Friday, May 27, 2022

Was Uvalde Mass Shooting A Case of Failure to Breach Classroom Sooner of Active Shooter not Barricaded


          In the mass shooting at Columbine, the responding police first made the high school perimeter secure
And did nothing to confront the shooters to their deaths or incapacitation procure
While securing the perimeter and waiting for SWAT to arrive
In the 13 minutes after the first 911 call, 20 students were wounded and 12 students and 1 teacher were no longer alive
Napoleon had taught an army should to the sound of the cannons move
After Columbine cops arriving taught to head to the shooter to the threat remove
Many of the mass school shootings that we have suffered the command head to the shooter has been followed to the Tee
Save in Parkland where deputies remained shielded by cars outside while Cruz engaged in his deadly killing spree
The sheriff in Parkland was fired and the SRO who kept the responders outside his trial awaits
For endangering the lives of students sworn by him to protect and who for SWAT chose to wait
If first responders are required to charge the sound of gunfire
We owe it to them to be armed to against AR-15’s go head to toe and wear AR-15 proof attire
We can’t expect an officer to be brave enough like the retired cop in Buffalo market shooting who faced an AR-15
Saw his pistol bullets bounce off the shooter’s armor and then off to the morgue shot be seen
The shooting at Robb has many questions answered not yet
We hope that the lessons of Columbine the first responders did not forget
If the facts prove that the shooter was active not just in barricade mode
As the 911 calls from within pleading for help seemed to forbode
The CBP SWAT team that told by the Uvalde chief of police to at their positions stay
To finally ignore the commands and push the police out of the way
Are going to be in a world of hurt over lives they could have saved
As 19 kids and 2 teachers will be going to way too early graves
© May 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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