Saturday, May 21, 2022

The New Political Alchemy Heard of Black Caucus Blames Shootings at an Asian Salon As Racist White Supremacy But Shooter Is Black


In the Middle Ages alchemists for years tried to create gold from lead
Each time despite all efforts no change and result was failure instead
In alchemy the “Midas Touch” turned out to be a myth
Lead remained lead and alchemists failed to become goldsmiths
A new breed of political alchemists have on today’s scene appeared
Their goal is not with metal but with skin to alter to spread fears
No matter how black a person might be
If a conservative the new alchemists strive to link him with white supremacy
Larry Elder is the classic case who ran to try to Newsom recall
By the left and the MSM as a white suprematcist he was mauled
In Dallas and an Asian owned hair salon a shooter fired 13 shots at 7 patrons before he fled
Must have not spent time on the shooting range since none of his victims were dead
Rep Beatty, the Black Caucus Chairwoman took to the mics to blast white supremacist racist violence in a predictable kneejerk
But a slight problem in her rush to the mics to white suprematcists blame any investigation objectivity she shirked
The man arrested was not white but black as black could be
But since the victims were Asian, alchemy at work and condemnation of white supremacy
© May 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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