Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Biden Is the Great Divider Wolf in the Great Unifier's Clothing


Biden the “Great Unifier” pulled off a historic election bait and switch
With the complicity of the MSM sold the idea of Red and Blue unity to later toss into the ditch
The unity concept in his Inauguration speech had faded into the winter air
When his divisiveness by his words and deeds he would share
In Biden’s mind of few functioning neurons it was clear what was the greatest threat
In his lifetime and with the powers of the his Oval Office it would be met
White Supremacy with its evil racist motivated hate
Would by the politization of FBI and DOJ abate
An overwhelming majority of Americans already the hate of White Supremacy oppose
But in Biden’s mind anyone who opposed the Blues was a target and the numbers of White Suprematcists would exponentially grow
Parents who opposed CRT indoctrination in schools were civil terrorists
People who opposed censorship of conservatives on social media were White Suprematcists
If you weren’t woke enough you did not deserve to be heard
If you believed in the 2nd Amendment or supported funding the cops you were absurd
Common to all on Biden’s growing list were those who would likely vote Red
As opposed to voting for Progressive Blues instead
Biden’s Great Divide will not long last as we are as a people much better to have the divide endure
We need to come together and voting Red in November the ending of the divide we will insure
© May 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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