Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Only Way To Stop an Evil Person With a Gun Is For a Good Person With a Gun to Fire Backl /ev


The NRA slogan is “Guns Do Not Kill People, People with Guns Kill People”
And after another mass shooting the Left cries out “AR-15’s Should Be Illegal”
Lost in the rhetoric and emotion is this simple fact
The only way to stop an evil person with a gun is for a good person with a gun to fire back
That good person is usually a security guard or on duty or off duty cop
Well trained in how quickly to a shooter take down and the shootings stop
But often when the felons are trying the innocents to slay
A law abiding gun owner Good Samaritan steps into the fray
To often in this defund the cops leftist crusade
Stripped budgets mean longer 911 response times for cops to into harm’s way wade
In Charleston, West Virginia apartment complex at a graduation and birthday party
Celebrating academic success by some joyous smarties
A convicted felon, Dennis Butler, there earlier in a car had been warned to slow down
Too many children playing in the streets and on the grounds
Simple request that sadly morphed into a return in road rage
He pulled out an AR-15 to an assault on the crowd start to wage
A female attendee pulled a gun out of her purse
To shoot and kill him and prevent the assault from getting worse
In the article unnamed and a true hero
Her chances of being prosecuted less than zero
© 5/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

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