today at Robb Elementary School
And once again sadly an AR-15 and a semi-automatic pistol were the tools
Salvador Ramos, 18 years of age, shot his grandmother then fled
But instead of escaping Uvalde, crashed outside of the school instead
Entered the school and started to at the school children shoot to kill
When the smoke had cleared he had added 19 young innocents, a teacher and an adult to the butcher’s bill
Police quickly responded and were met with a hail of gunfire
Two police were wounded and Ramos soon quickly expired
Only at Sandy Hook years earlier in Connecticut had more innocents died
Another example of a school shooting in which access to the school was not denied
With dead not even all in morgues or even identified Biden appeared on national TV
If ever there was a time in mourning in a national tragedy an appeal to unity we would want to see
A start of empathy to the parents like him who had buried his own young child
Then a pivot to the need for standing up to the gun lobby with his anger running wild
Blasted us and Reds for on the issue of gun control a total lack of spine
Sadly a real opportunity to come together tossed with predictable Blue gun control whine
Looking old and frail tied to a teleprompter or cue cards
Out of touch a chance to seek unity totally marred
© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Nicole Hannah Jones of Project 1619 Ifame In the News of Claim North Did Not Fight Civil War to End Slavery

 Nicole Hannah Jones of Project 1619 is in the news to idiotically proclaim

That the North did not fight the Civil War to end slavery only the Union to retain

Ignores the fact that to have a Union of free states growing by leaps and bounds

No way could it continue to have a decreasing percentage of slave states' population still around

Had not the South been so foolish given the industrialization of the North to on Fort Sumpter fire

Only a question of time before slavery by legislative fiat or aping John Browns would have been retired

The plantation owners who were the minority when most whites owned none or only a few slaves

Pulled off the great con job of all time to convince poor whites that state’s rights must be saved

Lincoln would have known after the commencement of the Civil War

And casualties on both sides began to soar

That the South’s biggest fear would be that the blacks would rebel

Facing the Union on all sides and blacks inside would be its death knell

The North began arming blacks into its armies and navy until they constituted ten percent

Freeing the slaves in occupied Southern states would mean more blacks to the front sent

She may be right not in the beginning but after the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves was a major goal

As growing casualties on both sides were taking their toll

Fortunately for the North the South fought with half its male population not armed

Freeing blacks who served in Confederacy too much risk of harm

© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

New England Journal of Medicine Claims Obesity in BIPOCs Caused By Systematic Racism Preventing Abrams From Being Body Slammed


The left is on a crusade to reveal systematic racism in this nation in every nook and cranny
Back when Blumberg was New York City Mayor who banned large sodas we thought he was political nanny
Now a new article in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests he was visionary ahead of his time
His war on large sodas to prevent obesity may have been aimed at racism as the real crime
The article claims that obesity heavily found in blacks and persons of color (BIPOC) is due to systematic racism
Which must pervade our lives and is the tired playbook of leftism
Obesity is found more in BIPOC according to the study due to racism caused stress
And tendency in BIPOC neighborhoods where unhealthy fast foods are eaten more not less
Where due to systematic racism BIPOC have fewer venues to find low cost healthy meals
Looking at Stacey Abrahams her obese frame is hard to conceal
But this woman is a college graduate and a graduate of Yale Law School
If she validates the Journal claim the authors must think its readers are fools
She is running for governor of Georgia again claiming voter suppression
But also claiming Georgia is the worst place to live—not for voters a winning impression
Partially walked it back claiming it was “inelegant delivery”
Still stands in terms of social services living here is living in misery
She should stick to writing books where she has had some success
We hope for longevity she sheds weight by eating and ranting racism less
© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tenure at UCF Trumped Black Privilege as UCF Forced to Rehire Prof. Negy for Criticizing "Black Privilege"

 Throughout this nation we are inundated with the White Supremacist claim

An overriding evil that must be destroyed since it cannot be tamed
The flip side of White Supremacy that by the left and MSM is given free reign
Is the corroding effect of Black Privilege impairment of blacks’ success being obtained
Affirmative action, grading preferences, quotas, reparations, CRT and constructive criticism down the drain
Professor Negy of UCF, tenured 20 year professor, was fired for his criticism of Black Privilege not refrained
Went to arbitration and won his case and will be rehired and tenure restored
A sad case of Black Privilege causing academic freedom of tenure being ignored
His point was simple if a student is free from constructive criticism he will not learn
Will be stigmatized by beliefs his success was due to color not earned
The bookend of Black Privilege is White Guilt
The need for corporations and institutions to atone for supposed racism they built
Project 1619 coating and degrading American achievements with racist silt
Targeted 24/7 by the racist charge driven up to the hilt
So BLM can raise millions not to advance black educational chances
But to the number and value of BLM leaders mansions advance
Racist that is real should be attacked and shamed without pause
But dumping meritocracy for Black Privilege is flawed
© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Baby Food Airlift Compared to Berlin Airlift Typical Too Little Too Late Biden


After the Allies divided Germany and Berlin into 4 occupied zones to insure Germany would never rise up again to wage war
The Soviets who suffered the most wanted Germany to remain industrially weak as a military forces to safely ignore
In early 48 the French, English and American zones were combine into one to aide in economic recovery increase
Outraged Stalin told the Allies that rail, motor vehicle and water traffic to West Berlin would cease
On June 24 thus began the Soviet’s Berlin Blockade
Designed to the Allies’ will to remain in West Berlin degrade
In days not weeks or months Truman acts were so very swift
Food, fuel, medicine, clothing and all matter of goods for Berliners to survive starting arriving in the Berlin Airlift
Goods made in West Berlin were flown out to the West
Stalin fumed and rattle sabers but was smart enough not to the flights of the planes arrest
In a little over 11 months of the Berlin filling the skies 24/7 and Berliners rejoicing to hearing the engines howls
The Soviets realized that without a war that going nuclear they would not win threw in the towel
Today we are witnessing another airlift one that inaction and delay have kept the airlift planes on the ground
In February, our largest manufacturer of baby formula Abbot Labs after bacteria in its formula was found
Shut down the plant in question and issued a voluntary recall and notified the FDA
Alarm bells should have gone off requiring food makers to address a coming shortage without delay
Had this occurred we would have had the COVID-19 equivalent of warp speed
To bring to market the baby formula desperate mothers would need
Instead under Biden action on a slow glacial pace
One plane of 1.5 million 8 ounce bottles for 9000 babies for a week to their hunger pangs replace
Some two more months before Abbot products start filling shelf spaces
Once Biden tone death to our needs and his rankings rightfully in disgrace
© 5/22/22 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, May 21, 2022

The New Political Alchemy Heard of Black Caucus Blames Shootings at an Asian Salon As Racist White Supremacy But Shooter Is Black


In the Middle Ages alchemists for years tried to create gold from lead
Each time despite all efforts no change and result was failure instead
In alchemy the “Midas Touch” turned out to be a myth
Lead remained lead and alchemists failed to become goldsmiths
A new breed of political alchemists have on today’s scene appeared
Their goal is not with metal but with skin to alter to spread fears
No matter how black a person might be
If a conservative the new alchemists strive to link him with white supremacy
Larry Elder is the classic case who ran to try to Newsom recall
By the left and the MSM as a white suprematcist he was mauled
In Dallas and an Asian owned hair salon a shooter fired 13 shots at 7 patrons before he fled
Must have not spent time on the shooting range since none of his victims were dead
Rep Beatty, the Black Caucus Chairwoman took to the mics to blast white supremacist racist violence in a predictable kneejerk
But a slight problem in her rush to the mics to white suprematcists blame any investigation objectivity she shirked
The man arrested was not white but black as black could be
But since the victims were Asian, alchemy at work and condemnation of white supremacy
© May 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Too Little Too Late Biden Finally Invokes Defense Production Act to Realize Baby Formula Shortage Is Real Problem


Biden when VP with Obama was best remembered as one of the team members that led from behind
Now as president the phrase to describe him “Too little too late” immediately comes to mind
On the Afghanistan cut and run stranding Americans and our Afghan allies images of Saigon déjà vu
Not the tidal wave at the embassy gates of the conga line up the roof to the choppers await
But Afghans fearing for their lives jumping on planes taking off and then as they lifted falling to a deadly fate
Troops finally sent to protect the evacuation but not enough
13 soldiers from a suicide bomber into coffins stuffed
Inflation picking up before Putin’s  invasion of Ukraine
But Biden like a stuck record spouting it’s transitory refrain
Clear warnings that Russia would invade prompting replies that sanctions would be imposed
Sanctions that would not and were not designed to deter Russian invasion into Ukraine go
For months only threats of what he would do as opposed to Stingers, Javelins and Iron Domes
And when the Poles wanted to send Ukraine Mig 22’s Biden demanded they stay home
Finally arms were sent but had they been in abundance when Russian convoys were single file miles long
The Russians stuck on roads to KVIV would be been slaughtered to realize their invasion was wrong
His latest too little too late is the baby formula shortage disaster
Abbott Lab shut down its baby formula plant in February that should have sounded the alarm to the shortage master
Biden’s administration ignored the coming shortage with their heads buried in the ground
Trump would have acted immediately with Defense Production Act which yesterday Biden finally came around
Too Little Too Late
Red Wave will be Blues’ November fate
© 5/19/22 The Alaskanpoet

Lifelong Blue Elon Musk is Leaving the Donkey to Vote for the Elephant


The Blues must be both deaf and blind
Or total cowards or out of their minds
Fearful of the likes of AOC and the Squad
Oblivious to the fact their ideas are flawed
They must see the Red Wave getting closer to wash their majorities away
Yet their only response is the race and gender card to play
Like Chicken Little who raced in circles warning the sky is falling
Their only pitch is to find White Supremacy in all Reds and ignore the upcoming mauling
Ignoring the carnage of urban city blacks being killing by fellow gang blacks
While a BLM flush with cash and mansions any empathy for the victims lack
Losing their hold on the urban city plantation black voters
Useful only for their votes and Blues list of time after election for them getting shorter
Same with Hispanics shifting their votes to Reds
Who focus on inflation, crime, and complete open border instead
From the Blues a last gasp of abortion to the appearance of the fetal head
And beyond if the physical, mental, emotional or financial health has been shed
Ignoring how most feel on late term abortions and the warnings of a lifelong Blue Elon Musk
Blues have left the people for the unions and trial lawyers so he’s voting for the brays but the tusks
© May 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Biden Comes to Senses and Government Disinformation Board Put on Hold for 75 Days and the Tik Tok Fool Resigned

Most of the Biden Administration acts and policies are met with by Reds and Indies with derision
But in a 180 Biden may have come to his senses with his Disinformation Governance Board decision
A proposed assault on the First Amendment not by the left at social media but by our government
The howls of protest were almost immediate along with litigation threats forcing Biden to relent
Its appointed political hack director Nina Jankowicz noted for her singing Tik Tok
And her biased background and Orwellian charter were quickly mocked
She has resigned in record time and the Board has been for 75 days put on hold
Best for the nation but removed a Blue weakness calling for Red waves that Reds could have sold
But with Biden’s obsession with finding White Suprematcists under every cranny and rock
Biden’s censorship plans may be merely on hold and we must remain alert to again them block
The Biden Administration’s attempt to stifle and threaten opposing  thought is like a Whack-A-Mo game
From the “insurrection” on January 6 to DOJ and FBI reactions to CRT protesting parents as “domestic terrorists” name
Do not be surprised if the IRS of Lois Lerner Patriot 501(c)(3) target fame
Does not dust off its playbook to on conservative organizations illegal tax free status claim
What functioning neurons Biden has diminish each day
Enough left to realize his agenda is fading away
In a corner worse that Carter he will lash out at imagined racists and White Suprematcists
As inflation and the border head into a Hell and a Handbasket the Indies and moderate Blues will him resist
© 5/18/22 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Musk Reveals Who Controls President Biden--Not Jill But The Person Who Controls The Teleprompter


The man who created Tesla and SpaceX is without doubt a brilliant man
In addition to creating the fear of God in the algorithm Wokes in social media land
Elon Musk also has the dubious distinction of being the largest individual taxpayer in the USA
More importantly it is so illuminating and refreshing to hear what he has to say
Observing that one party rule in California should sound the alarms
Causing its residents a lot of pain and fiscal harm
Or revealing that the person who is really president is not his wife Jill
But rather the person who controls the teleprompter from which enables his swill
With his teleprompter he can try to advancing dementia conceal
But even with it moving slowly, lapses, gaffes and confusion reveals
Protected by the MSM sycophants on social media in the past
If free speech advocate Musk acquires Twitter such shield not long last
November will soon be upon us as will inflation, open borders, and memories of babies crying in the night
Since their parents frantically scouring stores for baby food formula could find nothing in sight
The leaked Alioto draft has energized the Blue’s progressive base
But not enough to block the Red Wave that will Blue majorities in Congress erase
© May 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Is the Great Divider Wolf in the Great Unifier's Clothing


Biden the “Great Unifier” pulled off a historic election bait and switch
With the complicity of the MSM sold the idea of Red and Blue unity to later toss into the ditch
The unity concept in his Inauguration speech had faded into the winter air
When his divisiveness by his words and deeds he would share
In Biden’s mind of few functioning neurons it was clear what was the greatest threat
In his lifetime and with the powers of the his Oval Office it would be met
White Supremacy with its evil racist motivated hate
Would by the politization of FBI and DOJ abate
An overwhelming majority of Americans already the hate of White Supremacy oppose
But in Biden’s mind anyone who opposed the Blues was a target and the numbers of White Suprematcists would exponentially grow
Parents who opposed CRT indoctrination in schools were civil terrorists
People who opposed censorship of conservatives on social media were White Suprematcists
If you weren’t woke enough you did not deserve to be heard
If you believed in the 2nd Amendment or supported funding the cops you were absurd
Common to all on Biden’s growing list were those who would likely vote Red
As opposed to voting for Progressive Blues instead
Biden’s Great Divide will not long last as we are as a people much better to have the divide endure
We need to come together and voting Red in November the ending of the divide we will insure
© May 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Musk Concerned About Fake User Numbers Puts Twitter Buy On Hold

 It is hard to trust or believe any company that bans conservative thought

Musk is justified to believe that Twitter's numbers may be rot

He is the White Knight to dethrone the ban on conservative speech

One hopes he and Twitter can an agreement on a lower price reach

I used to tweet many times daily until Rasputin's PC warriors shadow banned

Thank God Elon Musk may bring back Hyde Park to Twitter Land

The Twitter left that contributed to the left almost every cent of their donations

Must be searching for much stronger libations

If Musk can lower the price because of user numbers cooked books

A silver lining for the advertisers paying millions for cable where few look

Viewers at CNN and MSNBC are endangered species

Compared to Fox so few are clicking to them their TVs

Ad rates will fall

Salaries for leftist "journalists" stall

An MSM that becomes a real 4 Estate

Where accountability and Investigation is strong not to abate

© 5/16/22 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, May 13, 2022

Russia Stymied Big Time In Ukraine "DeNazification" Claims NATO Member Poland Is Next--Cuban Missile Crisis Deja Vu


Had the West read Mein Kampf they would have started to earlier rearm
Hitler was sincere in his quest to ignore the Versailles Treaty that should have sounded the alarms
France falsely secured behind its Maginot Line and England’s treasury still bare
Stood idly by when Kriegsmarine U-Boats were launched and the Luftwaffe Condor Legion was fighting in Spanish air
The learned to its great dismay that a piece of paper signed in Munich would not Hitler deter
Only a well-armed West had a chance to the peace in Europe insure
France and England moved with glacial speed to try to the Soviet Union to enlist
To ally against Germany to the signs of its impending attack on Poland resist
Stalin did not want to face Germany and so he entered a treaty of nonaggression
Picked up half of Poland, the Baltic Republics and a slice of Romania in quick succession
With his invasion of Ukraine stalled and more body bags being filled each day
Putin is now ranting that denazification of Poland by Russia can no longer be delayed
If he is serious and not just ranting to hide the failings of the Russian forces from the Russians in the streets
A threat of monumental proportions the West and the world is about to meet
Poland is a member of NATO  and under Article 5 an attack on it is an attack on all other NATO nations
A natural fear that NATO allies killing Russians and attacking their Russian bases moves us closer to nuclear annihilation
In the Cuban Missile Crisis we were the closest to nuclear war we have ever been but Khrushchev backed down
Soon in less than two years as a leader he was no longer around
Kennedy had nuclear missiles in Turkey as a bargaining chip  to remove and a pledge never to Cuba invade
Might be time to suggest in exchange for Russian withdrawal in Ukraine that NATO nonaggression of Russia we would trade
© May 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Hiding Biden Now the Blaming Biden As He Hands the Buck to Reds For Inflation and Probably Next Baby Formula Shortage


Truman raised the bar for accountability when he proclaimed “The buck stops here”
In Biden’s case accountability in the Oval Office for disasters has disappeared

On inflation that is at its highest level in over 40 years
The Oval Office is free from blame as Biden names other targets to appear
Rising fuel prices due to his immediate war on fossil fuels
It’s Putin’s fault is his lame attempt to the American public fool
In his failing mental state oblivious to ending Keystone, barring new drilling on federal land
Urging banks to on loans to producers cut back and any urgency on permits needed to transport oil withstand
Prices were soaring well before Russia invaded Ukraine
So he tosses out oil company collusion on higher prices to blame
Despite all warnings from economists even those who Obama served
Started printing dollars by the trillions to give us the inflation we deserve
Thank God for Manchin and Sinema who would not pour spending gas on the inflation fire
Yet even today Biden’s cure for inflation is for more massive spending to aspire
With the border open and welcoming illegals and drugs like fentanyl
Which last year over 100,000 by this drug from China to the cartels to us would kill
Another crisis of shortages of baby formula has reared its empty shelves head
Causing anger and pain and suffering with parents both Blue and Red
Biden feels and tastes our inflation pain
Thank God it will send Blue majorities down the drain
© 5/12/22 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Desperate Blues Use Late Term On Demand Abortion to Distract Voters from Their Failure on Important Issues


In war the successful general is the one who camouflages and deceives as to the true focus of his intent
Tricking the opposing forces to alter their concentration and disposition to a bogus attack prevent
In World War II the Allies created Operation Fortitude to cause the Germans to believe
D-Day would occur near Calais as the shortest route from England for a landing victory to achieve
Fake radio traffic, balloon tanks and artillery with Patton the invasion general often spotted opposite Calais
The 15th Army with most of the Panzers were entrenched waiting to the lightly armed invasion force to slay
Rommel knew from experience to prevail against the Allies it would be the Longest Day
If the German Panzers did not drive the Allies back into the sea any chance of victory would fade quickly away
The Russians called it maskirovka to conceal where and when they would attack
When the Germans had their panzers in the wrong place on Operation Bagration any chance to defeat it they would lack
Even the Germans could practice the art lulling the Allies into thinking Wacht en Rhein was for a defense line
To burst out of the Ardennes in the Battle of the Bulge that the surprised Allies were lucky to confine
Politics is war by another name and means
As Blues use the abortion hangers cards to from the issues voters wean
Inflation, crime, fentanyl, border, supply shortage including formula and Ukraine
Biden’s and Blues’ record on each bad enough to send their fall election prospects down the drain
<1 % of abortions now occur after the on demand time of more than  21 weeks
If Roe overturned and back to the states, most if not all would find the relief they seek
© 5/11/22 The Alaskanpoet
Leave it to the political cartoonist to trump a poem in attacking the distraction efforts of the Blues in using abortion to distract voters from real issues facing us. 

 the Blues

Pro Life Senators Collins and Murkowski Joined by Manchin to Defeat Senate Abortion on Demand Bill 51-49


Abortion without a doubt is the most polarizing and divisive issue that confronts us today
Sadly for the prochoice fanatics demanding right to abortion up to birth it’s my way or the highway
And for the prolife fanatics who believe life begins at conception
Abortion is the taking of a life, a sin that must send a mother to Hell’s reception
The stigma of over 63 million fetuses aborted in the womb since Roe v. Wade
Sadly has the idea of viability of the fetus outside the womb as a test subject to degrade
In Texas where abortion before the 20th week was once a permitted act
Now as soon as a fetal heart beat can be detected the right is retracted
A catch 22 in spades as a fetal heart beat can be detected as early as six weeks
A very good chance that a woman will not know she’s pregnant to an abortion seek
Surgical abortions are recorded and it looks like after 21 weeks less than 1 percent occur
Before 21 weeks gestation viability of a fetus is nearly despite medical advances very rarely insured
Schumer’s true partisan colors desperate to stop the Red Wave
Forced a vote on an abortion on demand to moment of birth to Blue majorities save
Went down to defeat 51-49 to reflect this simple fact
Prochoice supporters for late term abortions by majorities overwhelmingly lack
Schumer who is such a biased hack now has his Rubicon he believes Blue voters will not cross
Will ignore inflation, crime and the border due to Red stand on abortion and prevent Blue loss
© May 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, May 9, 2022

Blues Not Condemning Protests Intimidating SCOTUS Justices Outside Their Homes


Clinton once argued that abortions should be safe, legal and rare
Feelings among too many Blues that today are no longer there
Instead we have the outrage today of protestors gathered outside SCOTUS Justices’ homes
Trying to threaten the Justices and their families turning their neighborhood into an intimidation zone
And from MSM like Sunny Hostin on the View
Praising them for doing what they should do
Pelosi the Speaker of the House merits nothing but scorn and disgrace
Claiming their anger is justified and should not be replaced
And from our president whose mental cupboard of functioning neurons is bare
Not a word of outrage over threatening outbursts filling the night air
A MSM journalist Carolyn Reilly commenting on a prolife clinic in Madison
That was firebombed and graffitied to effect if “abortions aren’t safe your life is down”
Praising the violence condemning the prolifers to rot
Wonder how quickly prochoicers’ copycats encouraged will have Molotov’s to prolifers’ clinics brought
What makes this outrage so outrageous is that Roe v. Wade validated viability of life without artificial means as a test
21 weeks is widely recognized as viable and  doctors should on women abortion procedures arrest
Less than one percent of abortions are performed after 21 weeks
The demand for abortion on demand is not a roar but more like a mouse that squeaks
Abortion is a right not in the Constitution which is left to the people and the states
It is the states that should legislate when life is viable so abortion abates
Since standards of living are different in each state but not the periods of gestation
The states should adopt the same period at or near 21 weeks for viability across the nation
© May 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Pro Choice Zealots Wanting Abortion on Demand for the Less than 1% after 21 Weeks Right Up To Moment of Birth


A leaked draft of an Alioto written opinion has the left jumping for joy
An ends justifies the means leftist leaking to enraged Blue women to deploy
As the screams of outrage head up outside of SCOTUS Justices’ homes into the air
Who among the protestors can believe the idea abortion should be safe, legal and rare?
For more than 63 million times since Roe v. Wade the answer was sadly no
The rabid left wants abortion rights on demand up to the moment the head is starting to show
The idea that a fetus that is viable at 21 to 24 weeks no longer exists

Should not a society at that moment want to the killing resist?
In the spectrum of live does a severely handicapped physically or mentally have the right to live
Or does that become the decision of the mother and her doctor to the gift of further life give?
At the other end of the spectrum of life when death is becoming near
Does the Hippocratic Oath require Code Blue alarms for help to appear?
If abortion is safe and legal in all states with an expiration date after the mother knows
The abortion must occur, or the right is no longer bestowed
Would not that be a better way to the pro-life/ pro-choice divide try to end?
Less than one percent of abortions occur after 21 weeks to the outrage off the charts to send
If an ultrasound exam after 24 weeks showed the presence of lethal fetal abnormalities
Allowing an abortion as an alternative to giving birth and then have a mother endure a baby’s quick death as a reality
Would seem to be the human thing to do to prevent such unbearable grief
Viability of the fetus should be the litmus test
With massive prenatal education to do more than just suggest
But ripping this country apart to pander to the reality of but one percent
Should not be where the debate on Roe v. Wade should be sent
 © 5/9/22 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Abortion On Demand Even As Fetus Enters Birth Canal Impact How Quickly Those In Hospice Will Not Be Revived


Human life is like a barbell with weights on each end
One the nine or so months before birth and the other when to the Al, NH or Hospice time to send
Two weights connected and acts on one can on the other ape the same acts
If in the womb a decision is made to abort and the ability to survive outside the womb the fetus lacks
Like an early miscarriage an infant does not die
Only that fate or medical condition a birth denied
Abortion is a conscious decision that can be the most difficult a woman can make
If it occurs during early term there should be only empathy not wrath to burn her at a stake
The closer to birth the greater the chance that an aborted fetus would survive
Medical science has improved such that a baby born 24 weeks premature may remain alive
If Roe v Wade is overturned and the legality of abortion is removed from the feds and returned to the states
Does the issue of viability of life if aborted become part of any debate?
Criminals in this nation are protected from cruel and unusual punishment
At 23 week of gestation pain by the fetus will be to its developing brain sent
From a warm womb nourished constantly to without warning to be expelled
Pro Choicers claiming no pain involved seems a hard sell
Near the end of life does a person in a coma on life support not brain dead have a right to live?
How does a society allow one in a coma to on life support remain and the abortion of a viable fetus forgive
The closer to birth abortion is allowed even after fetal  entry to birth canal
The harder it will be for the terminal elderly or long term comas to support the sanctity of life rationale
© May 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Leaker of Draft SCOTUS Opinion Not Known But Safe Bet It's an End Justifies the Means Leftist

 Democracy is never a sure thing and in darkness can die

Transparency between the voters and our elected or appointed leaders we need to rely
But to the transparency need there is also an opposing side
Democracy can also die when the need for confidentiality a leaker cannot abide
A tightrope over a canyon we must try to cross
When the confidentiality need was not right democracy is into chaos tossed
The Pentagon Papers or the Mai Lai coverup prove the case
Obstruction of justice by concealing crimes our democracy debases
Deep Throat was a hero to divulge the Watergate Break-in and coverup
The burglary of the DNC morphed into an attack on democracy to erupt
Until now the third branch of government in its decisions has been free of leaks
The press has never been approached with info to force the branch to a different result seek
The judiciary has not been immune from partisan attacks that from the Constitution it has strayed
But the need for confidentiality of its adjudication process and steps to a decision has never been leaked to public display
Independence is crucial to enable the judiciary to perform their task free from undue partisan pressure
The leaker is not a hero and his actions merit scorn and censure
Safe bet the leaker is a leftist wanting to torpedo Red November wave
Leaking anticipated ruling that would overturn Roe energize women to Blue majorities save
Blind to fact overturning Roe will not the 63 million abortion deaths end
Only put the decision in the hands of the states who may put some restrictions on the abortion on demand trend
Must be disbarred and hopefully a creative DOJ can criminally prosecute
Leaker will be on MSNBC, write a book into a movie deal and advise Soros to any concerns for poverty refute
© May 4, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

Monday, May 2, 2022

Draft SCOTUS Opinion of Supposedly Alioto Leaked That Over Turns Roe v.Wade In Total Violation of SCOTUS Rules--Left Unhinged


When it come to the workings of the Swamp, it is a sieve described
Proposed legislation or considered executive action proposed by the ruled side
Is too often leaked to the press to rally those who want the propose action to abort
Congress and the Executive Branch are both guilty as when it comes to confidentiality they come up short
But decisions reached by SCOTUS are reached in silence
Leaving reporters and observers of oral arguments  left guessing on which side of the fence
The court or several justices reside until the decisions are handed down
Another why of preventing pressure to rule one way that SCOTUS clearly frowns
That has been the observed decision that confidentiality of the decision process rules
That is until today that Politico with the aid of a leaker ignored the decision process tools
A draft opinion supposedly by Justice Alioto is holding Roe is overturned and the abortion process is to be regulated by the states
In probably the reason for the leak to energize the left in the abortion debate, protestors marching on SCOTUS to it threaten and berate
Schumer immediately sounding the call to codify the holding of Roe v Wade
Ignoring the fact that very few Americans support the abortion on demand late term parade
Liberals and Conservatives should hang their heads and mourn
Over this attempt to the independence of the judiciary to be shorn
The left is already ramping up the big lie
That the opinion if adopted will all abortions deny
No the issue will move from the unelected courtrooms to the states
To pass abortion guidelines after open and robust debate
© 5/2/22 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Disinformation Observance Board under DHS Is an Anathema To Goal Of a Free Press


The White House Press Corps Dinner was held the other night
In years past true comedy ruled and presenters exercised their political roasting rights
Like the death of comedy on SNL choked by the unrestrained bias weeds
The event pointed out that laughter at ourselves is what we really needs
Attendees in formal gowns and tuxes savoring expensive wines and cuisine
While Americans are struggling at the dinner table with the highest inflation in decades seen
The host hit the nail on the head trying to joke
“Since you have been in office, already everything is looking up
Food is up, gas is up, rent is up” but left unsaid “because your policies caused prices to erupt”
Biden laughed to the national audience to display his utter scorn
To the middle class seeing their safety nets torn and their life savings by inflation shorn
Biden tried to evoke laughter by applauding the “Let’s Go Brandon” praise
Oblivious to the fact that the chant was condemning because he was in a daze
While Biden has announced the formation of a Disinformation Observance Board under the DHS
He ignored Social Media Shadow Banning but extolled unlike Russia we don’t jail members of the press
Another nail on the head by the host trying to good ratings his performance sell
“Attendees be careful while leaving; we all know this Administration doesn’t handle evacuations well”
© May 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet