Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tenure at UCF Trumped Black Privilege as UCF Forced to Rehire Prof. Negy for Criticizing "Black Privilege"

 Throughout this nation we are inundated with the White Supremacist claim

An overriding evil that must be destroyed since it cannot be tamed
The flip side of White Supremacy that by the left and MSM is given free reign
Is the corroding effect of Black Privilege impairment of blacks’ success being obtained
Affirmative action, grading preferences, quotas, reparations, CRT and constructive criticism down the drain
Professor Negy of UCF, tenured 20 year professor, was fired for his criticism of Black Privilege not refrained
Went to arbitration and won his case and will be rehired and tenure restored
A sad case of Black Privilege causing academic freedom of tenure being ignored
His point was simple if a student is free from constructive criticism he will not learn
Will be stigmatized by beliefs his success was due to color not earned
The bookend of Black Privilege is White Guilt
The need for corporations and institutions to atone for supposed racism they built
Project 1619 coating and degrading American achievements with racist silt
Targeted 24/7 by the racist charge driven up to the hilt
So BLM can raise millions not to advance black educational chances
But to the number and value of BLM leaders mansions advance
Racist that is real should be attacked and shamed without pause
But dumping meritocracy for Black Privilege is flawed
© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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