Thursday, May 26, 2022

We Are Doomed If Buffalo and Uvalde Mass Shootings Cannot End Vicious Ad Hominem Gridlock On Mass Shootings


In less than two weeks two mass shootings have devastated this nation
Quickly with warp speed politicized by the Blues who feel elation
In Buffalo Payton Gendron at a Tops Market, in a predominantly black area shot and killed ten
Surrounded by police he surrendered and after his trial likely will never see the outside of prison again
The House on party lines passed a billed requiring cooperation on domestic terrorism and white supremacy in military
Reds opposed after DOJ started to focus on parents protesting teaching CRT as domestic terrorists as too imaginary
In Uvalde Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary school
Killed 19 kids and 2 teachers with his AR-15 tools
Another chance for the left to level the white suprematcist charge
The shooter and most of his victims were Hispanic so killings to a hate crime could not be enlarged
Still fixated on the need for more gun control
Left has not found a way yet on shooter affix white suprematcist goal
The tragedy so quickly has become politicized with the left ranting the Reds are to blame
In their mind if you disagree no matter skin color you merit the white suprematcist name
Schumer blocked a vote on Scott’s bill to promote means to prevent mass shootings in schools
Reds today blocked the House Bill because of its heavy focus on “white supremacy” as an anti-terrorism tool
Our leaders needs to the pundits’ and celebs’ political rants on mass shootings tune out
And sit down and try to compromise solutions which is what legislation is supposed to be about
First and foremost we need to harden soft targets like schools, churches and malls
Armed officers were on site at Robb but not covering the many entrances to halls
One entry point only covered by an armed cop
Classroom doors with locks that entry other than batter ram would stop
Easy first steps that should be easy to start
Make it easier to from the ad hominem gridlock depart
© May 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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