Monday, May 2, 2022

Draft SCOTUS Opinion of Supposedly Alioto Leaked That Over Turns Roe v.Wade In Total Violation of SCOTUS Rules--Left Unhinged


When it come to the workings of the Swamp, it is a sieve described
Proposed legislation or considered executive action proposed by the ruled side
Is too often leaked to the press to rally those who want the propose action to abort
Congress and the Executive Branch are both guilty as when it comes to confidentiality they come up short
But decisions reached by SCOTUS are reached in silence
Leaving reporters and observers of oral arguments  left guessing on which side of the fence
The court or several justices reside until the decisions are handed down
Another why of preventing pressure to rule one way that SCOTUS clearly frowns
That has been the observed decision that confidentiality of the decision process rules
That is until today that Politico with the aid of a leaker ignored the decision process tools
A draft opinion supposedly by Justice Alioto is holding Roe is overturned and the abortion process is to be regulated by the states
In probably the reason for the leak to energize the left in the abortion debate, protestors marching on SCOTUS to it threaten and berate
Schumer immediately sounding the call to codify the holding of Roe v Wade
Ignoring the fact that very few Americans support the abortion on demand late term parade
Liberals and Conservatives should hang their heads and mourn
Over this attempt to the independence of the judiciary to be shorn
The left is already ramping up the big lie
That the opinion if adopted will all abortions deny
No the issue will move from the unelected courtrooms to the states
To pass abortion guidelines after open and robust debate
© 5/2/22 The Alaskanpoet

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