Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Leaker of Draft SCOTUS Opinion Not Known But Safe Bet It's an End Justifies the Means Leftist

 Democracy is never a sure thing and in darkness can die

Transparency between the voters and our elected or appointed leaders we need to rely
But to the transparency need there is also an opposing side
Democracy can also die when the need for confidentiality a leaker cannot abide
A tightrope over a canyon we must try to cross
When the confidentiality need was not right democracy is into chaos tossed
The Pentagon Papers or the Mai Lai coverup prove the case
Obstruction of justice by concealing crimes our democracy debases
Deep Throat was a hero to divulge the Watergate Break-in and coverup
The burglary of the DNC morphed into an attack on democracy to erupt
Until now the third branch of government in its decisions has been free of leaks
The press has never been approached with info to force the branch to a different result seek
The judiciary has not been immune from partisan attacks that from the Constitution it has strayed
But the need for confidentiality of its adjudication process and steps to a decision has never been leaked to public display
Independence is crucial to enable the judiciary to perform their task free from undue partisan pressure
The leaker is not a hero and his actions merit scorn and censure
Safe bet the leaker is a leftist wanting to torpedo Red November wave
Leaking anticipated ruling that would overturn Roe energize women to Blue majorities save
Blind to fact overturning Roe will not the 63 million abortion deaths end
Only put the decision in the hands of the states who may put some restrictions on the abortion on demand trend
Must be disbarred and hopefully a creative DOJ can criminally prosecute
Leaker will be on MSNBC, write a book into a movie deal and advise Soros to any concerns for poverty refute
© May 4, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

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