Friday, May 13, 2022

Russia Stymied Big Time In Ukraine "DeNazification" Claims NATO Member Poland Is Next--Cuban Missile Crisis Deja Vu


Had the West read Mein Kampf they would have started to earlier rearm
Hitler was sincere in his quest to ignore the Versailles Treaty that should have sounded the alarms
France falsely secured behind its Maginot Line and England’s treasury still bare
Stood idly by when Kriegsmarine U-Boats were launched and the Luftwaffe Condor Legion was fighting in Spanish air
The learned to its great dismay that a piece of paper signed in Munich would not Hitler deter
Only a well-armed West had a chance to the peace in Europe insure
France and England moved with glacial speed to try to the Soviet Union to enlist
To ally against Germany to the signs of its impending attack on Poland resist
Stalin did not want to face Germany and so he entered a treaty of nonaggression
Picked up half of Poland, the Baltic Republics and a slice of Romania in quick succession
With his invasion of Ukraine stalled and more body bags being filled each day
Putin is now ranting that denazification of Poland by Russia can no longer be delayed
If he is serious and not just ranting to hide the failings of the Russian forces from the Russians in the streets
A threat of monumental proportions the West and the world is about to meet
Poland is a member of NATO  and under Article 5 an attack on it is an attack on all other NATO nations
A natural fear that NATO allies killing Russians and attacking their Russian bases moves us closer to nuclear annihilation
In the Cuban Missile Crisis we were the closest to nuclear war we have ever been but Khrushchev backed down
Soon in less than two years as a leader he was no longer around
Kennedy had nuclear missiles in Turkey as a bargaining chip  to remove and a pledge never to Cuba invade
Might be time to suggest in exchange for Russian withdrawal in Ukraine that NATO nonaggression of Russia we would trade
© May 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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