Sunday, May 22, 2022

Baby Food Airlift Compared to Berlin Airlift Typical Too Little Too Late Biden


After the Allies divided Germany and Berlin into 4 occupied zones to insure Germany would never rise up again to wage war
The Soviets who suffered the most wanted Germany to remain industrially weak as a military forces to safely ignore
In early 48 the French, English and American zones were combine into one to aide in economic recovery increase
Outraged Stalin told the Allies that rail, motor vehicle and water traffic to West Berlin would cease
On June 24 thus began the Soviet’s Berlin Blockade
Designed to the Allies’ will to remain in West Berlin degrade
In days not weeks or months Truman acts were so very swift
Food, fuel, medicine, clothing and all matter of goods for Berliners to survive starting arriving in the Berlin Airlift
Goods made in West Berlin were flown out to the West
Stalin fumed and rattle sabers but was smart enough not to the flights of the planes arrest
In a little over 11 months of the Berlin filling the skies 24/7 and Berliners rejoicing to hearing the engines howls
The Soviets realized that without a war that going nuclear they would not win threw in the towel
Today we are witnessing another airlift one that inaction and delay have kept the airlift planes on the ground
In February, our largest manufacturer of baby formula Abbot Labs after bacteria in its formula was found
Shut down the plant in question and issued a voluntary recall and notified the FDA
Alarm bells should have gone off requiring food makers to address a coming shortage without delay
Had this occurred we would have had the COVID-19 equivalent of warp speed
To bring to market the baby formula desperate mothers would need
Instead under Biden action on a slow glacial pace
One plane of 1.5 million 8 ounce bottles for 9000 babies for a week to their hunger pangs replace
Some two more months before Abbot products start filling shelf spaces
Once Biden tone death to our needs and his rankings rightfully in disgrace
© 5/22/22 The Alaskanpoet

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