Thursday, May 26, 2022

Biden Needs to Grieve Only With Victims' Families in Uvalde Not Push For Gun Control Unless It Is About Up Arming Cops in Mass Shootings


Biden will travel to Uvalde not to only grieve with the parents and victims’ families
But more likely to put forth the need for more gun control homily
We are now learning that when the school resource officers tried to enter the school they were met
By a hail of bullets coming from the barrel of an AR-15 Kevlar vests piercing threat
Probably armed with pistols and short range shotguns they exchanged fire
But to advance into that hail would mean quickly would expire
They had to wait about an hour before a Border Patrol Swat Team arrived on the scene
Clad in full body armor with weapons that outgunned an AR-15
Pretty quickly it must have ended with Ramos shot and killed
We will not know if during the wait the children were added to the butchers’ bill
Maybe it would behoove us to talk about in mass shootings the arms the cops should carry
To cut down the number of innocents after the shooter or shooters incapacitated we must bury
In the Buffalo mass shooting the security guard was armed with pistol and hit the gunman with no effect
He quickly died as the shooter’s body armor his low velocity pistol bullets did deflect
Maybe all cop cars should carry in the trunk Kevlar helmets and M-16s
So the first police responders do not have wait losing victims until a Swat Team arrives on scene
This shattered nation needs to heal
It does not need another anti-Red blame for the shooting in God’s name zeal
Another chance for Biden to revert to his inauguration and seek to unify
Sadly our hopes for that moment will be defied
© May 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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