Friday, May 27, 2022

Mayor Adams Struggling With Violent Crime Increase


NYC aka The Big Apple seems rotten to its very core
As violent crime throughout the city soars
Up over last year at 43 percent
No sign that the increase will relent
Public safety almost nearly broken and severely bent
Mayor Adams a former NYPD captain may be running out of time
His efforts stymied by Albany’s anti victims’ laws like no cash bail seem to be increasing crime
Subways are the transportation artery that nourish the city’s business and entertainment heart
Now clogged with homeless camping out and thugs ready to pounce when the trains depart
Just recently 29 riders injured including 10 who were shot

A Goldman Sachs executive shot a killed with his shooter still being sought
Unlike Di Blasio who did not have the NYPD’s backs
Adams is making an effort like more cops riding the tracks
And aping Mayor Giuliani’s policy of arresting those who commit minor crimes
To try to prevent repeats far more serious when committed the next time

But with D.A.’s in the Gascon mode like Bragg, he may be trying to paddle upstream
When will the left understand that without public safety there is no American Dream
Only the nightmare of more assaults and shootings and sirens into the night
And an increasing number of fed up citizens to safer areas taking flight

© May 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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